Here’s why you should choose a career in Graphic Designing


It is no doubt that gifs and other motion pictures have become the medium of communication and promotion in today’s time. With the intervention of concepts such as live videos, Boomerangs, Instagram and snapchat stories, the representation of ideas and motives have found a new platform. In such a scenario, the importance of a visual communicator has reached a new crescendo. When a visual is able to communicate better than words, we know that media propagation is changing.

This is where the graphic designing experiences a gravitational shift. A graphic designer is not only able to give identities to brands and corporate structures, but with the emergent transition, he is even able to transform their marketing strategies.

Following are some of the career opportunities that a graphic designer can traverse with his expertise in graphic designing:

  • Animator: With animation being used from GIFs to movies, there are a number of possibilities to explore as an animator. The success of Bahubali has become the biggest example that shows the potential and scope of VFX and 3D animation. 
  • Venture into theatre/movies: With creativity under your belt, flourish in the production industry as an art director. Also known as ‘creative’, an art director is endowed with the responsibility to produce innovative ideas for visual elements.
  • Illustrator: An illustrator doesn’t only function to demonstrate the idea of a business system; it holds the power to influence people. Illustrator is the bridge that connects business to clients.
  • Graphic designer: A graphic designer divulges into his creativity to come up with website design, logos, computer games, books and magazine layout, product display and so on for clients and businesses.
  • Multimedia Specialist: Multimedia platforms have become the focus point to market and promote brands and their campaigns. A multimedia specialist works closely with the social media team to create promotional content.
  • UX designer: The main function of a User Experience (UX) designer is to improve the experience of the target audience. They are responsible for creating frames, scenarios, personas and so on to create a positive environment for the user.
  • Information architect: Information architects aid their clients in creating features for their website that aims at explaining content strategy with the help of visuals.

With so many paths to tread as a graphic designer, the demand for the course has seen a rise. The booming number of graphic designing school and colleges is the proof of the same.

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