Reach Out To The Masses

Are you game for a profession that will set your adrenaline rushing with every assignment? An exciting field with a wide range of careers in journalism, public relations, electronics and radio broadcasting as well as digital media, Mass Communication is perfect for those with inquisitive minds and love for storytelling. After all there are not too many jobs where you can inform, educate and entertain the masses at the same time. Be it working for a newspaper or a magazine, a radio station or a TV network or digital media, mass communication professionals constantly need to interact with people.


Going in for intense courses in well-known Mass Communication colleges can help individuals launch their careers in the competitive media industry. Besides teaching one the nitty-gritty of the field, these programs also offer valuable hands-on experience in the form of internships. Mass Communication courses allow one to explore reporting, news editing, media theory, media ethics, TV and public affairs. Some Mass Communication colleges offering specialization options like strategic communication, sports communication, PR, international communication and films among others.

While a career in mass communication is definitely rewarding, it also calls for a great deal of patience and zeal. Aspiring media professionals must be ready to travel on assignments whenever required and work on all days of the week if need be without taking any days off. They should also be organized and outgoing with excellent communication skills to reach out to all. To get an edge over the rest, check out the Mass Communication course taught at WLCI College.

Foraying into Fashion

You are creative and fashion conscious and love wearing beautiful clothes. Given your innate sense of style, you also have a fair understanding of colour and cuts. Constantly checking out the latest in fashion while hanging out with friends, you are acquainted with fabrics and also have an eye for detail. Above all else you like it glamorous, don’t you? A highly competitive industry, fashion designing is ideal for those who are enamoured with fashion and looking good and wish to tread an offbeat path.
A Diploma in Fashion Design is what you need to gain an understanding and make a name for yourself in the demanding yet rewarding field of fashion design. An intensive course, the advantage of a diploma, which usually spans a year, is that it adopts a systematic technical approach that emphasizes on the detailed knowledge of fashion. It focuses on the fundamentals of using necessary tools to encourage a student to develop independent thinking and creative skills. Besides teaching you all about contemporary fashion and aesthetics, a diploma gives you a thorough understanding of the entire process – the pre- and post-production cycle as well as the marketing and promotion process – to ensure the success of your ventures later on.
Your fashion designing diploma course should sharpen your skills in innovative designs, fashion aesthetics, clarity in ideation, presentation skills as well as developing a unique personal style which is what buyers want most today. Of the many courses at different institutes is the WLCI Fashion Technology programme that offers a strong foundation in fashion design, production and garment manufacturing process.

Shine On As A Fashion Consultant

The way one looks goes a long way to create the first and often, the best impression. This is why one takes a lot of effort to look more than just presentable. With the growing importance to look good so that half the battle is won, fashion consulting is gaining foothold in our lives rapidly. From helping one decide what to wear to picking up matching accessories to accentuate the look, a fashion consultant is much in demand.

Not just movie stars and super models; politicians as well as sports stars and all those who need to be in the public eye require the advice of fashion consultants. With power dressing playing an important role in the corporate domain, one who is well versed in fashion is often hired to ensure that a honcho is dressed for a kill.

While a consultant’s job is very exciting since one has to constantly innovate new looks, it also entails a lot of running around to put ‘the’ look together. A few other things one is needed to do are:

  • Sit with the client to understand what the person wants before making any suggestion.
  • A client might want to dress like a clown. You will have to understand and convey to the client which styles would work best for him/ her and what would not.
  • Go shopping with the client literally and guide him/ her to pick up stuff asper complexion and body shape.

To make a mark as a fashion consultant, one needs to have a good understanding of fashion and style. Doing a course in fashion is a big help. WLCI College offers a bunch of interesting courses in fashion.

How brands create sustainable competitive advantage?

Branding continue to be one of the critical factors in determining the success of a firm in the hyper-competitive 21st century marketplace. Strong brands create sustainable competitive advantage. Competition is no longer controlled by companies but by customers. Firms have now realized the positive influence of brands on consumers. Technology and even access to finance is not a barrier as compared to barriers erected inside the mind of the customer. Only few selected companies can find place in customer’s mind in the ever changing and highly competitive market. These are the successful brand with which customers have relationship. Successful brand build differentiators.

The CEO of Coca Cola once said: ‘They can take everything we have, our machinery, our
plants, our distribution – as long as they don’t take our brand – and we will be able to rebuild our organization in six months. If you think about shopping online, immediately names such as Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal will flash in your mind. How come people don’t hesitate to give their credit card details to an unknown, invisible person on the other side of the Atlantic? If we talk about shoes people’s trust in Rebook, Nike and Adidas is strong. Brands differentiate a company’s product and services and help them stand out from the crowd. Brands are often a company’s most valuable strategic asset and the primary source of competitive advantage. Brands protect and defend a business from competition, as they differentiate the product by adding perceived value. Through brands companies build relationships with the customers. We all have special inclination to specific brands. Understanding the significance of brand, companies are spending colossal amount of money to build meaningful relation and winning trust of customers. Business schools offer courses in branding which can help students get an understanding of the subject.

