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Increasing competition has resulted in increased dilemma

Not long time ago, there was an era in the education industry where not much emphasize was given to this sector. Bu then the time changed and lot of improvements were brought into this industry. Job market in India is not too much inspiring. This is majorly because of the increased competition in every sector of the economy. Owing to this situation, most of the companies are postponing their recruitment and few others, who have completed their recruitment process are taking back their offer letters. Most of the fancied companies that used to offer unheard of sums can no longer be seen in sight.

These circumstances usually create dilemma in a student’s mind as what career option should he opt for himself. Most of students don’t think of the career that suits their interest, rather they focus upon which would offer more salary. That’s definitely a wrong way to look at one’s career. According to a statistical report, a large majority of the students plan to switch to another career while they have already enrolled for one. The reason for this thinking is changing trends of the job market and economic conditions. The changes are taking place at a much faster pace than ever before. Ultimately, these changes compel professionals to move towards more lucrative career options and leave their current profession.

An ideal way out for this situation could be applying practical thinking before taking any final decision. Students should first search out the anticipated market of any profession ten ten years down the line. Do as much research as possible and find out facts and figures. This research would help you in taking a rational decision for your career. Career in Mass Communication, Advertising and Graphic Designing, Fashion Designing, Aviation, Hospitality and Cosmetology is very booming in next five years.

An introduction of WLCI College India

WLCI College is imparting its students quality education for almost 15 years now. Started with a single campus, today it enjoys pan India presence with having more than 25 learning centers in tier 1 and tier 2 cities. The college majorly focus on offering professional management programmes in different fields like advertising, marketing, finance, human resource, mass communication, graphic designing and fashion technology. These programmes are offered at both graduate and post graduate level.

The USP of the WLCI institute is its cutting edge training and a uni1que traineeship programme, which makes this college a better option than others. At the time of commencement of the academic year, aspiring students are undergone a rigorous personal grooming classes. These classes help in preparing students to take way their on the job training opportunities. Through this traineeship all wlci students are able to earn fifty percent of their curse fees during their studies only. Besides providing corporate exposure, it lends financial assistance also.

For pursuing higher education in management, WLCI College is a good option to be considered. The admission procedure is also very interactive. Every student is judged according to his her own abilities. Further, the campus placements records are also excellent so far. What more a student can wish for?