Advantages Of Fashion Technology

Technology is making things advanced and is making the world smaller. The world has become techno-savvy and it is not a breaking news. Technology is taking hold of every industry and every industry is taking advantage of technology for its betterment then why should fashion industry be left behind? With the help of technology;


- Better fabric would be developed which will improve the quality and increase the trust of the customers and the end-users as well.

- Technology today helps to connect to the furthest corner of the world which not only helps to market the services which can be offered but also helps to organize activities such as fashion shows, launch events, charity shows and the list goes on.

- Printing & designing are two important aspects which are now to a large extent taken care of by fashion technology.

- Merchandising of various textiles too is handled below the umbrella of fashion technology.

- Future needs are also to be analyzed to understand the changes in the customer taste and requirements which is done by conducting market researches and this also helps to understand the changing trends in the fashion industry.

WLCI plays an important role at the first step by making students aware of the use of technology in the fashion industry. Following this is the hands on training which is important for the trainees to know in order to implement their learning. WLCI also understand that fashion is not only about the clothes hence required knowledge is provided related to garments, accessories, footwear as a perfect combination of all of these brings out a perfect outcome which is welcomed with open hands. If you have a mind with technical bent and have the basic fashion sense then fashion technology is the apt choice of career and WLCI College is the right place for you.

Money Matters

While we have been conditioned to believe that professional success is proportionate to he number of degrees we receive, it is not so any more. Traditional qualifications alone are not enough to make one rich. Lucrative careers have taken on a whole new meaning with a bunch of creative career options.

A favourite for long, the advertising industry today encompasses mobile and digital advertising with media like television and print. A passion for making catchy jingles along with the willingness to come up with something unique is crucial. You must also be creative and have strong people skills.

Engaging one’s imaginative sensibilities, a career in graphic designing entails using words, images, types and symbols to create captivating graphics. Granted that it is a powerful form of visual communication, graphic designers are much in demand. Courses in graphic design help to hone one’s skills in this.

Another course of study with which you cannot go wrong when it comes to lucrative careers has to be fashion designing. Outright glamorous and exciting, your salary will always show an upward moving trend if you become a reputed fashion designer.

As another very interesting line of work, media is making all the right noises be it in the form of newspapers, online sites, electronic media or even blogging. If you can make it to an international agency, the sky would be the limit as far as earning is concerned.

One of the best colleges around to pursue these creative courses is WLCI College. Admission is based on an All India Combined Entrance Test (AICET). For your ticket to lucrative careers, check

Common Entrance Exam for Creative Courses

Students are high on professional courses today since it makes them job ready. To get started on it, a trend has been students taking combined entrance exams that test their credentials in domain knowledge, IQ and general knowledge. While a common entrance exam serves these criteria fine, it fails to evaluate one’s creative aptitude. This is a serious deterrent when it comes to choosing creative careers. No entrance test can map how innovative one is.

AICET 2016

While standardized tests do a good job of evaluating one’s quantitative ability and language skills along with general awareness, it can hardly serve as a pointer for a student or an applicant’s innovative ability. And without it is difficult to find out how apt a candidate would be for a creative course.

So, when I got to meet the chairman of Wigan & Leigh College, Vinay Pasricha, we had a discussion on the status of entrance exams in India. Like me, he too felt that the system needs to change. We need to encourage innovativeness in students so that we can instil leadership qualities in them for a better tomorrow. He told me about the combined entrance test in place at WLCI.

The All India Combined Entrance Test (AICET) for the academic year 2016, to be held on May 8, will test a student’s mathematical, language skills and also general knowledge. An added feature is a special test, to be held under the supervision of leading industry professionals, to evaluate a student’s creative abilities. Following this, students will be interviewed by these professionals to help them choose the right career path.

Registration is on till February 29. For details about AICET and WLCI, go to

Is Business Management A Good Course?

In a bid to take their corporate aspirations to the next level, ambitious youngsters are no longer satisfied with traditional courses in their kitty. It takes a lot more to bag lucrative offers and exciting job opportunities. To effectively manage any business or organisation they are keen to be associated with, they prefer taking up a professional management course. One of the top professional courses today, business management teaches you the essentials of managing a business. You learn how to plan strategically to ensure the success of your company amidst stiff competition.

