Steps to develop a brand’s voice on Social Media


Ever wondered why people follow a particular brand on social media, and even engage with them? The answer lies in finding the appropriate brand voice. A brand needs to be heard, and to do that trick it needs a strong voice.

Why does a brand need a voice? – It’s important to make your brand sound more human so as to connect with large number of people. It’s not only about giving your brand a voice , It’s about being consistent with the voice you are creating – positioning yourself as an easily recognized and a trustworthy source in your industry. But there is a difference between tone and voice, which people often confuse.

Voice: With voice, the brand personality is described. For instance, it can be lively, positive, cynical or proficient.

Tone: Tone is specific to the messaging, and therefore a part of the voice. The role of tone is to add flavours based on factors like audience, position and channel.

In essence, there is one voice for you brand, but there can be many tones that help in refining that voice.

The Three C’s of brand voice

Culture:  Where does your company stand among others who have the same target audience? Your distinctive qualities make your culture special and these should be the pillar of developing your voice.

Community: Listening to your community reveals a lot about them which in turn helps you to communicate easily with them. You can use their language and connect with them better.

Conversation: Individuality and authenticity are the keys here. Think about what you can add to conversation? As you think about what you can put forward, you will start to see a better picture of where your voice might fit.

How to create magic with SM brand voice

Developing the right voice for your social media marketing can lead to a better experience for your customers as well as for you. A voice helps you connect with your audience in an appealing way. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Be Authentic and Consistent.

Once you find a right voice and tone for your brand, ensure:

    Your tone is authentic, and does not feel forced.

    Avoid inconsistencies. When the voice is inconsistent, it can lead to audience losing trust in you.

Try Adopting a Personal Touch

When introducing your brand try focusing on what you want to be known for, what you excel in, etc. This requires a deep understanding of the brand on your part, knowing your motivations and identifying your message that you want to put forward. Adding your personal touch helps in appealing to the audience’s emotions.

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