My tryst with Fashion Photography

The most amazing experience of my time at WLCI has been the huge amount of practical exposure that I get as a media student. No education is complete with just theoretical knowledge, especially in a field like media.

I recently had the opportunity of working as an intern still photographer for a fashion show. The ramp walk was organized to promote a charitable event. The event’s motive was to sell vintage clothing at affordable prices.  All the clothes were donated by export outlets, volunteers, shops that had clothing stocked up, etc. I was the photographer for the event along with two of my fellow colleagues from WLCI Media School. I was expected to cover the ambience and scenario of the green room which was full of mulling and rising tension. I captured the expressions and other candid moments of models before and after being dressed. While I was photographing at the registration desk of the event I could capture few funny and curious expressions of the customers. I also photographed the models on the ramp and found it quite challenging yet adventurous, as the lighting was minimal and I had to wait for the precise moment when the models made a picture worthy pose.


However as they weren’t professional models some of them didn’t pause at the end of the ramp way and clicking them became a difficult task.

This was the first commercial event I have ever covered. It was very fortunate as it was a huge success with many customers eagerly shopping. The opportunities for clicking a story worthy picture were many. However I also learnt that people, whether volunteers, customers or models will not stand around to pose for photographs, hence being able to capture candid’s is the best skill I could develop. I also learned that the lighting and mood of different venues and times will vary and hence, the mode in which to click will have to be adjusted, hence in a limited time I learnt that shooting on programmed auto mode is the best technique. I had to be aware of my surroundings in order not to miss any moments continuously.


I also had to develop the skills to talk to customers and volunteers to persuade them to give a byte in front of the camera as many were reluctant to do so, or could not form the words to say. Hence, coaching and motivating people was also a skill required in covering the event. Overall, it was big step in the direction of covering more and grander events in my future career in the field.

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