How to research for sports journalism stories

The success of any story depends on the content, and the information you have been able to cull out from various sources. A well-researched and articulated story never fails to attract eye balls, so researching is one of the most important skills that a writer must possess. Sports journalism is a niche industry, and certain additional things have to be kept in mind while researching for it.

Follow these steps to research for sport stories.


Targeted research

It means that you should be able to research for the exact information you are looking to write the story, rather than surfing through information not required. Make sure that you enter the right keywords related to the story such as name of players, name of the sport, history of the sport etc. Some of the keywords taken from the gist of the story could help you fetch the right information. As a sports journalist, you should know the rules of the game and the associated jargons so that you can break down the information in the story.

Research from multiple sources

You should research from multiple sources or websites before you start writing. Since Google can easily track down the source of any article, it’s crucial that the information you are using has different sources. If you don’t follow this and end up writing from one website then the story could be trashed as a rewrite. If your story doesn’t have multiple sources, the quality of the article instantly goes down and it will not even rank well in SEO ranking. Taking cue from multiple websites helps you to know if the information is genuine or not. Follow some of the best sports websites to research stories such as,, and more. The key is to ensure that you check the first 2-3 stories that appear with the search, and not to ignore them.

Check out popular views

Nowadays, social media is one of the best platforms to look out for fans’ reactions across the world. Make use of the social media platforms such a Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to research for trend, and reactions of fans about a particular sport. If you quote fans’ reactions from social media it will make your story engaging and interesting.

If you are doing live reporting, make sure to capture the audiences’ reactions.

Look up to experts’ opinion

It’s important to incorporate expert views in the story wherever possible. You can research for quotes or comments of eminent sport personalities that must have appeared in social media forums or from their blogs, because adding expert opinions can lift your story. You can follow the famous players from the sports industry, and stay informed on their opinions about that sport.

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