5 easy ways to get people to respond to email marketing

Our inboxes are burdened with mails every day which we don’t respond to, but how to ensure that yours don’t go unanswered? How to make someone involved that they open, and even reply to the mail instead of just glancing? Every business of any size requires growing and developing email marketing which helps in increasing their growth to new levels.

As a customer how many times have we ignored mails on the pretext of being un-appealing, which is disappointing for the buisness owner as well? Creating an interesting, crisp and engaging mail is both an art and a science.


One should start with catchy descriptive subject lines. It should be clear, concise, strong and interesting that it makes a recipient want to open and answer it. It should be short and snappy and should visibly explain your reason for emailing.

Another effective way is using opening lines that quickly get to the point. Your emails should not contain any long stories about your buisness with the client; it should be short but informative and cover all important aspects. To make it effective it can follow the following format:

  • Open with greetings
  • Reason for emailing
  • Details
  • Call-to-action
  • Closing remarks

This can easily grab attention of any busy and distracted readers. Basically you have to provide content that can be easily read by them.

Be straightforward, be casual.

Don’t be too fixated on using industry slang or jargon – just rely on the basics, and use uncomplicated, clear information. When your emails are easy to understand, readers can easily grasp the content and respond in the manner you desire.

Research shows that writing numerals instead of using words attracts readers more and throwing few statistical data in between makes it look more credible. So use numbers wisely and creatively.

Be friendly with bullet points, they help in organizing your content, makes it precise and clear informative. How do they work as saviours?

  • You get to use fewer words instead of long sentences and paragraphs which get boring and the mail gets ignored.
  • You get to send across your message effectively as it helps in maintaining readers’ attention
  • It clearly outlines the steps that need to be taken which attract readers even if they are busy or engaged.
  • Provides options

Focus on ‘why’, rather than on ‘what’

It’s not an easy job to make the reader feel the importance of your emails. Studies show people comply more when they are made to realize impact of their compliance.Make it about them, make it personal, and instead of dedicating a lot of words about yourself try making it about your readers.

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