7 tips to ace the entrance examinations

‘All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy’, similarly, all inputs and studies without any strategy can let your hard work go to waste. Apart from proper focus and clarity of thought, metal and physical fitness is also important to ace any entrance exam. For entrance examinations such as AICET that provides admission into graphic design courses, fashion designing courses, business management courses and journalism and mass communication courses, the preparation is not as easy as it seems.


Now that AICET is approaching and catering to the fact that it is one of the toughest examinations in India, we bring you some tips that will take you through. Follow these and give yourself the best chance.

1)    Organizing the study space – The study space should be such that keeps all the distractions away. Phone, sleep and computer games shall have no scope of coming in your way.

2)    Take a proper diet – The habit of not eating while studying is quite prevalent amongst students in the current scenario. But the truth is, not only eating but eating the correct things and in correct amount and on right time is the key to maintaining the balance for success. By correct diet, we mean include right amount of proteins, carbs and fats in the diet. Eat lots of vegetables and salad. Never skip your breakfast!

3)    Keep time for revision – Set a date, mark it on your calendar, phone or stick a note to your table. Plan your mind and schedule in such a way that there is enough time left for revision. It is better to have learnt less and remember all of it than to study everything and remember half of it.

4)    Schedule your subjects smartly – Whenever you start schedule of the day, start with the most difficult subject. The mind is fresh and the concentration is at par in the beginning. Do not align one difficult subject after another as it will drain out all the energy at once. Keep the simpler subjects for lazy hours. Always remember, smart work is the key to success.

5)    Prefer short study sessions over long strenuous sessions – The mind has the ability to perform better and efficiently when it is stressed for less amount of time. A study has also confirmed that the brain absorbs information automatically without any efforts while it is on a break. Preferably, while studying specific information such as dates and time, study not more than 20 to 30 minutes.

6)    Neat handwriting and presentation – However, this point is invalid for OMR based examinations but with them too, the habit helps in saving the space for calculations. With subjective examinations, presentation can impress the invigilator and lead to less deduction of marks.

7)    Stay hydrated – A lot of studies have confirmed that dehydration leads to inefficient mind. Keep a water bottle handy, it is one of the most important steps to score well!

If you keep a hold on right strategy and focus while including the above habits in your learning schedule throughout the preparation, success is bound to be with you. Keep on working hard and have confidence!

We wish you all the best for exams!

Is Business Management A Good Course?

In a bid to take their corporate aspirations to the next level, ambitious youngsters are no longer satisfied with traditional courses in their kitty. It takes a lot more to bag lucrative offers and exciting job opportunities. To effectively manage any business or organisation they are keen to be associated with, they prefer taking up a professional management course. One of the top professional courses today, business management teaches you the essentials of managing a business. You learn how to plan strategically to ensure the success of your company amidst stiff competition.

Business Managment Course Provide Wlci College

A management course helps you understand the basics of business, finance, economics and marketing. Internship are an integral part of the course at a good B-school. The practical exposure that you gain during such internship gives you a real world feel of what to expect later on. Besides technical knowledge, the soft skills that you graduate with enhances your interpersonal skills and makes you a delight to work with. The technical expertise and competitive edge you gain with a business management course will earn you a brownie point with recruitment managers at the time of job interviews for it would be assumed that you know ways to boost the company’s productivity.

To ensure that the course you are about to take up is nothing short of the best and is in sync with the present needs of the industry, take your time choosing your institution. After all it would be the most important investment for your future. While you are at it, check out the business management options at ‎WLCI‬ School of Business.

How brands create sustainable competitive advantage?

Branding continue to be one of the critical factors in determining the success of a firm in the hyper-competitive 21st century marketplace. Strong brands create sustainable competitive advantage. Competition is no longer controlled by companies but by customers. Firms have now realized the positive influence of brands on consumers. Technology and even access to finance is not a barrier as compared to barriers erected inside the mind of the customer. Only few selected companies can find place in customer’s mind in the ever changing and highly competitive market. These are the successful brand with which customers have relationship. Successful brand build differentiators.

The CEO of Coca Cola once said: ‘They can take everything we have, our machinery, our
plants, our distribution – as long as they don’t take our brand – and we will be able to rebuild our organization in six months. If you think about shopping online, immediately names such as Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal will flash in your mind. How come people don’t hesitate to give their credit card details to an unknown, invisible person on the other side of the Atlantic? If we talk about shoes people’s trust in Rebook, Nike and Adidas is strong. Brands differentiate a company’s product and services and help them stand out from the crowd. Brands are often a company’s most valuable strategic asset and the primary source of competitive advantage. Brands protect and defend a business from competition, as they differentiate the product by adding perceived value. Through brands companies build relationships with the customers. We all have special inclination to specific brands. Understanding the significance of brand, companies are spending colossal amount of money to build meaningful relation and winning trust of customers. Business schools offer courses in branding which can help students get an understanding of the subject.

Get certified in Retail at WLCI

The world we dwell in is an advertiser’s heaven, with loads of money being poured into advertising of products. After all, if a product fails to catch the eye of the prospective buyer, it will lose out to its peers. This is where a well-planned retail store format comes in handy for it allows a retailer to make the best display of his goods within an allocated space.

Get certified in Retail at WLCI

A Retail Design course deals with the aesthetics of display, which makes all the difference. Stores need to be designed such that customers can easily access their brands of choice. The retail sector is growing like never before. The salaries and growth potential of those associated with the sector, too, are getting better by the day.

A career in this field allows one to express one’s innovativeness and creativity. A retail designer’s role is to understand the business needs first, and then design a solution accordingly. So, if you have the drive and a go-getter attitude, this field is for you. There is scope for freelancing and entrepreneurship too. Be ready to slog, keeping in mind the business needs as well as the marketing strategy.

Career prospects in this field are abound. On successful completion of the course, one can opt for the following careers:

  • Store manager
  • Retail manager
  • Retail buyer
  • Retail design
  • Visual merchandise
  • