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The best B-school in Noida

Noida has become a hub of top management schools offering high quality management education. The city is home to a large number of corporate house and software companies which makes it easy for business students to grab relevant job opportunities. A large number of students, who are in search for a good business management college in Noida, would be delighted to know about WLCI which is one of the best B-schools with a difference. WLCI is one such school of business in Noida, which has been relentlessly providing high quality education in management for the past 17 years. It provides an industry-oriented course curriculum, boasts of a highly experienced faculty and most importantly a highly appreciable traineeship program.

A business management course is the most sought after programs among a large number of students. A business program equips students with relevant knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue a career in the corporate world. If you want to pursue a course in management in Noida, you can grab more information on this B-school in Noida on the website.

Executive Courses: Highly beneficial for professionals

Today the competition is intense in every field. Thus, it becomes important to acquaint oneself with new technologies, new skills and gain knowledge about the latest trends/techniques in one’s chosen area of work. There are a large number of professionals who want to gain more knowledge and skills or perhaps gain expertise in a relevant field but are deterred by time constraints. For such people, executive courses/part-time courses prove to be a blessing. In fact executive courses are tailor made for working professionals indulged in various fields such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Fashion, Graphic Design etc. For these courses, virtual classes are conducted and there’s no need to visit the campus or the study center. Thus, time, cost of commuting and energy is saved with the comfort of learning with virtual classes.

These executive courses are designed to develop specific abilities and process based skills that are required by employers and that are needed by employees so that they can stay ahead in competition. The Executive courses help professionals to update their knowledge and equip them with the latest techniques. These courses help them to get a better pay package, better job prospects and thus play a pivotal role in growth of their career.

If you are looking for a reputed college/institution offering executive courses, then you can consider WLCI which offers part-time (Executive courses) in three levels –Foundation, Proficient and Specialist in various aspects of business management such as marketing, HR, finance and in other creative fields such as advertising & graphic design etc. The institution also offers full time course in Business Management, Fashion and Advertising & Graphic Design. For more information on the college and its part-time programs feel free to visit and you can visit .

WLCI Placements: Creating a buzz

WLCI –a reputed organization offering courses in Business Management, Fashion Technology and Advertising & Graphic Design is creating a quite a stir with its placements. The College has been providing great placement offers to its students.

WLCI Alumni are grabbing job opportunities with top organizations and are being placed at senior positions. This is indeed a great review for WLCI which has always given the much-needed importance to its students. The College leaves no stone unturned to make sure that its students get the best jobs according to their abilities, skills and knowledge.

Some of the finest placements of the institution are as follows: Brahmaji NVR Gadey, Branch Training Manager, TATA AIG Life Insurance, Guru Rajesh,Centre Head, India Bulls, Hemant Chordia, Assistant Vice President & Standard Chartered Asset, Cherry Kapoor, Designer – Marketing, MINT (Hindustan Times), Monika Sagar, Designer, Ritu Kumar, Reena Bodani, Graphic Designer, Design Quest, Smantha Sehgal, Art Director, Mudra Communication. These are just few examples of the best placements Check out more such stuff at , , . No wonder, review about WLCI has been always positive.

If you have always dreamt passing put of a college which assist its students in providing great placements, then you need to know about WLCI. For more information on the college, feel free to visit

Faculty at WLCI: Nurturing students for a great career

What makes WLCI one of the most sought after colleges? What makes WLCI reviews so good and encouraging? Well, among other factors such as on-the-job training, industry-relevant course, a factor that equally contributes in garnering positive reviews for the institution is its faculty.

The mentors at WLCI nurture students, provide ample guidance, assess their performance and give a true feedback of their capability. Be it business management, fashion technology or Advertising & Graphic design, the College has a beehive of the best mentors with huge experience. Students get a wonderful opportunity to learn from individuals who have been a great success in their field. WLCI trainers are highly involved in their development and respond to their learning needs in an effective way.

Guidance on a daily basis combined with individual mentoring sessions by qualified mentors helps student in grasping the course curriculum and equipping themselves with abilities and skills in the best manner.

If you choose WLCI you’ll get trained by the best mentors. The highly experienced faculty at WLCI will nurture you and help you blossom from a student into a trained professional. For more information on the college and its faculty, feel free to visit and

Come be a part of this reputed institution and get educated and trained by the best in the industry.

WLCI feedback: Inspiring

The feedback for WLCI College has been highly inspiring not only for the students, but for the college also who’s determined to provide the best education, skills and placements to its students. The positive feedback garnered by the College can be attributed to a number of factors, but most importantly it’s the placements of the college which has become the talk of the town.

