Recycling versus Upcycling

After a long wait of one year, we were glad that Design Mela finally made its way to Delhi. It was held at Dastkar, Chattarpur, from January 19 to January 30, 2017. The aim of the Design Mela was to promote the beautiful blend of craft techniques and contemporary design concepts through the works of craft entrepreneurs and artisan designers, but this time what grabbed everyone’s attention was the Jaggery stall which had fancy bags for both boys and girls. At the Design Mela of 2017, the jaggery stall became the centre of attraction as it had launched a new concept of ‘upcycling’, which is a step ahead from ‘recycling’.

Recycling is breaking down the waste product into its basic constituents and then using it as a raw material for producing new products out of it. In the process of upcycling, the waste product is not broken down into its constituents, the product may be reworked or reconstructed in a number of different ways, but the material stays the same, if not become better in quality than what you started off with. While recycling, the quality of product is lower than the parent material and hence, upcycling has an edge over recycling.


This jaggery stall offered a wide range of products; all of them were made while keeping the health of our planet in mind. Over 75% of the products were made from reclaimed, recycled, repurposed or recycled materials. Specifically, jaggery bags are made with auto seat belts and buckles, army tents, cargo belts, fire hoses, bike tube inners, kids inflatable castles, Army truck tarpaulins, etc.



















Each and every product of jaggery is handcrafted and brought to life after tremendous hard work. Jaggery bags not only beat the normal bags with the quality of raw material it uses in the procedure. but they also beat them in fashion quotient, thus, the customers found it reasonable to pay high prices for them.

John Archer, one of the customers of the jaggery stall said: “I am deeply impressed by the concept on which jaggery products are based on i.e., ‘Upcycling’ and not only did I buy the jaggery products but also have learned the difference between upcycling and recycling”.

Though, this Jaggery stall was one of the best stalls at the Design Fair, other stalls too had the best art at display and despite all odds, they came out with flying colors.

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Graphic Design College Calling

Graphic design, which has taken the world of communication by storm, is best defined as the art of blending visual and textual content to project a set of ideas or emotions. What makes it so popular is that it is one of the most powerful tools of reaching out to a wide range of audience today. This is also why there is a rush among youngsters to land a place in a coveted graphic design college. Be it catchy illustrations on posters, advertisements, packages or any other printed matter – it is all the handiwork of graphic designers who are much in demand. Reading newspapers and magazines would not have been the same without the information visualizations or graphics incorporated to add on to the entire experience. A course at a graphic design college focuses on the intricacies of design, type, form and image that varies depending on the mode of communication – electronic, print and online.

You are trained to be keen observers who make note of little things as you move through the day so that you can make interesting connections with the world around you. Simply noticing and appreciating isn’t enough. You are taught to use your innate skills to create magic as in something unique and eye catching. This curiosity to keep innovating is what drives a good designer to heights of excellence.

A graphic design college where you are sure to be taught with a lot of care is WLCI‬ School of ‎Design that offers design courses in sync with industry demand. For more details, go to

Importance of Advertising Professional Courses

It’s India calling all the way. The proliferation of MNCs, given India’s booming economy, has led to almost every business using advertising as a tool to get an edge over its peers and to make the most of the lucrative opportunities available. After all you can hardly create any demand for your product unless the market is aware of its existence. Advertising is the best way to ensure that your new product is making all the right noises. With multiple products often catering to the same set of audience, the demand for professionals with sound knowledge of advertising is soaring for they know best how to make your product stand out.
Advertising and graphics course

This is why an advertising course is a popular option today with youngsters bent on a professional edge. This course moulds one to take up the challenges in advertising by teaching the different facets of consumer behaviour and the importance of public relation to made the reach wider. One also learns how to use various media as a mode of advertising for a variety of products as well as audience. A core focus of an advertising course is to help one understand the impulse of a consumer to create a demand. One also becomes well versed in advertising and marketing strategies.

There are ample opportunities for advertising professionals in advertising agencies, client servicing, media planning, direct marketing, digital marketing and promotions in varied mass media and corporate houses. While there are many institutes offering courses in advertising, one of the best is WLCI School of Advertising and Graphic Design.

Scoring High With Website Designing

With an increasing number of people preferring internet shopping, online sales play a crucial part in promoting a business or a service. Companies are more than willing to cash in on this. And for them the best way to grab a buyer’s attention is by having a well-designed website. It takes a buyer a few seconds to decide whether they wish to continue on a site.

graphic designingGiven how significant the design of a website is, graphic design training courses, which include website designing, are in demand. So if you have a creative streak, you would do well to look at colleges with graphic design courses to ride on the internet boom.

A few components for a Web designer to remember when designing a website are:

  • Easy navigation: A user should be able to go through the website quickly and easily without any hassles. This is likely to lure a wider range of customers.
  • Visual appeal: The design should be creative and innovative. If there is a logo, it must be made prominent on the website so that customers can recognize the brand and go about their purchases.
  • Format: When designing a website, designers must remember that most people are comfortable reading a website the way they read a book and that one’s eyes usually scroll from top to bottom and left to right.
  • Content: The content is important. The write-ups should be crisp yet warm and inviting so that users feel like continuing browsing.

A degree in graphic design is advisable for those interested in website designing. Among the many colleges with graphic design courses is WLCI with its Advertising & Graphic Design Program.