Current WLCI College Reviews

Incepted in the year 1996, the college enjoys pan India presence with 10 learning centre’s location across the India Subcontinent. WLCI College is amongst the elite institutions in India and provides courses in Business Management, Fashion designing, Advertising & Graphic Designing and Media. WLCI approach to provide professional training is entirely different and relies on preparing students to cater the needs of the industry.

Trainers and faculties who can be best described as mentors count on developing the hidden potential of the students so at no point, during their stay, students find themselves in tight corner. Frequent industry visits help students relate the conceptual knowledge to practical applications and keep them abreast of the industrial practices. WLCI believes that every student is different and needs personalized attention to bring the best in them. So trainers individually focus on the growth of each student and contrive plans for them based on the suitability.

State-of-the-art-curriculum which has been developed after intensive research and in
consultation with industry experts and academicians across the globe enables student attains the latest and relevant knowledge. College firmly believes that technical education cannot be imparted without using the latest technology and that’s why it systematically weeds out phased-out technology and introduces latest technology.

Right from admission to completion of the course, all the processes and methods adopted by WLCI College can be described as organic and coherent. Although discipline is something that the college value most but do not impose unwarranted restrictions so their overall growth is not curtailed. Only technical expertise cannot help students reach the pinnacle of success, they must also learn soft skills as well as people skills to communicate effectively with people from different echelons of the society and organizations so college runs courses on soft skills and people skills.

Positive criticism from faculties help students improve on areas where they lack. Overall ambience of the college is highly conducive for studying and learning new concepts. WLCI School of fashion won Edutainment Award, 2015 and has been ranked third best institute which offers courses in fashion designing.

Exploring the Scope of International Marketing

Small, medium-size companies and giant multinationals now have increased opportunities to foray into foreign markets as technologies, goods, ideas and services move more easily across national boundaries. A person having good product, services or idea can register a phenomenal success in international marketing if he or she has a fair understanding of international marketing and develops an appropriate strategy. Even small domestic business with well-designed website is receiving overwhelming response from overseas. It is unfortunate that many small and medium-sized companies are frightened to explore the opportunities owing to their lack of knowledge of international business.

Companies are now engaged in selling, purchasing, competing and working with enterprises in other nations for they have cottoned on to the fact that without involving in international marketing it’s not possible to thrive in today’s competitive world. Most of the products that you see in the marketplace have the materials or components produced abroad; likewise companies also outsource components and assemble them in their native country. International marketing benefits both companies as well as consumers at various levels. Businesses can procure materials or components from other nations at lesser prices as compared to domestic market which in turn will bring down the cost of production. Decreased cost of production will result into manufacturing of cheaper goods which will directly benefit the customers. International marketing also facilitates countries with new technology which beef up the production process. Technological advances. Increasingly, production and even research and development efforts are being carried out in cross-national cooperative efforts. Technological advances in communications and information processing created an ambience where trade could prosper. Cost incurred on research and development of a product simply cannot be retrieved if the products are not sold internationally. Global marketing also fosters research and development process and thus make cheaper and quality goods available to the customers. It also brings people belonging to different culture together.

The Importance of Silhouette in Fashion Designing

Casting around for a perfect silhouette is a life-long process; a fashion designer strives hard and employs all his/her creative acumen to come up with a spectacular Silhouette. A silhouette is the mainstay of fashion design and determines the success or failure of an outfit.

A silhouette refers to the image of a scene, object, animal or person shown as a solid shape of a single color which is generally black and its edges resembles the outline of the subject. Simply put, silhouette represents what exactly a thing looks like.

Silhouette shows up what shape and form a garment will take and is fundamental consideration in construction and design processes. It is fundamental to the initial stages of the design process and helps understand which part of the body will be fore grounded and why. Once the silhouette is successfully put up, designers and pattern cutters start thinking the ways to physically construct the design. Fashion designers put to use gobs of materials and techniques to shape a silhouette.

Seeing a silhouette one can conjure up a mental picture of what they will look like wearing the outfit – what shape the costume will give to the body and which part of the body will be played up. A captivating silhouette points out to the fact that a fashion designer is apparently clear about what he is going to design.

Historians of costumes frequently compared silhouettes of different times to validate factors that influenced fashion. A desirable silhouette can be acted upon by many factors. Silhouette can be classified into different types including:

Empire – In the early 1800s, this silhouette started gaining ground -the cut features a waistline just below the bust and a skirt that flows down all the way down.

Mermaid — This silhouette follows the figure down to the knee before flaring out dramatically. It is suitable for those having petite figures, no tummy bulge, and less junk in the trunk.

WLCI College Demystifying the Concepts of Modern Day Advertising

Advertising always has a cogent influence on the buyers since ages but still nobody could figure out how exactly it changes our perceptions about products or services. Demystifying the art of advertising has always been a challenge to the advertisers. According to a research work, we would have spent one and half year of our life time watching ads by the time we are dead. Globalization and technological advancements have further signified the role of advertisements. With diminishing geographical boundaries now advertisers have wider reach to the customers across the globe but it has got both benefic as well as malefic effects on the consumers. Customers are now exposed to diverse products and services that endow them with more options but in the guise of advertisements, mediocre companies are also bombarding them with the annoying ads.

