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Demand for web designers: Hitting the roof!

The demand for web designers is increasing day by day. Today, every business who wants to create its identity on the internet seeks talented web designers.

Web designing is a creative field which encompasses making presentations and dispensing information on the world-wide-web about goods and services. The world-wide- web has made it possible for businesses to reach out to a large number of customers from a fixed location. Thus, competent web designers are in great demand.

You too can become a web designer and draw an attractive pay package by acquiring the relevant knowledge and skills in web designing. There are several short-term and part-time courses available in web designing by a large number of colleges. One such college is WLCI which offers an Executive course in web designing. Placements assistance too is provided by WLCI College. Collect more information on the college at

On-the-Job training leads to placements

If you are a student, then make sure that you receive on-the-job training during your professional course. The training is very important as it will help you in grabbing the best placements. Employers of top and reputed organizations seek trained individuals who along with a sound education have a working knowledge of their chosen career.

The efforts of the students during training are highly appreciated by the employers during training and in return they also pay the students a substantial amount of stipend which enables them to pay for a major part of their course fee.
Such students are given high preference at the end of their course by future employers. With the benefits of an updated working knowledge of their job and the industry in the training, students are bound to get the best placements. WLCI is one such professional college that offers on-the-job training to its students. This reputed institute offers a traineeship program called the ‘Traineeship Advantage’ program under which students get an opportunity to work part-time with top organizations.

Business studies lead you to successful corporate career

Do you want to make a place for yourself in the corporate world? If yes, then, you need to get educated in business management studies. Business studies lead you to a successful career in the corporate world. A business course will equip with the required knowledge of different function/activities of a business such as Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Auditing, recruitment, Administration etc.

You need to opt for a reputed business management college that will equip with knowledge and skills that are needed to be a part of a business organization. One such college is WLCI which offers a ‘Professional Programme in Business Management’. You can specialize in any of the three main disciplines of a business- Marketing, Finance and Human Resource. At WLCI business school, you’ll be taught an industry-relevant course curriculum which is prepared by ‘Employers Council’ –an organization comprising of over 300 senior managers from the industry. This business school boasts of a highly experienced faculty. WLCI’s flagship training program- the ‘Traineeship Advantage’ program will enable you to get hands-on experience/skills by working part-time at an actual workplace and you’ll also earn a substantial stipend.

For more information on WLCI business Management College, please feel free to visit

Learn graphic designing in a comprehensive graphic design course

Do you want to learn graphic design? If, yes, then please do ensure that the designing institute you choose should offer a comprehensive graphic designing course. An elaborate course will give you a complete knowledge about the field which will play an important part in your success as a graphic designer.

The WLCI School of Advertising & Graphic Design gives you a thorough knowledge about the elements of graphic design. You’ll get to learn about Visual Principles & Systems, Design processes, Photo Communication, Corporate identity & Branding, Copy-writing for print, art-direction for cross-cultural design, and computer application in design and many more. An extensive graphic design course by WLCI includes many more topics and thus equips you with every possible aspect of designing. Moreover, the course content has been prepared by professionals who are already a success in the field. This course is highly relevant to the needs of industry and its knowledge will contribute immensely in getting you good placements. For more information, please feel free to visit .Admissions are open for the course and you can call @ 18001024456 for any inquiries.

Career opportunities in fashion

Fashion is never out of fashion! The fashion industry has a consistent demand for trained professionals who can cater to the huge demand of fashion conscious people. Thus, a career in fashion is highly promising. You can gather several job opportunities in design, production and marketing.

You can become a fashion designer and find ample job opportunities in the Fashion industry. Cinema, Television and theater too require talented fashion designers. You can become merchandisers, Fashion forecasters and find many more jobs in the industry.

It will be wise to study fashion from a reputed fashion school. For this, you can consider, WLCI School of Fashion which is one the best fashion design schools in the country. WLCI College offers courses in fashion for under-graduates, graduates and working professionals. WLCI students get an opportunity to be a part of the industry while they are studying fashion programmes at WLCI. The ‘Traineeship Advantage’ program enables students to work part-time with top designers and top fashion houses. The practical experience helps them the best job offers with ease. For more information on WLCI Fashion College and its courses, feel free to visit

Digital Marketing: A growing field

Digital Marketing also known as online Marketing is one of the rapidly growing fields. In the digital age, where aggressive marketing is the norm, it makes perfect sense to pursue digital marketing for the promotion of one’s products and services. So, today, almost every firm and business organization invests in digital marketing and thus requires trained individuals in the same.

