Why is internship becoming a mandate


It is a matter of zero debate that the best way to invest in your career is internships. Internship is a period of work experience, provided to the student by any company or college that gives them an insight into the working culture. WLC College India is a professional institution that has a special traineeship program to nurture students and turn them into professionals before they finish the degree and step into the professional world.

Here are 7 reasons to prove why internships are becoming mandatory in today’s scenario.

  • Gives an edge in the Job-world – The professional training offers a hands-on opportunity for the students to work and get experience in their fields. They learn how the curriculum and theoretical knowledge applies to the real world and this makes them stronger candidates for various jobs after the degree is over.
  • Enhances your network – Internships provide with an opportunity to interact and learn from the individuals who are from different institutions and are studying in the same field. By attending meetings and events with the professionals, the students are able to meet stalwarts of the industry and increase their networking. A great network is always helpful in developing references and for exploring opportunities.
  • Teaches Time Management – There is a huge difference between study and working environments, and this is learnt by the student when he/she enters the work field after completing the degree. Internships provide an opportunity to experience the environment beforehand, learn and grow while managing the time efficiently.
  • For trying out a career – Internship is a great way to try out a career if you are looking to change your field. It can be a risk to start pursuing a job in a field which you are not thorough with. It is always a better option to get a sneak peek into how the world works from inside and what better can be a way than professional trainings?
  • Earn while you learn – Most of the organisations that provide the opportunities for internships also pay a handsome stipend which is profitable for students’ resume and for boosting the confidence as well. WLCI has a special programme named just the same which ensures every student gets the deserved value for their time investment.
  • Boosts confidence – Apart from developing skills galore, confidence is another accessory that is essentially required to excel in the work field.  With an experience into the work world, the fear of facing the professional world goes away and you can step in the Job-world with an aura of confidence all around you.
  • Enhances perspective – When you meet new people who come from a different organisation, the angle of thoughts and perspective gets a new dimension. Newer thoughts and ideas enrich the brain and they are nothing less than a boon for creative fields!

The exposure to real world problems and perspectives that are probably not found in the textbooks can cultivate adaptability and creativity in the dynamic world!

WLCI is a professional organisation that provides fashion designing courses, business management courses, graphic designing courses and mass communication courses in India. Enrol in innovative programs of WLCI and be a part of curriculum that offers lucrative internships.

Digital Marketing 101


Digital Marketing in today’s scenario is a large and confusing world! It looks quite simple from above but once explored, it encompasses massive opportunities for marketing of any brand. The graph of opportunities in Digital Marketing has been growing exponentially which also makes it a highly sought-after field. If you have just started the exploration for pursuing a career in this field, here is all you need for starters:

  • Social Media Marketing – Be it a college going student or a working professional, in today’s scenario everyone checks their Facebook and Instagram before reading a newspaper or turning on TV or Radio to get insights of the happenings around. Social Media has become the Number 1 activity of the day in everybody’s schedule. Regardless of what your business is about, social media marketing cannot be given a backseat!
  • Search Engine Optimisation – Internet is full of answers for any one particular query. If your product or services cater to the question and it is not optimised, the probability of it getting lost amidst the millions is quite high. SEO is a method or technique that will help the search engines find and rank your website higher and users generally trust sites that come up higher in searches. Thus, this technique helps you get more traffic from search engines.
  • Conversion Optimization & Planning – The focus of all marketing strategies is to get people to do something, be it buying your product or availing the services provided. It is about providing the audience with a roadmap to convert and take actions.
  • Content Marketing – Good content is the backbone of Digital Marketing. Be it social media or website, content plays a key role in online presence of your website or products. To connect the dots of your digital marketing strategies and make it more efficient, excellent content is the key!
  • Online Advertising – The greatest advantage of using the digital platform for marketing is that any company of any size can run advertisements of whatever budget they want! The ads can be targeted to specific audience of a particular age group. Any business that ignores advertising online is missing plethora of opportunities for new customers.
  • Email Marketing – Emails have been there for long time but a lot of companies or people forget to optimise their Emails. It is one of the best ways to drive people to your business and encourage the interested audience to take actions.
  • Mobile Marketing – Mobile should be at every step of Digital Marketing. From making your website mobile friendly to creating advertisements that look better on phone. Whether we accept it or not, most of the content is seen by users on smartphone rather than desktop screens.

It doesn’t matter if you are a working professional or a business student, knowledge of digital marketing field is imperative to come out with flying colours. WLCI is one of the best MBA colleges in India that offers short term business management courses, part-time business management course and full-time management courses as well. Study with WLCI and make sure you are not missing on any latest technology for Digital Marketing!