Careers In Graphics Design In Delhi

Now days, a common customer does not dally over paying attention to advertisements and often prefer to avoid them. Over the time, advertising has lost its sheen and the demand for professional advertisers shoot up in the industry. Industries are employing candidates having professional degree in advertising. WLCI College is ranked amongst best colleges for art and design and offers industry endorsed advertising programs for undergraduates, graduates and working professionals. Advertisers not only convey the messages of the company but also educate customers.

WLCI School of advertising and graphic design specializes in advertising and graphic design and considered among the leading art and design institutions in India. State-of-the-art curriculum helps students unlock the mysteries of modern day advertisements and confront the challenges at work place in an unbeatable fashion. Highly skilled faculty members assist students enhance their skill-sets that could match industry standards thus increasing their employability quotient and market value.  Unique teaching methodologies focus on active students’ participation, training using cutting-edge technologies and personality development programs.

WLCI College students have emerged as noted advertisers and are working with leading advertising agencies. Their amazing advertising acumen is stunning and helped many companies win customers loyalty.

WLCI College Students Digitizing the Indian Market Place

The world of digital media has changed significantly and has immense impact on the lives of the people. Constantly evolving technologies of digital media are changing the way people use to access information, interact and communicate with one another on a global scale. It’s also affecting the buying patterns of the consumers. Digital technologies are no longer the preserve of affluent section of the society or tech-savvy early adopters, instead ordinary people are embracing it and getting benefited.


Phenomenal growth of digital media has empowered masses to connect better and in a cost efficient way. Free video call with relatives on the other side of the globe or receiving SMS updates on favorite sports team was inconceivable earlier. Digital marketing offers the wide range of benefits to the employers.

Digital marketing is strongly acting upon the world of Marketing and Advertising and is most sought after for the countless benefits it offers like cost-effectiveness, instant response, flexibility, convenience and effectiveness. Career in digital marketing offers lucrative job offers and tremendous growth opportunities so courses in digital marketing are becoming increasingly popular among students in India.

WLCI School of business offers digital marketing courses both at undergraduate and post-graduate level. It also offers programmes for working professional including Proficient Level Certificate in Marketing, Specialist Level Certification in Marketing – specialization in Digital Marketing.

WLCI digital marketing programs are industry-endorsed and the curriculum is regularly updated keeping an eye on the ever changing needs of the industry. Students become adept in digital media, digital branding, digital technology, legal issues & analytics under the guidance of eminent faculty members who are recognized for their academic excellence and training acumen among the teaching fraternity.

State-of-the-art curriculum and cutting edge technology enable students to take up future challenges. WLCI College helps students grow passion and flair for digital technologies so students give over-the-top performance at work place and excel wherever they go.

WLCI Changing the Landscape of Technical Education in India

Incepted in the year 1996, WLCI College is one of the premier professional education institutes in India. It offers courses in Management, Fashion designing, Advertising and graphic design. WLCI College is headquartered in Delhi and has campuses at Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kathmandu, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur and Pune.


WLCI College has employed eminent professionals having rich industry as well as academic experience. Our industry endorsed curriculum keeps the employability quotient of our students high. It offers programs for undergraduates, graduates and working professionals.

Unique traineeship programme enables students to work under honchos of the industry and learn to face up professional hitches well in advance that help them to take up professional challenges in the future.

WLCI School of business management offers programmes in Marketing, Finance and Human resources courses. It offers programmes for graduates and working professionals.

WLCI School of fashion offers various fashion related courses that help students to develop extraordinary professional expertise & aesthetic aptitude. The college focuses on imparting industry specific knowledge so the students are very well aware of the recent trends and happenings in the Industry. We do not play down the significance of conceptual knowledge but stave off imparting only theoretical knowledge instead students get the hang of fashion designing using with-it technology. Equipped with best knowledge, students are hired in the top companies of the world and successfully work in diverse roles including concept designer, product developer, fashion illustrator, fashion forecaster and as an entrepreneur.

WLCI fashion technology programme helps you specializing in fashion design, production and garment manufacturing process. After successful completion of the course, students get ample job opportunities in apparel units, buying agencies, design studios, export-houses, retail outlets, manufacturing units, online Fashion businesses.

WLCI School of advertising & graphic design was established in 1998, since then it is constantly evolving to cater the needs of changing market. The renowned faculty members including senior professionals, leading graphic designers and advertisers teach students using cutting edge technology. Industry approved state-of-the-art curriculum provides professional mileage over the competitors. WLCI help students build career in advertising, graphic design, print, publishing, exhibition and retail design, animation, TV channels and web & new media. It offers various programs for 10+2 pass outs, graduates and working professionals.

WLCI School of advertising & graphic design is a leading art and design institution in the country. College offers many programs for 10+2 pass outs, graduates and even for working professionals. Intensive training program and updated curriculum enables students to face real–world challenges in the design industry.

Students yield positive results and incredible solutions at work place that may be attributed to rigorous and engaging training which they undergo in the college; Nouveau training help them develop creative and innovative approach of providing solutions .

In order to provide quality education students can bat around any issues to find effective solution. Cutting edge technology surely improves.