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Best business management school in Kathmandu

If you are looking for the best business management schools in Kathmandu, then we would like to provide you an apt name-of that of WLCI which is truly among the best Business schools in Kathmandu.

This Management College in Kathmandumakes you self-reliant during your business program so that you emerge as winners in the long run. An educational institute should equip students with abilities and knowledge so that they become competent to manage their career well.The mentors at WLCI lay due emphasis on the ability creation system which caters in the best way to the different requirements of every subject, skill and ability. Starting with E-learning, training, assessment and ending with coaching, the ability creation system makes the students competent to shine in the careers. This management college in an attempt to enable students to meet the industry requirements in terms of knowledge and skills has created an organization known as the Employers Council.

This school of business management in Kathmandu invites senior members of the industry to frame the course curriculum of their program thus students of business studies are equipped with the updated and relevant knowledge about the industry.Unlike other B-Schools, the mentors at WLCI are highly trained and experienced and so students do not face any kind of difficulty while understanding the concepts and principles. With such commendable factors, WLCI is truly one of the best business management schools in Kathmandu.

Get trained in a management school in Goa

Goa may have an image of a city that dives into the sea of fun and frolic every day. But when go you deep, you discover an under-current of professional education that has been sweeping the city for years.

Among various professional courses in Goa, business programs are really popular. Goa’s landscape has a presence of renowned business institutes who have taken business management education in Goa to altogether a new level.
Welcome to Goa where you’ll find a number of business institutes. There’s absolutely no dearth of professional educational institutes in Goa offering management programs in Goa. One of the popular colleges in Goa is WLCI.

This business school in Goa offers a ‘Professional Programme in Business Management’. It offers excellent course curriculum which is in sync with the industry requirements, boasts of highly experienced faculty, provides a unique traineeship program which enables students to work part-time to gain experience ( they earn a handsome stipend too) and thus can be regarded as one the best management schools in Goa.

So, if you want to pursue a business courses in Goa, you know which business institute to get in touch with.

Choosing a Graphics Design Institute

Graphic designers are in huge demand too. Big organizations seek such creative individuals who play a pivotal part in marketing of a product and service. If you are looking for a career in graphic designing, then you need to get trained in this specific field. You got to search a graphic designing institute that will help you to grasp the nuances of this creative field and give you the best training. How about choosing a design institute that will help you clinch the best job offer?

That would be wonderful as after studying the course, you would like to get a good placement. The very purpose of studying a graphic design course will be fulfilled only when you get a good job in this field. WLCI School of Advertising & Graphic Designing assists students in getting the best placement. After studying an updated course curriculum and being trained by experienced professionals you are armed with all the requisite knowledge. This learning is complemented by practical exposure gained in on-the-job training which the students of this graphic designing institute receive as part of their training program called the ‘Traineeship Advantage’.

So, join WLCI and fulfill your dream of succeeding in the highly creative field of graphic designing.

Fashion designing course: Gateway to the fashion industry

Do you aspire to be fashion designer? Do you want to be as famous as Ritu Beri, Tarun Tahlanni, Abu-Sandeep Jani, Shaina NC or be like Ritu Kumar who has been recently announced to receive the Padma Shri? Well, then you need to study a fashion designing program. Whether you are looking for a fashion designing College in Delhi or for fashion designing courses in Chennai or any other cities, you need to study a comprehensive fashion designing course and select a fashion designing college that helps you to fulfill your dream of becoming a renowned fashion designer. Here, you need to know about WLCI School of Fashion.

WLCI is one of the prominent fashion schools in the country. This fashion school boasts of an industry-oriented and a comprehensive course curriculum, an experienced faculty and an excellent traineeship program known as the ‘Traineeship Advantage’ program which offers on-the-job-training to the students. During your course curriculum, you’ll get an opportunity to work with the best fashion/export houses and work under successful designers. Moreover, WLCI’s placement cell will ensure that you get a fabulous job offers to choose from after completion of your fashion programme. Aspiring designers like you will be glad to know that WLCI’s school of Fashion alumni are working with the best designers and with the best organizations.

So, join WLCI which will make your dreams of becoming a successful designer true.

WLCI- A Unique Business Management College in Indore

Have you ever heard of a management college in Indore or in any other part of the country which provides on-the job training to its students along with the commencement of its business program? If you don’t know about such a college, it’s understandable because such a concept is unheard of in India which equips students with relevant knowledge and skills along with their course. WLCI is one such business management college in Indore which offers such a unique facility to the students. The College has pioneered a unique concept of training along with the course known as the ‘Traineeship Advantage’ program which entitles students to a part-time job with top organizations. The performance of the students is jointly assessed by WLCI and the organizations where students hone their skills and get used to the corporate work culture.

Apart from this prominent factor that makes this institute of business management in Indorea unique business institution is the highly experienced faculty which ensures that students get adequate knowledge, imbibe relevant skills and become self-reliant with the help of a the ability-creation system. Another unique factor is that of the latest course curriculum prepared under the supervision of ‘Employers Council’- an body comprising of senior professionals from the Industry who meet frequently to ensure that the curriculum offered by WLCI meet the exact requirements of the employers. This type of content, teaching methodology combined with on-the job training and the assistance of a pro-active placement cell, makes getting good placements an easy task for WLCI students.

So, if you want to pursue management studies in Indore, you can select this unique college for business management in Indore and get an opportunity to grab the best job offers.

Business education in Mumbai: Very Popular

Business management education in Mumbai is very popular. This cosmopolitan city boasts of several institutions which offer business programs. Among other various things, due emphasis has been laid on education and higher learning in this city which converges in the form of the establishment of reputed B schools. This city bubbling with lot of frenzy is home to some of the best management schools in Mumbai.

Students from various parts of the country go to seek high quality business education. Students opt for a diploma in Business Management in Mumbai, as the top B-schools are present in the city. Among them is WLCI College of business management which provides high quality management education. The experienced faculty, the course content and the praise-worthy Traineeship Program, the ability creation system and a dedicated placement cell are some of the factors that make WLCI a popular choice among large number of students.

If you are looking for a management school in Mumbai, then you can certainly go for WLCI which trains the students in becoming a trained and a highly successful professional.