You can create a successful career for yourself in digital marketing. For this you need to opt for a professional program that focuses on the concepts,principles and practices of online marketing. In a digital Marketing program, the learning will start from the very basics of creating a web page, meta tags, Digital research and will extend to SEO- onpage/offpage optimization, SEM, PPC, SMO. These content modules will cover all the aspects of Digital Marketing and equip you with the relevant knowledge and skills.
If you are looking for an institute that offers a specialist program in retail, then you can get in touch with WLCI. WLCI College offers a ‘Specialist Level Certificate in Retail’ which covers all the aforementioned aspects of Digital Marketing. You can call @ 18001024456 for admissions and also you can visit to gather more information about WLCI College and its courses.

Enroll for a Talent Acquisition program

Every organization needs talented manpower who can contribute in the best way in achieving the objectives of an organization. Thus, there’s a high demand for HR personnel who can acquire the best talent for an organization and manage them. The role of HR has gone beyond mere hiring of suitable candidates for a firm. In fact it has graduated from simple hiring to picking up the best talent. HR professionals need to have an eagle eye to spot the most suitable talented professionals for an organization.

If you want to upgrade your knowledge and skills in the HR domain, you ought to do a professional program in Talent Acquisition. WLCI offers a ‘Specialist Level Certificate in Talent Acquisition’. In this module you’ll learn about Manpower planning, vendor management, talent acquisition Evaluation etc. To pursue this program, you can call @ 18001024456 for admissions. For more information on the college, please feel free to log in at .

Web Designing: A popular career choice

A website is the first step towards making presence felt on the web in a big way. Business organizations need a website to create their identity on the web. Moreover, every business needs a visually appealing website that is informative and attracts prospective buyers. Trained professionals are required for creating and designing websites. Web designing involves designing a website in an attractive manner and which is able to convey the desired manner.

To become a successful web designer, you need to have a creative streak and knowledge of different tools and languages. A professional institute/college can provide you the requisite training in a web designing course. You’ll get a complete understanding of web and various tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, Web Graphics & Animation Flash, Dream Weaver, Java Script in a web design program. To fast track you career in web designing, you can opt for an executive program. WLCI College, offers a specialist course in web designing called the ‘Specialist Level Programme in web design’ which is of 9 months duration.

By doing this web designing course, people can work with software development companies, IT companies and also work as freelancers as a lot of work will be coming their way after completing the course from WLCI College. For more information on the college and its web designing courses, please feel free to log in at and call @ 18001024456 for admissions.

Fashion designing course in Indian dress design

Do you want to specialize in designing Indian dresses? Does your interest lie solely in designing beautiful traditional Indian dresses? If yes, then you can pursue a fashion designing course that solely caters to Indian dress designing and you will not have to spend a big amount on learning dress designing in general from a fashion designing institute offering only such acourse in the same.

You can opt for WLCI’ specialist programme which is highly accepted in the industry. So after pursuing a specialist level fashion design course, your job prospects are bound to increase and you’ll also be better equipped to start your own venture as you would be equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills to channelize your creativity in the best possible manner.

WLCI College offers a Executive Program in Fashion Design. WLCI creative school which was founded in 1998 has trained thousands of students and helped them to become successful professionals. The course is conducted on weekends over a period of a year. This fashion designing program is conducted at Delhi, Kolkata, Pune and Bangalore campus of WLCI College. Students also have a option of getting an additional Diploma from Wigan & Leigh College, UK. For more information on the college, please feel free to visit and call @ 18001024456 for admissions.

WLCI-A business school in Lucknow with a difference

Lucknow – a city in rich in culture and traditions has a presence of good number of management colleges.Among various business schools in Lucknow, WLCI is a prominent management college in Lucknow offering a high quality business course. The institute offers a ‘Professional Programme in Business Management’. It is one of the best colleges in Lucknow with a difference.

So, you may ask that among several management colleges, what is different or unique about WLCI and in response we have many differentials about the college to talk about that make this B school in Lucknow stands apart from other business institutes. Starting with the course curriculum, it is designed by seasoned professionals who are part of the ‘Employers Council’-an organization set up by WLCI which comprises of members who have the best knowledge about the industry and its requirements.The next differential is that of the faculty. Unlike other B-Schools, the mentors at WLCI are highly trained and experienced and so students do not face any kind of difficulty while understanding the concepts and principles. The third most important differential of this management institute in Lucknow is the traineeship program known as the WlCI’s ‘Traineeship Advantage’ program. Under this program, students get to work part-time in the best of the organizations. They get practical exposure at a real workplace, which updates their knowledge about the industry trends and also enable them to earn a handsome stipend. This training also helps in grabbing the best job offers as the industry prefers trained individuals. The fourth appreciable factor is that of a dedicated placement cell which assists students in getting the placements.

So, if you want to study in the best management college in Lucknow, WLCI will be an apt choice considering the number of differentials it has which makes it one of the best business schools in Lucknow.