4 reasons why effective communication is a must for managers

blog_22feb_3In order to lead others, apart from excellent managerial skills, a manager needs to have effective and impeccable communication skills. If the leader is not able to communicate properly, it becomes difficult for the team to implement the employer’s objective and be in alignment with the management. A manager who conveys his idea with greater clarity is likely to be a great leader, and communication is the key to succeed in international workplaces where diversity is increasingly the norm.

To advance up the corporate ladder, it is a must for every manager to depict excellent verbal and written communication skills. Here are some more reason why every manager should have this quality:

  • Employee relations – A manager who is doing his/ her job right, knows the need and importance of building healthy and meaningful alliances, and communicating through all the levels of organization. To break down the hesitation barriers, effective communication skills are a must, they promote the collaborative atmosphere in the organisation. The engagement and output of an employee varies with every day, but it is in hands of a manager to shape the communication in a way to motivate and achieve the desired results.
  • Increases productivity – It is a matter of no debate that managers are the backbone of company’s productivity. It becomes imperative for them to articulate strategies and plans, in order to tell employee team what to do and how to do. And while the manager is communicating, it is important for the employees to understand why the particular task is important. If the manager stands unable in making the case, mostly employees become complacent and this results in lower productivity.
  • Managing Multigenerational Relations – In growing and big organisations, people from all age groups come together to achieve one particular objective. Though, this helps in varied perceptions but sometimes, the perceptions are conflicting too. A person in his/ her adult age may have different growth objective for the company as compared to someone who is in the age group of 55-60. Good communication skills are a must for managers who want to survive in this environment. This also helps them in encouraging the employee workforce to exist in harmony.
  • Problem Solving Skills – Excellent communication and problem solving skills go hand in hand. Any employee facing any problem in managing work or implementation will naturally run to his/ her manager for guidance in solving problems. A manager who does not excel in solving problems is likely to lose trust of the team. Further to these circumstances, productivity of the company is hampered. Hence, it becomes important for a manager to have excellent communication skills.

WLCI is considered to be one of the best Business Institutes in India. It offers part-time business management courses, short-term management courses and full-time business management courses. Apart from inculcating skill set via its induction and training programmes, WLCI focuses on developing communication skills and workplace antiquates as soon as the student steps into the institution. Join the league of great managers, join WLCI!

How short term courses provide long term benefits?


“Change is the only constant in life.” – Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher. The quote has been valid in all spheres of life and especially in the professional world. Most of the times, the degree field of the job role is not in alignment with the degree pursued. Training is provided by the organization but to stand out, the training is not enough. Short term courses come to the rescue at this point of time. One can take these courses at any age and they provide information concentrated around one topic. The precise information sets the individual apart and gives him/her an edge over the others.

Here’s why you should go for a short-term course:

  • Depth of the topic – In full time degree courses, you have the whole syllabus to cover and the syllabus usually has plethora of topics. There is no time left to gain the knowledge in depth of one particular topic. In short term courses, the focus is on a single topic. For example, if you are pursuing a short term graphic design course, all the software and tactics of the field can be learnt in short period of time.
  • Less investment – Long term courses demand huge investment both in terms of money and time. Three to four years are required to complete the course and the fees is usually high, while short term courses provide more benefits with less capital investment in a short period of time.
  • Supports Hobbies – After entering the professional world, a lot of professionals have the urge to develop professional skill-set in their hobbies. Short term courses support the concept of ‘better late than never’. You can evolve in the field that is close to your heart at any point of time with a short term course in that particular field. For example, an engineering professional can take up a short term fashion designing course and step into the fashion industry.
  • Networking – Short term courses encourages networking for professionals who have similar interests. For further opportunities and for knowledge transfer, these connections can be used. It is generally interesting to converse with people who share same level of passion for same topic or interest.
  • Enhances creativity – If a person is in a creative field wants to enter it, a short term course can be a booster. New and fresh ideas hold an undeniable importance in creative fields and opinion of people with similar interest can add to ideas. With a short term course, the person also updates himself or herself with latest tools and technologies.

WLCI is an institution that provides short term courses in the field of fashion, media, business and graphic designing. Lean, stay young and discover the endless possibilities with one of the best institutions of India.

3 ‘mantras’ for handling work and studies together efficiently



Whether you are a college student trying to manage your tuition fee or an employee seeking a career change, managing work and studies can become a tedious task. As a matter of fact, a lot of people back out because of the dedication required by the combination. But, thousands of students and professionals have also proved it to be a simple task.

