How to write headlines that the reader just can’t ignore?


Over the years newspaper and magazine have used attractive headlines for grabbing our attention; likewise conjuring headlines for the online blogs is no different. But writing for the web requires lots of attention seeking – this is where writing a catchy headline comes into account. Titles are the main seller of the content. They are visible everywhere, from search engines to email as well as social media. So what to do to make your title catchy?

Know your audience

The first rule is to create the target audience. Basically you need to know what your audience expects from you. For example, if you’re aiming your content at a younger audience your tone can be more informal, more relaxed and more humorous, whereas if your subject is on the more serious side, you need to stay to the point.

One easy to trick to grab attention is to use numbers. Studies have shown that the human mind remembers and retains more when they come across odd numbers in data. For example, if your post contains information about “top courses followed this year”, consider creating a headline like “9 or 11 different courses to try”. Chances are it will attract more attention this way.

The simpler, the better

Don’t over think it. Your headline should reflect some information about your blog or article it is important to analyse your content in order to pick the most appropriate keywords to make your headline as effective as possible.

Have some fun with alliteration. The title and header in this blog post, for instance, play with alliteration: “Foolproof Formula.” It’s a device that makes something a little lovelier to read, and that can have a subtle but strong impact on your reader.

Our memory remembers better when the information is in visual form. If there is any way you can add visual aids it headlines it gives little more edge to it.

Instead of mentioning features a headline should provide information. So, instead of telling your readers about how your new product works, show them what it can do for them. Don’t just tell your readers that your new app saves them time, show them how much additional time they can spend with their families because of all the time they are saving by using your app, take a more emotional approach. Communicating the value will get article noticed.

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