My design ideas – And the philosophy behind them

Any fashion college should not just teach students how to design clothes, but also create environment where the student can nurture his or design philosophy and ideas. Being in the final semester of my programme, I have received the practical exposure and environment to hone my skills.

The only constant thing is change, and that should reflect in designs. Life is beautiful, and wearing fashionable clothes makes it even so. Fashion is something unusual, unexpected, ever-changing and something which gives our personality a bloom. But the way you carry a dress or accessory is extremely important. Fashion is not in the dress, it is in the dressing. And the way you dress says a lot without speaking.


















The most important thing is to be comfortable in what you wear. A piece of clothing in itself isn’t fashionable or unfashionable – that depends on how it looks on a particular person. If you think the dress is not fashionable, wear it with style and you’re good to go!

My design idea

I love to create stories out of my collection. My recent project submission was client oriented rather than theme oriented. I gave it the name “THE FAIRY TALE”

It is a dream of every girl to dress up in gold. Some of these girls do not like haute couture garments.


My client is a fashionista who is aware of every passing trend, and has lust for gold. She also loves travelling, and is influenced by the culture, trends, fashion, style, etc. of the particular place. My challenge was to show that in the collection.


















I created designs that are a mixture of fashion destinations. From the romance of Rome to liveliness of New York, I attempted to include all these inspirations in my design.

But the foundation of designs was essentially Indian, with prominent use of Gold.

It was all because of the course structure, faculty, internship and my peers at WLCI that I’ve been able to develop these creations. As a result, I’m all ready to step in to the fashion world.

Written By – Shivani Chauhan

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