While pursuing short term courses such as a short term course in graphic designing or short term business management courses, the balance of work and studies can play a major role in deciding the success of the course.

The most important ingredient in this recipe is discipline. However, apart from discipline a lot of other factors also contribute. Here, we bring you three mantras that will take you through the journey of this combination smoothly.

1)    Time management and setting priorities – At least once in a lifetime, a phase comes when you have to prioritize your life. Adopting a combination of work and study is one of those phases. 24 hours is not enough to complete every activity you want to and hence, priorities have to be there with precise time management. The first step could be completing the office work before time and leaving for home as early as possible so that you can devote the time to studies. Second step could be cutting down on Friday outings and dedicating the same time to learning something that helps with the work or with studies. The priority may vary with the individual and course but what’s important is that you stick to it once decided.

2)    To stay on top, plan smartly – Once you are acquainted with the work schedule and chapter targets, start setting small goals weekly, and then monthly. These goals will give you inspiration and the time management will improve because of the motivation that comes after completion of goals. Even though achieving the goals is a necessity, you should remember that you have to be fresh for work every day and that’s where smart planning will come to your rescue.

3)    Once in a while, don’t forget to take a break – While preparing a schedule for the combination of work and studies, don’t forget to include small breaks for refreshment. While fighting with busy lives, most of times you will feel tired and will wish to quit, give yourself some time to relax at this point. Keep aside a small amount of time, such as half an hour for relaxation each day. You will notice that the mind works better and the efficiency of body is higher after the break.

To sum up, it is evident that it’s not easy to manage both work and studies with efficiency but it is not impossible too. Once you have decided that you want to take up both at the same time, there will be a whole new meaning of time and management. A good schedule, proper time management and love for what you do are enough to make it work!

7 tips to ace the entrance examinations

‘All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy’, similarly, all inputs and studies without any strategy can let your hard work go to waste. Apart from proper focus and clarity of thought, metal and physical fitness is also important to ace any entrance exam. For entrance examinations such as AICET that provides admission into graphic design courses, fashion designing courses, business management courses and journalism and mass communication courses, the preparation is not as easy as it seems.


Now that AICET is approaching and catering to the fact that it is one of the toughest examinations in India, we bring you some tips that will take you through. Follow these and give yourself the best chance.

1)    Organizing the study space – The study space should be such that keeps all the distractions away. Phone, sleep and computer games shall have no scope of coming in your way.

2)    Take a proper diet – The habit of not eating while studying is quite prevalent amongst students in the current scenario. But the truth is, not only eating but eating the correct things and in correct amount and on right time is the key to maintaining the balance for success. By correct diet, we mean include right amount of proteins, carbs and fats in the diet. Eat lots of vegetables and salad. Never skip your breakfast!

3)    Keep time for revision – Set a date, mark it on your calendar, phone or stick a note to your table. Plan your mind and schedule in such a way that there is enough time left for revision. It is better to have learnt less and remember all of it than to study everything and remember half of it.

4)    Schedule your subjects smartly – Whenever you start schedule of the day, start with the most difficult subject. The mind is fresh and the concentration is at par in the beginning. Do not align one difficult subject after another as it will drain out all the energy at once. Keep the simpler subjects for lazy hours. Always remember, smart work is the key to success.

5)    Prefer short study sessions over long strenuous sessions – The mind has the ability to perform better and efficiently when it is stressed for less amount of time. A study has also confirmed that the brain absorbs information automatically without any efforts while it is on a break. Preferably, while studying specific information such as dates and time, study not more than 20 to 30 minutes.

6)    Neat handwriting and presentation – However, this point is invalid for OMR based examinations but with them too, the habit helps in saving the space for calculations. With subjective examinations, presentation can impress the invigilator and lead to less deduction of marks.

7)    Stay hydrated – A lot of studies have confirmed that dehydration leads to inefficient mind. Keep a water bottle handy, it is one of the most important steps to score well!

If you keep a hold on right strategy and focus while including the above habits in your learning schedule throughout the preparation, success is bound to be with you. Keep on working hard and have confidence!

We wish you all the best for exams!

Entrance Test (AICET) 2016 – Fashion Design, Media and Graphic Design

The WLCI Creative School All India Combined Entrance Test (AICET), applications are invited for the following programs for Undergraduate and Graduate Students.

Important Dates

  • Date of Written Test: 26th June 2016

How to Apply

The WLCI Creative School offers programs for undergraduate and graduate students. These programs are designed to build a wide range of competencies, which enable students to join the creative field of their choice and develop into a well-rounded professional

WLCI Creative School aims to develop professional expertise and aesthetic aptitude in students to become successful professionals in their respective creative fields Application invited for the following course.

