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Pursue a management course which provides on-the-job training

Management courses are highly popular among students. A business management course equips with capabilities, skills and knowledge that helps one to create a successful career ahead. If you want to study management, ensure that you choose a business school that also offers on-the-job training because it will help you move up the ladder faster in the corporate world.On-the-training will provide you the relevant experience while you are still studying the course. It will help you gain the required knowledge and develop abilities to deliver results at the workplace even before you graduate. With such advantages, you will be highly considered by employers from top organizations. With such training you can also expect higher salaries as compared to non-trained graduates.

WLC College (WLCI) is a unique college that offers on-the-job training to students with its business management course. The training is imparted under its highly acclaimed training program known as the ‘Traineeship Advantage’ program. Students work part-time along with the course in top organization and gain valuable work experience.

Significance of on-the-job training

On-the-job training is of immense significance in a professional programme. Whether you want to pursue a business management course or creative courses such as fashion or graphic design, make sure that the professional institute you choose offers on-the-job-training feature. This kind of training should be looked forward to as it is of great importance. It helps you to gain practical knowledge and abilities which are required at the workplace. It trains you to strive for excellence in your chosen field by delivering high quality work output and achieving targets. The training will help you gain real learning as you will know the different process involved in each function. On-the-job training will improve your job prospects during the final placements considerably.

WLC College (WLCI), a premier institute in India imparting high quality professional education for the past 17 years offers on-the-job training alongside the courses. The college which offers business management course, fashion course and graphic design course provides on-the-job training to its students under its flagship training program known as the ‘Traineeship Advantage’. Student work part-time along with the job and get an attractive stipend.

WLCI’s Employer Council overhaul business management education

WLCI College founded a unique organization called the ‘Employers Council’ for providing students an updated business management course. This organization which consists of senior managers from the industry prepares a relevant curriculum for WLCI students. Thus, the students study and learn what they’ll be actually required to do at the workplace. The EC consists of 300 members and is highly involved in the development of the course curriculum of the Professional Programme in Business Management. They have updated the contents of the management program, namely in three business functions- Finance, Marketing and Human Resource.

The EC members have kind of overhauled the traditional business management program and tailored made it to suit the requirements of the industry. The updated and relevant course content has given students a fresh and realistic perspective on the industry and its working. Such an updated course is a far cry from the conventional syllabus offered by other business schools and MBA schools. It helps students to fetch the best placements as employers prefer trained graduates.

Be a part of the glitzy fashion industry

If you have always dream of becoming a famous designer, then it’s necessary for you to gain formal training in fashion. An institute for fashion design will enable you to gain competencies right from the basic to the advanced aspects of designing. You’ll be provided knowledge and training through well-organized modules that will impart knowledge about Techniques and Processes in Fashion, Garment Manufacturing, Pattern drafting, Pattern Construction, Craft Documentation etc. It will also provide you information and skills in accessorizing and body adornment.

A good fashion designing institute will also enable you to intern with the best designers and provide you a platform to hone your skills. Further, it will assist you getting the best placements either with an experienced designer or a reputed fashion or an export house. So, pursue a course in fashion and get an opportunity to be part of the glitzy fashion industry.

WLCI School of Fashion is one of the top institutes of fashion design in the country which offers an industry-oriented course curriculum, on-the-job training in the final year and further the best final placements.

Acquire training in retail with a short-term programme

Retail sector is getting organized with huge influx of foreign companies and opening up of subsidiaries/franchises in India. This has triggered a highly positive change in the Indian retail sector. It is gradually undergoing a sea change and therefore as retail professional you should keep yourself equipped with the new changes/trends in the market. If you want to gain additional knowledge and skills in retail, then you can opt for a short term programme in retail. As a working professional, it is absolutely necessary that you keep yourself abreast of all the changes in the market and keep yourself updated.

A specialized program in retail will help you rise high in the retail and FMCG sector. It will provide you the relevant training and knowledge in retail and cover topics such as retailing in India, Retail trends, forecasting tools & techniques, retail tactics, retail segmentation, visual merchandising, retail promotions etc. You can increase your knowledge and skills with such a programme. It will help you to improve your job prospects considerably.

