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Get training in typographic skills with a graphic design course

There are different aspects of the creative field of graphic designing which you should be acquainted with to be a successful professional in the industry. The basic training starts with concepts such as typographic skills.It forms an important part of the entire course. As a designer, you will experiment with texts and presenting them in different styles to cater to the client’s needs.

A program in Typographic Skills will give u a deep understanding of typography in print, digital and television. You’ll get to know about the traditional and current practices of the usage of typographic skills. The course will acquaint you with the different structuresin print/digital and screen based areas. You’ll learn how to use grids and will be provided knowledge of the selection of font styles that can match tradition or contemporary needs of the clients.

WLCI School of Advertising & Graphic Design offers a comprehensive course in designing which trains you in every aspect of graphic designing. For more information on the college, feel free to visit at

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