Everything you need to know about Fashion Retail


Fashion is inherent in all of us – we are always fascinated by new and quirky trends, be it the current off shoulder top vogue or the recent revival of the vintage cat eye frames. However there is a lot more to fashion than what meets the eye. Fashion industry is a vertical yet unexplored before the common crowd. ‘Designer’ is the most common career choice, but there are a lot more options to explore in the fashion industry. These can include garment technologist, fashion illustration, merchandiser, or jobs in the fashion retail.

What is Fashion Retail?

Fashion retail is all about understanding the market and media consumption behavior of the customer. It is basically a consumer goods market characterizing a number of competitors, multitudes of manufacturing, marketing and retail alternatives. Fashion retail industry governs the apparel industry because of its foresight of upcoming trends with the analysis of market data.

Product information

The products sold are segregated into three sections- mass production, Ready To Wear (RTW) and couture wear.  Mass production involves design software to plan the process which is then carried out by the machinery. Ready to wear or RTW includes garments which are good in material and design yet affordable. Couture wear includes specially tailor made apparels by high-end in-house designers.

The business of selling

The market of fashion industry balances the paradigm of style and affordability. There is a demand of ‘good’ clothes which are ‘pocket-friendly’.  However in fashion retail industry, the image of a brand plays an important role in inviting a customer with its quality and appeal. What is ‘in’ has more appeal which is in turn perpetuated by the mechanics of content generation on various social media platforms.

Are you fit for  this industry?

If you have flair in fashion and are good at calculations; if you get excited about new trends and at the same time market fluctuations interest you, then you are a perfect fit for the fashion retail industry.

Interestingly, fashion has become a muse to our existence. Significantly people are relying on courses that are fashion-driven and which inculcate a sense of fashion. Fashion designing courses are varied depending upon the time span and nature: degree, diploma and advanced courses for six and three months respectively. A number of fashion designing colleges in India have made available extensive fashion designing courses whereas some fashion designing institutes have even opened up part time fashion designing course for working professionals.

WLCI has one of the best fashion designing courses in Delhi. With an initiative to create environment ready workforce, WLCI opened its School of Fashion which provides both long term and short term courses. It has been in this field for the last 21 years now, helping fashion students nurture their dreams.  Enroll today to give your fashion inspired analytical mind an opportunity in the fashion retail industry.

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