WLCI- one of the best professional training institutions in the country has been involved in providing the best placement opportunities to its students. The institution which is dedicated to provide students with the best of knowledge, skills in various areas such as Business Management, Fashion, Advertising & Graphic design is providing them the best placements with reputed organizations in the country.

Students have passed out of WLCI with flying colors. WLCI’s ex-students are working with various MNC’s/large Indian Organisations, across sectors and at very senior positions. Some of of them are Amit Upadhyay ,Regional Sales Manager-Corporate Sales South, GE Money, Anindo Roy, , Business Development Consultant, Oracle India Pvt. Ltd., Ankur Garg, Asst. Director, J. Walter Thompson, Arpita Sinha, Manager, Kaizzen Communication, Cherry Kapoor, Designer – Marketing, MINT (Hindustan Times), Himanshu Jawa, Creative Head, Torrocks Advertising. The list seems endless as more and more names are being added every year.

The placements of WLCI and the feedback from the students have been highly inspiring even for prospective students whose main aim is to get a good job at the end of their professional course. For more information on the college and its placements, feel free to visit or .

With such positive and real review of the college, prospective students can make a better judgment about choosing a particular college for themselves.

Human Resource Management: A challenging field

Human Resource is of crucial importance to an organization. It is this aspect in an organization that makes all the processes work in accordance with a pre-decided plan to achieve the common goals and objectives of an organization.

Human Resource Management can be said to be most difficult aspect to handle. This so because this field involves handling human beings-real people who have their own concerns, strengths, weaknesses, fears and other emotional complexness. This factor of production is needed to be handled with sensitivity, high presence of mind and skills to deal with the complexity of the nature of human beings.

A HR professional needs to be equipped with various skills such as Talent Acquisiti

Shoot up your sales with WLCI’s Customer Acquisition & Management program

Customer is the King’- every business venture will vouch for that. The entire business is centered on satisfying the end consumers’ needs. But how do you bring in the customer in the first place? Well, it needs certain skills, abilities and knowledge which a course in customer acquisition can equip you with and which will enable you to boost your sales.

The customer and his satisfaction has always been the centre of all business activities. Every business enterprise offering goods and services have the aim of earning profit. This is possible only when the customer is interested in buying the goods and services offered by them. It would not be wrong to say that customer is a core component which determines the success/profitability of a venture, thus acquiring customer is of great importance.

If you want to gain the relevant knowledge and skills to attract customers, you need to study this aspect of business activity. Not many colleges offer this course. But WLCI realizes the extremely important aspect of business and hence offers a ‘Specialist programme in Customer Acquisition and Management’. WLCI is one of the largest professional institutions in the country offering quality education in 14 learning centers across India. This program is one of the several other specialist courses aimed at fulfilling specific requirements of both the employers and employees. The ‘Specialist Level Certificate in Customer Acquisition offered by WLCI is of 100 hours which is spread over 6 months. For the course, classes are conducted virtually for 4 hours per week.

The Customer Acquisition program focuses on how to acquire customers and mange them. The course content in this program includes Sales-Preparation (Market Analysis) which will help you understand the market component, identify the major players, identify new markets, identify the changing demand pattern etc. You’ll also learn about ‘Sales Preparation’ – Competitor Analysis and Organization & Product Details. Next in the course you’ll learn about ‘Prospecting’ which will teach you to collect data of prospective customers and identify quality prospects and eventually convert them to leads. Later you’ll learn about the various Selling skills from opening the call, relationship building, probing, making a comparative analysis with competitors, objection handling and finally closing the deal.

Thus, selling your product and acquiring a customer is an elaborate process. You need to go step by step to finally grab a deal and sell your product and service leading to profitability. When you have clinched the deal after putting in huge efforts, it’s time for Servicing. The ‘Servicing’ session in this program focuses in managing the customers’ expectations in terms of delivery and after sales service which too is an important part of the sales process and goes a long way in retaining customers. The entire process from the Market Analysis to After-sales should be carried out in the right way to attract customer, retain him and ensure repeat orders from him in the future.

The knowledge, relevant, skills taught in the ‘Customer Acquisition and Management’ program will create/increase your customer base and eventually boost your sales. Increased sales will lead to profitability and smooth running of your business venture.

Programmes offered by WLCI College have been prepared in partnership with the industry. The institution boasts of an elite organization known as the ‘Employers Council’ which comprises of 300 members who are senior mangers having rich experience and extensive knowledge in their field. The course content has been prepared in association with these members, thus making the course industry oriented. You’ll benefit a lot from WLCI as the main focus of the institution is on imparting knowledge, skill and abilities to enhance and ensure bright career prospects. You’ll be trained by mentors who have the relevant experience in the particular field. The specialist programs are conducted virtually and thus suit the requirements of the working professionals in a perfect manner. These programs are industry oriented qualifications which will definitely enhance your job prospects.

