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The Characteristics of Top Business Schools in India

The number of students wishing to pursue management education in India is rising steadily and all of them covet a seat in the top B schools India. MBA education in India is at par with that of the best in the world and the students of Indian business schools are wanted by top organizations all over the world. But, while enrolling in a B school India, the students should look for a few features that can help him determine whether this college is suitable for him or not. The characteristics of good MBA colleges are listed below:

Heritage & alumni:

How old a top business school in India is and who its alumni are is very important, since the oldest schools are the ones that have a tradition of producing the best managers.


The course structure followed by the B school India is of paramount importance, since it will be instrumental in shaping the budding manager’s future as a professional of the corporate world.

Teacher – Student Ratio:

If the ratio is less in the top B school India, the lecturers are able to focus on individual students in a better manner, and provide greater attention to them.


Having a state of the art infrastructure is necessary for a top business school in India, since the latest technologies, information, networking system and other similar facilities help in shaping the minds of the students in the most effective manner.

Placement Record:

How the institute fared in the times of turmoil and what kind of placement track record it had in the past are on the minds of all students looking for a place in the top B schools India.

Specialization & Training:

Whether or not the field of specialization is available in the B school India needs to be considered by the students. And, sufficient industry exposure needs to be integrated in the college’s course in the form of industrial training is also very important.

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  1. March 29th, 2011 at 4:39 am

    Shivani says:

    Thanks a lot wlc college for sharing such important information with us. I am sure, this will help a lot of students in making a choice regarding management institute.Also, i go through your website and find some unique concept, which the college is offering to its students.I wish u all the best. Keep up the good spirit.