My internship experience at The Pioneer

Thanks to our beloved teachers here at WLCI, I got a golden opportunity to pursue an internship in print media, that too in one of the most media house – the Pioneer group. There I not only got substantial exposure but also a chance to meet many renowned celebrities. I got a chance to cover various events ranging from education to lifestyle, which helped me learn from the professionals within the industry.

One such competition was held recently in the Delhi at Paparazzi. Sponsored by the whisky brand Monkey Shoulder, it brought ‘The Ultimate Bartender Championship’ to India. This competition journeyed from Kolkata, Hyderabad, Goa, Mumbai, Bangalore and Gurugram to Delhi, with over 250 contestants participating and being tested for their unique techniques, insights, speed, and skills behind the bar.


Novices got the chance to showcase bartending skills, industry knowledge, hospitality, pouring, noising and stocktaking. The event was hosted by Joe Petch, Monkey Shoulders’ global brand ambassador. The competition brought together India’s best bartenders, to showcase their extraordinary skills.

The Grand Finale started by announcing the top five contestants Paramveer Singh, Chirag Pal, Jitender Singh Rana, Vinod Dhara and Ashitosh Narayan. The task was to make eight cocktails as soon as possible, without compromising on quality.

Paramveer Singh emerged the winner as he not only made the cocktails in the least amount of time, but also made the best ones.

Asked how bartending has changed over the years, Paramveer said: “Two or three years back, there was not much scope for bartenders. The profession has picked up recently as more and more bartending competitions is coming up and people’s view towards bartenders has changed. A couple of years down the line, bartending will have its personal course in hospitality because to be a bartender is not easy as one needs to have good insight, speed and skills”.

When asked what one of world’s most famous bartenders was doing in India, competition host Joe Petch said: “I always wanted to come to India as it is one of those countries that consume a large volume of alcohol and bartending has picked up quickly here.”


This is one of the most memorable events that have been covered by me during my time at Pioneer, as I got to taste many different beverages coming from the best bartenders of the industry. Moreover it helped me break the monotony given to me in lifestyle events. However I would like say all this wouldn’t have been possible if our teachers wouldn’t have offered us with such a wonderful opportunity.

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