Business Managment Course Provide Wlci College

A management course helps you understand the basics of business, finance, economics and marketing. Internship are an integral part of the course at a good B-school. The practical exposure that you gain during such internship gives you a real world feel of what to expect later on. Besides technical knowledge, the soft skills that you graduate with enhances your interpersonal skills and makes you a delight to work with. The technical expertise and competitive edge you gain with a business management course will earn you a brownie point with recruitment managers at the time of job interviews for it would be assumed that you know ways to boost the company’s productivity.

To ensure that the course you are about to take up is nothing short of the best and is in sync with the present needs of the industry, take your time choosing your institution. After all it would be the most important investment for your future. While you are at it, check out the business management options at ‎WLCI‬ School of Business.

Fashion Designing Dreams

One of the latest and very popular trends among Gen Y today is designing their own clothes and accessories to make them stand out from the rest. A few go an extra mile by opting for a fashion design course to make a professional foray in this arena. Nothing sells like fashion these days. This could be the best career option for you indeed if you are imaginative, stylish and have a penchant for looking good.

Fashion Design


With fashion no longer confined to any boundary, it means that if you really make it big then you would be recognized across the world. While good taste and sense of colours are prerequisites for any newbie, knowledge of technical aspects is also must for a successful career in fashion designing. A fashion design course dwells on the elements of design, pattern making, matching colours, draping techniques, constructing garments and illustration. You also learn to use the latest software technology to save on time and effort.

Competition is stiff and it is a tough place to survive but opportunities abound for talented and hard working people. Unlike other courses post which you need to take up a job, the best part of a fashion design course is that you can be self employed. With banks and private financial institutions keen on financing new ventures, with some investment you could start your own line of clothes or accessories.

But yes, for a successful stint in this field you need to have a formal degree from an accredited place. WLCI School of Fashion offers the latest courses in sync with the industry. To know more, check out

Graphic Design College Calling

Graphic design, which has taken the world of communication by storm, is best defined as the art of blending visual and textual content to project a set of ideas or emotions. What makes it so popular is that it is one of the most powerful tools of reaching out to a wide range of audience today. This is also why there is a rush among youngsters to land a place in a coveted graphic design college. Be it catchy illustrations on posters, advertisements, packages or any other printed matter – it is all the handiwork of graphic designers who are much in demand. Reading newspapers and magazines would not have been the same without the information visualizations or graphics incorporated to add on to the entire experience. A course at a graphic design college focuses on the intricacies of design, type, form and image that varies depending on the mode of communication – electronic, print and online.

You are trained to be keen observers who make note of little things as you move through the day so that you can make interesting connections with the world around you. Simply noticing and appreciating isn’t enough. You are taught to use your innate skills to create magic as in something unique and eye catching. This curiosity to keep innovating is what drives a good designer to heights of excellence.

A graphic design college where you are sure to be taught with a lot of care is WLCI‬ School of ‎Design that offers design courses in sync with industry demand. For more details, go to

Call For Media & Mass Communication

With print, broadcast and social and digital media on a rapid expansion mode, media and mass communication field is offering a slew of interesting work opportunities. It is ideal for those who are ready to ride the wave by taking on challenging assignments. To get in the midst of the action, you need to pursue Media and Mass Communication courses that will help develop a range of skills covering researching, writing, editing and finally presentation for communication in various media.


During the course, students learn the intricacies of communication across print journalism, broadcast news, news portals, advertising as well as public relations. Emphasis is on developing critical thinking abilities and writing skills since these two elements are common to any mode of communication be it newspapers, magazines, television, radio, media services or the corporate world.

In addition to basic communication skills, students pick up technical expertise like page layout, Photoshop, digital audio and video editing. Media and Mass Communication courses also hone investigative skills where students learn how to follow the trail of a story and track the impact of a reporter’s story on readers/ audience from a varied social and economic background. Classes on journalistic ethics are also imparted along the way.

There are promising and remunerative work opportunities for those who do Media and Mass Communication courses from a good institute since they are thought to be efficient from day one itself. One of the best options you could avail of in this country is WLCI School of ‪‎Media. For details about the courses on offer, click on

Importance of Advertising Professional Courses

It’s India calling all the way. The proliferation of MNCs, given India’s booming economy, has led to almost every business using advertising as a tool to get an edge over its peers and to make the most of the lucrative opportunities available. After all you can hardly create any demand for your product unless the market is aware of its existence. Advertising is the best way to ensure that your new product is making all the right noises. With multiple products often catering to the same set of audience, the demand for professionals with sound knowledge of advertising is soaring for they know best how to make your product stand out.
Advertising and graphics course

This is why an advertising course is a popular option today with youngsters bent on a professional edge. This course moulds one to take up the challenges in advertising by teaching the different facets of consumer behaviour and the importance of public relation to made the reach wider. One also learns how to use various media as a mode of advertising for a variety of products as well as audience. A core focus of an advertising course is to help one understand the impulse of a consumer to create a demand. One also becomes well versed in advertising and marketing strategies.

