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The upsurge of E-Learning in Education Industry

The entire virtual world is your classroom. Yes, that is exactly what executive learning is all about. You don’t need a blackboard, a lecture theater, chalk, session end bells or a white board marker. Above all, you shell out much less for getting a degree online. E- Learning is a perfect way of gaining knowledge on any subject, especially one that doesn’t require much of hands-on training. More and more students and management educational institutes prefer E-Learning programs these days as it gives both the teacher as well as the students the flexibility to select a course of their choice and also select the study time. This is especially an excellent learning tool for the busy executives who wish to enhance their knowledge but fail to do so due to time constraint and absence of enough resources.

Generally speaking, when you enroll for an online course, you receive study materials from the institute. Thereafter, you go through the study material on your own and at your own convenient time. Should you face any problem, you revert back to a mentor belonging to the university or institute. Your doubts are cleared through email, online chat platforms or forums where discussions take place. In fact, universities and colleges encourage students to register with online interactive forums where students studying different subjects interact with each other and exchange views and ideas.

College Placements

In our country, the college placements are quite popular where companies are hiring the fresh graduates for the different positions. The placements at WLCI College help students to get hired by the companies in and outside India. It is also offering the high quality placement in the most reputed placements in the companies in the industry.  The placement Cell of WLCI College is supporting as they can provide the students with the best suited job according to their career interest and skills.  The major objective of WLCI is to place the student in the best reputed company with their best suited high paying job. As it has been observed that after completing the course the students receive multiple job offers from the reputed companies.

As the student completes the courses at WLCI College with the proper training of industry practices. The students carry their CV with having the relevant work experience, relevant knowledge and skills. It will place you to the right job from first day of anyone’s professional life. The corporate service of the team meets up with the hundred of employers and can also find the right opportunity for the students. In the last, fifteen years one can find their successful career in India and abroad.

The placement cell of  WLCI College is conducting seminars, pre placement talks and campus interviews that make the students more confident in the interaction with the industry. The placement counselors provide the students with the number of career options in different fields. Over the past decade, there are more than 2000 students from the creative school has been placed successfully in the industry. Therefore, it’s truly said WLC College India is truly a bridge to your future.


Part Time Management Courses

Part-time management courses are eminently suitable for those working professionals who cannot take time off to do a regular management program. If you are employed full-time, you can take one of these courses that allow you to attend classes on days off and in the evenings. Most institutes that offer full-time regular management courses also have part-time courses and this flexibility is now allowing more and more people to take the programs they would have otherwise missed out on.

Advantages of doing Part Time Courses

Part Time course is quite suitable for the working professionals who can take time from the regular management program. If the person is employed full time, one can surely opt for this course which allows you to attend the classes on the days off in the evenings.

Whenever we are considering the institute for having the part time management program then we should consider being substantial leap in the year. Also to consider the conveniences the course offers. The school offers the small number of concentrated study course and the duration of the program must also be checked. If the part time courses are offer many courses in full time ones. If the part time programs offers as many courses as full time one it can take you four to five years to be completed. .

The classes in part time MBA program will be held before and after the regular working shifts from where one can arrange the spare time between study and office. The time also improves the skills and develops new ones without changing your job.  The present market situation along with your own experience can be analyzed as we go through the study. The course fee is also quite low, therefore its not a burden as you have to pay much lower course than the regular course. The students can easily pay the fee in several installments.


Today’s Job Oriented Diploma Courses Can Bring Change to Your Professional Career

For every student, college has been very exciting point in life. This is where actually a student has to choose which path to take for career through the studies that one chooses for. For some, this point is something that they have planned out their whole lives. While for many who are still undecided, this becomes a very important decision to be taken as it decides the rest course of life.

