Journey of a lifetime – WLCI Media School

After being admitted into WLCI, I started my trip from Chennai to Delhi with the enthusiasm of learning page design and layout. Fortunately, i had inundation of response from the Faculty of WLCI. The gleam of knowledge and encouragement was in the air. The teachers were there not only for their duties, but a lot more than that. After spending just a couple of hours, I thought to myself that is really dilwalon ki dilli. And here I met handful of dilwale to give me more than I as a student had expected.

media schoolI had a learning yet joyful session on photography with Mr. Rupam Malakar sir, where learning how to strike a balance between theory and practicality was an impeccable experience. Neither can I forget Rupam sir’s two and a half hour speech which, I believe, had a concrete impact on my life to get started as a writer. The classes made me believe how starting as an ordinary person we can do extraordinary things. I was introduced to the Page layout designing software by Bhavneesh Sir, who taught me design, and introduced to me a world of experience in print media. I could play with different aspects of newspaper and magazine pages. I even used the photographs which I had clicked myself for these magazine pages.

Every student here has been fortunate under the helpful and kind teachers and just words can’t describe their qualities. They say experience is the best teacher, but for me, Ms. Shruti Pandey ma’am being my teacher was my best experience. An ocean of knowledge and teachings, she has always motivated me to have an immaculate balance in life where I find it difficult to adjust between my business world and starting a career in writing.

On the last day of our visit – I along with all the other students visited a professional studio. I saw the setup of an ACTING THEATRE, an editing studio and a radio studio. Going to a film studio with Shruti Ma’am I learnt about the broadcasting aspect of media, and not to mention it was a knowledgeable and fabulous experience which students will never forget.

That summarises my experience in the WLCI School of Media. A place where theoretical and practical knowledge are given equal importance, and students are nurtured to achieve the best of their abilities.


Deepak Jain

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