There are ample opportunities for advertising professionals in advertising agencies, client servicing, media planning, direct marketing, digital marketing and promotions in varied mass media and corporate houses. While there are many institutes offering courses in advertising, one of the best is WLCI School of Advertising and Graphic Design.

How To Become A Good Graphic Designer ?

become a graphics designer

The visual communications we see every day and every minute in print like magazines, newspapers and brochures or broadcast media or digital media are the handiwork of none other than talented graphic designers. But the ones that stay with us and grow on us long after we leave them behind are brilliant pieces of art by good graphic designers. While many think it is all play spending hours time fiddling around with the latest version of Photoshop, it is just not so. There is a lot more to graphic design than what meets the eye. Design does not come easy. You learn that at a graphics design college where you have to wrack your brains to come up with something truly innovative. That makes it many times more challenging than any conventional career which is why those with a creative bent of mind are keener on graphics design course above anything else. It teaches one the nitty-gritty of the trade and the finer technical aspects to make a mark in the field. A few other pointers that would help to stay above the average plateau are as follows:

Become A Graphics Designer

  • Keep learning: Do not think that the end of your graphics design course means the end of learning. To keep afloat in the diverse field, you must continue with your studies, research and exploration to add on to your formal education.
  • Hone your artistic ability: You may or may not be blessed with an innate artistic ability. What will help you succeed in this field is a sound knowledge of colour, composition and typography – elements which can be acquired over a period of time and factored into your work.
  • Know your software: Expertise with the latest versions of creative tools and software like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Quark among others is necessary. You will be taught how to use these at your graphics design college. Familiarity with these tools will not only help save your time and effort but also give an edge to your designs.
  • Knowledge of the industry: It is not enough to create a great product as per client specification. You must have an idea of the different processes involved to ensure that what you have created is in sync with the industry you are working for. Above all else, you need to know the purpose of your assignment.
  • Be Inspired: While it is not done to copy designs and duplicate art, it is absolutely fine to borrow ideas and be inspired by the work of great graphic designers. But do remember to add your own bit to it and enrich it in the process so that you too can claim some credit for your creativity.
  • Work ethics: This one is important. You must care about your work and your clients. You need to be responsible for the work you do and deliver accordingly. Your mission should be how best to meet the needs of your client. Here too there will be deadlines and you have to abide by them.
  • Ability to handle pressure: Pressure can easily get to a person with an artistic bent of mind and wreak havoc on the creative ability. A good graphic designer would know how to go about it taking all obstacles on his/ her stride, how to deliver the best despite all the pressure and demands.

For those interested in treading this path, the first step is to look up a standard graphics design college to pick up the tricks of the trade. While there are options galore on the successful completion of the course, it is your passion for your art that will ensure you prosper in the long run.

Media & More

With media revolutionizing the world, is there anyone out there who wouldn’t want to taste success in this competitive industry? Likely not which is why those who like it offbeat are no longer keen on the tried and tested paths. Instead backed by determination and motivation, they want to join the bandwagon. How?

media college wlci

By taking up media studies to make the mark. The best bit is that skills you gain from a media degree can be used in many jobs. This is why weigh your options carefully when choosing your field of specialization, consider your academic interests, career plan and finally, go for the right media college. While pursing the course at the college of your choice will not guarantee any particular job, it will surely enhance your skills and offer you interesting networking opportunities.

It will help you to put together an impressive portfolio of your works during the course. Besides encompassing a wide range of theoretical subjects, media studies will endow you with expertise in the following areas:

  • Critical thinking
  • Research-based approach
  • Working efficiently as a part of a team
  • Hone your creativity in writing, audiovisual or other media
  • Develop a flexible and independent approach to work, and
  • Ability to work and deliver under pressure.

Students from a good media college score a brownie point when it comes to bagging job offers for recruitment managers think they will be more efficient in a challenging and competitive scenario.