The best thing that you can do is to plan ahead, even way before you start taking any entrance examinations for different b-schools. If you still do not know what course to take and what university to go to, then there are many ways for you to look for it. First of all, you can search for top colleges in India over the Internet. This way, you do not have to go all the way to the institution just to get a hold of their programs and courses. There are university websites that can actually give you a detailed list of their major courses – this way you can easily decide which course to take.

Once, you have found your interest of college and course, then take time to read through all information and find one that have subjects that you like. This is a very important decision because if you  cannot see yourself surviving these courses in just a couple of months, then there is no way for you to survive doing the same kind of work for the rest of your life. Go for career counseling. This will surely help you.

Another great thing that you can do to widen your career opportunities is to do an analysis of different segments and industries of the economy. Then, choose for the most booming industry, which holds great professional growth in future times.


What I Learned In Business School WLCI?

There was a time when the business of learning in India will help your parents / family in traditional family businesses, and watch and learn tricks of the trade first hand. But changing times, the need for professional managers in place is also arose when the companies can no longer rely on fallible human instincts business without the support of an intelligent search and an examination of trends.

At first everything went west to meet the demand for trained professionals, but it was a expensive option and impossible for many. India had a lot of talent who just need a guide the quality of institutions near their homes. To fill this gap, the institutes have come to the fore in recent 20 years.

The students of these institutes are a mix of youth and young graduates with limited work experience wishing to expand their areas of expertise. To serve these potential students, the courses are specifically designed to meet very specific needs in various fields. Our business courses focus mainly on the functioning of organizations and systems and processes have established accepted as “best practices.” This ensures that students are equipped with relevant knowledge and are trained in skills that will help it happen very efficiently in competitive professions.

Since its inception, WLCI always adopted this unique approach to interact closely with representatives of various sectors and invite them to train and employ our students as interns / trainees. The team is WLCI structured the content of each program to map business processes in the real world and to help students develop specific skills necessary for his profession of choice.

This training program that allows students to win the test allows students to in a situation where they gain experience in the industry even before they emerge as leadership candidates. Employers prefer to hire too many employees who have a working knowledge of world business trends and market developments.


WLCI Faculty

The course content offered at WLCI is designed with the objective of creating real abilities in students. It will be quite imperative that the faculty is comprised of professional managers and not just academicians. The faculty members of WLCI College have spent a decade of relevant work experience and are thus, able to guide students towards applying the conceptual understanding of real work experience. It provides the aspirants with cutting edge training and the skills that form pillars of learning experience.

At WLCI College, you will find faculties are accessible and are responding to all our needs. Students are guided on daily basis with individual mentoring sessions which help them to have the progress to overcome the difficulty during course studies.

As we understand that to achieve success, students should be trained and mentored by best faculty of field. Therefore, to ensure success in industry and specialization areas, students must learn from professionals who have achieved success in these areas. The faculties of WLCI College will provide students with effective cutting Edge training and will form the pillar of success for students.

Faculties at WLCI College are interested passionately to nurture needs for accessible and responsive needs of our trainers. Students will be guided on day to day basis that an individual are getting the  individual mentoring sessions that will help on overcoming the difficulty that may encounter course in program. It is therefore, that students from WLCI College are regarded as assets for the current industry they are working for.

Therefore, here is an introduction to some of our experienced faculty members and well qualified mentors who will surely guide and train the students of WLCI College.


WLCI College Placement

The WLCI College has been recognized in providing its students with high quality training and also getting them the best placement in industry.  The WLCI College is offering the best Placement services which provide the best placement opportunity that is best fitted to skills and interest of students.

The major objective of  WLCI College is to support students and in getting a good job. As the students already begin their work as trainee during the “Traineeship Program”, therefore the real work experience will empower you to get the high paying jobs. If we observe the data, it’s found that the students who perform well during their traineeship usually receive more than one job offers.

The Corporate Service Team of WLCI College meets with numerous employers every month to find best career option for its students. In past fifteen years, more than 12,000 professionals have been placed worldwide.  Get admission at WLCI College and get successful career in the profession of your choice.