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The Characteristics of Top Business Schools in India

The number of students wishing to pursue management education in India is rising steadily and all of them covet a seat in the top B schools India. MBA education in India is at par with that of the best in the world and the students of Indian business schools are wanted by top organizations all over the world. But, while enrolling in a B school India, the students should look for a few features that can help him determine whether this college is suitable for him or not. The characteristics of good MBA colleges are listed below:

Heritage & alumni:

How old a top business school in India is and who its alumni are is very important, since the oldest schools are the ones that have a tradition of producing the best managers.


The course structure followed by the B school India is of paramount importance, since it will be instrumental in shaping the budding manager’s future as a professional of the corporate world.

Teacher – Student Ratio:

If the ratio is less in the top B school India, the lecturers are able to focus on individual students in a better manner, and provide greater attention to them.


Having a state of the art infrastructure is necessary for a top business school in India, since the latest technologies, information, networking system and other similar facilities help in shaping the minds of the students in the most effective manner.

Placement Record:

How the institute fared in the times of turmoil and what kind of placement track record it had in the past are on the minds of all students looking for a place in the top B schools India.

Specialization & Training:

Whether or not the field of specialization is available in the B school India needs to be considered by the students. And, sufficient industry exposure needs to be integrated in the college’s course in the form of industrial training is also very important.

Utilize Your Convincing Power to Make a Career in Marketing

If you are good at convincing people and selling them your ideas, then a marketing job is for you. Nowadays, there are several marketing courses being conducted throughout the world which impart the requisite knowledge to make a fruitful career in this field. Almost all MBA colleges provide a course in marketing management, which is one of the most sought after one among the students. But, you should enroll in courses in marketing management that are recognized by the government agencies and well accepted in the corporate world.

Through a course in marketing management, you can understand the true potential of your convincing capabilities and learn to harness them in the best way possible. Comprehensive knowledge regarding marketing conditions, highly successful marketing techniques of the past and coming trends of this line of work are taught by colleges to students who are pursuing courses in marketing management. You also learn the intricacies of sales as well as research & analytics which are integral to marketing courses.

Opportunities associated with Management Education in India

Professionals who have been educated in India are highly demanded throughout the world and the management students even more so. The management colleges India are comparable with the best in the world and very popular among the students. The criteria for getting admitted to the premier institutions imparting management education in India are very strict and only a chosen few get to study in the sought – after colleges. A student who has pursued management courses India in post graduation studies has a bright chance of making a successful career.

All management colleges India offer specializations in the fields of the pupil’s interests, with the most popular being marketing, finance and HR. Here is a small review of what these management courses India require from the individual:

Marketing: The student should have excellent interpersonal skills, convincing capabilities and an ability to sell almost anything. He should also remain in touch with the latest developments by competing firms and the recent marketing trends employed by them.

Finance: An individual who aims to study this branch in management colleges India should be extremely good with number crunching. He must be well versed with the market trends & developments of the finance industry and all of its aspects, including investment banking, money lending, insurance, risk management etc.

Human Resources: Commonly called HR, this management course India is ideal for those who are good with people and know how to handle them even in distressing times. The HR managers need to formulate policies that benefit the employees, while keeping the firm’s best interests in the mind.

Opt for a Course in Finance for a Fruitful Career

Inarguably, finance is the backbone of the economy and no organization can even think about not acknowledging the importance the finance department holds for it. Finance is one of the most rewarding careers and consists of numerous branches dealing with a wide variety of fields. For an individual who is good with numbers, a course in finance is one of the most obvious choices for a career. But, finding an institution which imparts up to date knowledge on the subject is a must, otherwise you will be left in a lurch.

Among the courses available in India today, management education holds a prime position, and even among the MBA students, the specialization course in finance is the most popular one. Certificate courses in finance are also popular among working professionals who are looking to switch to finance. Many institutes offer short term courses in finance, which includes specialization in the one of the branches of this number crunching field. Several colleges award diplomas as well as post graduate diplomas are offered upon the successful completion of the program.

The student can opt for specialization in this field after completing the course in finance. The specializations include working in the share market or as an investment banker or he can even opt for providing consultancy service to the clients. These specializations demand a clear view of the market conditions and an ability to predict any changes which may benefit or endanger the finances of the clients. So, after all is said and done, a course in finance is your gateway to a successful future.

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Harness your Potential Creativity with Advertising Courses

In this competitive business scenario, advertising is one of the most successful and sought after medium to stay ahead of your competitors. Effective advertising is the key to a successful business and therefore various advertising colleges have cropped up, which offer advertising course in India. The WLCI Advertising and Graphic Design School is one of the premier design institutes in India that has always helped students to enhance their creative skills and potentiality.

Advertising course, India is gaining in popularity since they offer the best curriculum that meets the current industry standards. Advertising is one of the most effective means of marketing your brand. It is in fact the only way through which businesses can project the various benefits and uses of their goods and services to consumers. WLCI teaches their students new and innovative approaches to learn the art of advertising to meet market demands effectively. The faculty members at WLCI are experienced and adept in this field who prepare individuals to face the global as well as local market. Courses at the WLCI advertising institute in India includes study of international design trends, complete knowledge of this creative field, hands-on industry experience, and the unique chance to interact with industry professionals.

By passing out with an advertising degree from such a premier institute of India, students can expect to get high profile posts in TV channels, web and news media, popular magazines, advertising agencies, publishing houses, film and television production houses, exhibition and retail designing at the list is endless.

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