  • Fashion Technology
  • Advertising & Graphic Design
  • Media & Mass Communication

Examination Cities

The entrance test – AICET for all UG and PG Programs of WLCI will be conducted on 8th May 2016 in 31 cities at:

Ahmedabad; Bangalore, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore,Dehradun, Delhi, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jammu, Jodhpur, Kolkata, Kathmandu (Nepal),Lucknow, Mumbai, Nagpur, Patna, Pune, Ranchi, Surat, Vadodara, Vishakhapatnam, Shillong,Srinagar (J&K), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Colombo (Sri lanka) and Dubai (UAE)

For more details, please visit http://admissions.wlci.in

Money Matters

While we have been conditioned to believe that professional success is proportionate to he number of degrees we receive, it is not so any more. Traditional qualifications alone are not enough to make one rich. Lucrative careers have taken on a whole new meaning with a bunch of creative career options.

A favourite for long, the advertising industry today encompasses mobile and digital advertising with media like television and print. A passion for making catchy jingles along with the willingness to come up with something unique is crucial. You must also be creative and have strong people skills.

Engaging one’s imaginative sensibilities, a career in graphic designing entails using words, images, types and symbols to create captivating graphics. Granted that it is a powerful form of visual communication, graphic designers are much in demand. Courses in graphic design help to hone one’s skills in this.

Another course of study with which you cannot go wrong when it comes to lucrative careers has to be fashion designing. Outright glamorous and exciting, your salary will always show an upward moving trend if you become a reputed fashion designer.

As another very interesting line of work, media is making all the right noises be it in the form of newspapers, online sites, electronic media or even blogging. If you can make it to an international agency, the sky would be the limit as far as earning is concerned.

One of the best colleges around to pursue these creative courses is WLCI College. Admission is based on an All India Combined Entrance Test (AICET). For your ticket to lucrative careers, check http://admissions.wlci.in

Common Entrance Exam for Creative Courses

Students are high on professional courses today since it makes them job ready. To get started on it, a trend has been students taking combined entrance exams that test their credentials in domain knowledge, IQ and general knowledge. While a common entrance exam serves these criteria fine, it fails to evaluate one’s creative aptitude. This is a serious deterrent when it comes to choosing creative careers. No entrance test can map how innovative one is.

AICET 2016

While standardized tests do a good job of evaluating one’s quantitative ability and language skills along with general awareness, it can hardly serve as a pointer for a student or an applicant’s innovative ability. And without it is difficult to find out how apt a candidate would be for a creative course.

So, when I got to meet the chairman of Wigan & Leigh College, Vinay Pasricha, we had a discussion on the status of entrance exams in India. Like me, he too felt that the system needs to change. We need to encourage innovativeness in students so that we can instil leadership qualities in them for a better tomorrow. He told me about the combined entrance test in place at WLCI.

The All India Combined Entrance Test (AICET) for the academic year 2016, to be held on May 8, will test a student’s mathematical, language skills and also general knowledge. An added feature is a special test, to be held under the supervision of leading industry professionals, to evaluate a student’s creative abilities. Following this, students will be interviewed by these professionals to help them choose the right career path.

Registration is on till February 29. For details about AICET and WLCI, go to http://admissions.wlci.in/

Is Business Management A Good Course?

In a bid to take their corporate aspirations to the next level, ambitious youngsters are no longer satisfied with traditional courses in their kitty. It takes a lot more to bag lucrative offers and exciting job opportunities. To effectively manage any business or organisation they are keen to be associated with, they prefer taking up a professional management course. One of the top professional courses today, business management teaches you the essentials of managing a business. You learn how to plan strategically to ensure the success of your company amidst stiff competition.

Business Managment Course Provide Wlci College

A management course helps you understand the basics of business, finance, economics and marketing. Internship are an integral part of the course at a good B-school. The practical exposure that you gain during such internship gives you a real world feel of what to expect later on. Besides technical knowledge, the soft skills that you graduate with enhances your interpersonal skills and makes you a delight to work with. The technical expertise and competitive edge you gain with a business management course will earn you a brownie point with recruitment managers at the time of job interviews for it would be assumed that you know ways to boost the company’s productivity.

To ensure that the course you are about to take up is nothing short of the best and is in sync with the present needs of the industry, take your time choosing your institution. After all it would be the most important investment for your future. While you are at it, check out the business management options at ‎WLCI‬ School of Business.