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Get training in typographic skills with a graphic design course

There are different aspects of the creative field of graphic designing which you should be acquainted with to be a successful professional in the industry. The basic training starts with concepts such as typographic skills.It forms an important part of the entire course. As a designer, you will experiment with texts and presenting them in different styles to cater to the client’s needs.

A program in Typographic Skills will give u a deep understanding of typography in print, digital and television. You’ll get to know about the traditional and current practices of the usage of typographic skills. The course will acquaint you with the different structuresin print/digital and screen based areas. You’ll learn how to use grids and will be provided knowledge of the selection of font styles that can match tradition or contemporary needs of the clients.

WLCI School of Advertising & Graphic Design offers a comprehensive course in designing which trains you in every aspect of graphic designing. For more information on the college, feel free to visit at

Talent Acquisition: Need of the hour

Intense competition has put business ventures into an overdrive and prompted them to work more energetically to maximise productivity and thereby profits. Talent Acquisition is one area which is focussed upon aggressively in order to compete with the aid of highly efficient employees. Today there’s ahigh demand for HR personnel who are well-equipped with the practices of Talent Acquisition which help them to bring the best talent in the organization. Such employees work unanimously in achieving the goals of the company.

Thus, there’s a huge demand for HR professionals who are well-trained in Talent Acquisition. You can fast-track your career with an additional qualification in TA. You can pursue a short-term program for the same. A specialised program in TA offers an in-depth understanding of the advanced process of recruitment and the induction process. Other aspects which you’ll be introduced with are that of HR Analytics, CRM Tools, legal and statutory requirements and handling grievances of the employees.

WLC College India offers this program on a part-time basis. For more information, feel free to
call @ 1800 102 4456.

The need to study an updated management programme

A management degree/diploma leads to a successful career in the industry. Equipping with the relevant skills and knowledge, a management certification helps you climb the corporate ladder much faster. To achieve success, it is imperative that you should study an industry-oriented business course. Before choosing a MBA school, you should make sure that the management program offered by your preferred college should be an updated one. It should meet the current requirements of the industry and equip you to take up better jobs in the industry.
It is noteworthy that employers prefer to hire candidates who are equipped with the knowledge about the latest trends and current practices of the industry. Thus, if you study an updated business management programme, you’ll get better placements.
WLC College (WLCI) is one such college which offers an updated and industry-oriented business curriculum. The syllabus of its management programmeis prepared by business leaders. This business management institute has formed a unique organization known as the ‘Employers Council’ which comprises of senior managers. They are closely involved in developing the course content of the syllabus of the institute. Such a curriculum helps you to get the best placements with top firms.
For more information, feel free to call @ 1800 102 4456.

How to make a career in financial services

A career in finance, especially in the finance industry requires a thorough training, relevant knowledge and abilities to be part of this industry. The finance industry always looks forward to trained professionals who have gained the requisite skills in financial services. To gain the relevant knowledge and skills, you can pursue a specialised program in financial services.
A program in financial services will help you gainan understandingof retail banking and finance industry. The course imparts knowledge about the process of sales of financial products in retail, banking, invest and other financial sectors. Such a specialised program will equip you with knowledge of the working of capital markets.Trained professionals in this profession can look forward to jobs in banks, Credit card companies, insurance companies, stock brokerages, investment finds and consumer finance companies etc.
WLCI College (WLC) is one of the top business management institutes in Indiawhich along with a full-time business management programme offers specialised program in business to enable students to gain competencies in specific job skills. Individuals who are keen to make a career in the finance industry can opt for a specialised program in financial services offered by this reputed management institute. To gain more information about certification course in financial services, feel free to call @ 1800 102 4456.

Make accurate business forecasts with training in Research and Analytics

Research & Analytics is an important function of a business organization. A thorough research and analysis helps in generating the accurate business forecasts.The market is always unpredictable and thus calculated risks are needed to be taken to gain maximum revenue. So, interpretation of research data with maximum accuracy is of crucial importance as it influences the decision making process of the business organization. You can gain an additional qualification and skills in this important function of business with a short-term professional programme.
A short-term program in Research & Analytics will provide you knowledge and training in data analysis and knowledge of different analytical tools. You’ll get to learn about Statistical techniques of data analysis. This program will equip with knowledge and abilities in accurate business forecasts which will help to maximise profits.

For more information on this specialized program, you can call @ 1800 102 4456.

Best placements for students of WLCI Design School!

If you aim to pursue a course in graphic designing and get the placements thereafter you need to get in touch with WLCI School of Design. This top graphic design institute in India offers acomprehensive course in designing and is recognised in the industry for providing the best placements to the students. Courses are available for under-graduates and graduates. Trainers with an industry background make the students familiar with the intricacies of graphic designing. Students are thoroughly trained and provided on-the-job training in the final year of the programmes. After completion of the programmes, they are offered the best placements in accordance with their knowledge and skills gained.

WLCI’s placements cell is highly active and keeps a vigil on the best job opportunities that can be made accessible to the students. Seminars, campus interviews and pre-placement talks are organized in order to provide students the best career opportunities. WLC students have got placements with top firms such as Mudra Communications, Contract Advertising, India Today, Titan Studio, Green Goose Design Studios, Oxygen Advertising, Outlook, The Entertainment Design Company, Idiom Designs and many more.

For more information, feel free to visit Alternatively, you can also give a call @ 1800 102 4456.