So, if you want to increase your sales, expand your customer base, its time you give a thought to this highly beneficial program of customer acquisition and management offered by WLCI College. For more information on WLCI and its varied industry-oriented programs, feel free to log in to .

Indian dress Design: never out of fashion!

The Indian fashion industry is an interesting mix of Indian and western dress trends. Though the western influence may be highly visible in the fashion trends, nevertheless, Indian dresses have managed to withhold their charm and age old glory. It would not be wrong to say that Indian dresses never go out of fashion. Moreover, the traditional Indian dresses are also given a modern look and various unique concepts are applied to make Indian dress design the best in the world.

It was not surprising when popular actress & singer Vanessa Hudgens recently posted her photos wearing a pink embroidered ‘dupatta’ and a‘bindi’ and wearing intricate gold jewellery. It can be said that the craze for Indian dresses is surely fast catching up, especially among the young generation who is curious to know about India and its rich culture. Indian culture and tradition in apparels is very gaining immense popularity day by day. Be, it the nine yard elegant saree or the graceful anarkali suits, Indian dresses are here to stay and conquer the world.

If you want to specialize in Indian Dress Design then you can opt for WLCI’s Specialist Programme in Indian Dress Design’. This program is conducted in WLCI campus at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune and Bangalore. This specialist course offered by WLCI College is of 100 hours duration and is completed in 9 months. Classes are conducted 3 hours per week, every Saturday at the campus. For more information on the college feel free to visit .

WLCI Placements: Highly Satisfying…

WLCI is one of the best professional institutes in the country offering courses in Business management, Fashion Technology and Advertizing & Graphic Design. WLCI students along with the classroom teaching get a wonderful opportunity to work in a real job environment under the Traineeship Advantage program. Thus, the students get hands-on experience in their chosen field and eventually they get a great start in their career. WLCI placements have been highly satisfying not only from the point of view of the students but also the recruiters. The employers too are happy with WLCI students. A couple of inspiring examples from the alumni students are mentioned as follows:

In the words of Abhinash Kayshap, Research Associate, Capital IQ, “ My days at WLCI were memorable and exciting. I gained a lot of experience through my traineeship programme and got myself a great job at the end of the course. Varun Vyas, Batch 2010 Team leader Content, E Firefly Ventures, HT Media says that “No college in India provides such a platform for success. I want to be a part of the WLCI family now and always!”

WLCI puts in great efforts to impart world class education to its students and thus for them getting placements becomes easy!

How WLCI is different from other B-schools

So what’s different about WLCI? What are the core factors that make this B-school stand apart from the crowd of B-schools. Well, there are several things that set the college apart from the hordes of other B-schools mushrooming in every part of the country. Here, we would like to discuss 3 major factors that will help you know how ‘different’ WLCI is from others.

The first differential is in terms of the superior content which is prepared in close association with the Industry. WLCI has set up the ‘Employers Council’ which comprises of Vice Presidents, General Managers of top companies who are involved in developing the course content. The WLCI Employers Council set up in 1998 today comprises of 300 senior professionals who have been closely involved in developing and modifying the content to meet the current requirements of the industry. These members are representative of organizations which are the largest recruiters in the industry. Other B-schools do not focus on such industry-oriented content.

The second thing which differentiates WLCI from other B-schools is its faculty which comprises of highly experienced and qualified trainers and mentors from the industry itself. The faculty and the programme managers at WLCI include professionals who have relevant experience in the industry and have achieved success in their respective field. WLCI makes the students accessible to the best minds from the industry under whose guidance they get a thorough understanding of their chosen field. This gives them a competitive edge over students of other B-schools who do not provide students faculty working in the industry itself. Few examples of the seasoned faculty of WLCI include Mr. Mayur Satyavrat, Director HR, Viacom 18; Mr. Ranjan Sarkar, Head- Corporate HR, RPG and there are many more from whom WLCI students are benefitting a lot.

The third factor which sets WLCI apart from other business schools is the excellent teaching methodology comprising of the highly acclaimed ‘Traineeship Programme’. The WLCI teaching method gives the students the traineeship advantage enabling them to work part-time along with their business management programme. This way they get assessed and trained by the industry professionals who give them a deep understanding of what is being taught in class. Also, WLCI students earn an attractive stipend during their training which enables them to compensate for a major part of their tuition fee. No other b-school or institute in the country provides such modern teaching methodology during a business management course.
The aforementioned factors truly set apart WLCI from other B-schools. For further information on the WLCI B-school, feel free to visit