WLCI College, one of the top management institutes in India which along with a full-time management course offers various short-term programmes in management. It offers a well prepared certificate course in retail.

Study Indian dress designing in a professional course

Indian dresses have retained their charm over the years. The traditional Indian dresses have made a comfortable place for themselves on the shelves along with the popular western dresses. In fact designers keep bringing the traditional dresses back on the fashion scene either by popularizing their old avatars or with a mix ‘n’ match with western dresses creating beautiful Indo-western dresses.

If you are interested in Indian dress designing, then you can pursue a specialized program in the same from a fashion college. WLCI School of Fashion has just the right course for all you such fashion enthusiastic who are keen to study designing of Indian dresses. This course will train you in Textile Science, Fashion Illustration, Concepts of Design, Basic pattern Making. You’ll be also introduced to garment construction in the programme. The college also offers placement assistance after the completion of this specialized course.

Call @ 1800 102 4456 to know more about this specialized program in Indian Dress Design offered by WLCI.

Relevance of training in a business management programme

Today, training has become an important part of education. It equips students with skills and abilities that help them to work with efficiency at the workplace. On-the-job training is highly relevant for a student of a professional programme such as a business management program. The training helps students to gain competencies in business functions to perform at the workplace. For example, if a person has got the relevant training in sales, he’ll be able to carry out the duties of sales and marketing using his experience at the training and perform efficiently in his job.

On-the-job training helps students to be prepared for the job market. When such students graduate after completing their management course they have 2 years of work experience. Employers prefer them while scouting for fresh graduates from a B School.
WLCI,one of the best business management institutes in India offers on-the-job training program known as the Traineeship Advantage. Under this program, students while studying the business management course work part-time with reputed organizations to gain relevant training.

Executive courses in Management

Acquiring new abilities and skills is essential for career growth. Executive programs in management give a great boost to one’s career.If you are a working professional, it’s advisable that you should opt for an executive program.

Such programs which are conducted through virtual mode work as a catalyst in your career. There’s absolutely no need to quit your job or to reschedule your work timings because these classes are conducted online on weekends. These courses in part job specific skills and relevant knowledge. Such part-time program in management will help you leverage your career to altogether a new level. You can look forward to a promotion in your current organization with the additional qualification you’ll gain in an executive program.

Mentors with wide experience will provide training to you. Placements assistance is also provided on completion of the course. WLCI offers Executive programs in business management.

Get trained in marketing management

If you aspire to be one of the best sales professional, you need to have a sound educational background and relevant training in this field. Marketing is taught in a business management course. Marketing Management is offered for specialisation in the second year of full-time business program.

In marketing management course, you’ll be acquainted with core marketing activities and you’ll be introduced to various sub-professions in this field. A marketing management course will equip you with knowledge and skills in the following areas of marketing:

• Sales
• Retail
• Integrated Marketing Communication
• Digital Marketing
• Research & Analytic

You can get training in marketing from a reputed business school. WLCI is one of the best business management institutes in India which offers an industry endorsed business management course. The placements of this institute are the best in the industry. Moreover, it also offers on-the-job training facility along with its full-time business management program.

Get trained in Talent Management in a HR program

Talent Management is absolutely necessary for any organization. It is an important function that needs to be performed by the Human Resource Department to ensure that employees work to the best of their efficiency and they contribute in the best way in achieving the common objectives of the organization.

You can get trained in Talent Management and Organization Development in a part-time Human Resource program. This program will educate about setting performance standards and coaching of the employees.Reviewing the performance standards is very important as it stimulates the growth of the employees. The program educates you about reviewing the performance standards and conducting appraisals. HR personnel are required to perform these duties. You can gain knowledge in this program by pursuing a specialized part-time program in Talent Management and Organization Development.

WLCI offers a specialized program in the same. For more information, you can give a call at 1800 102 4456.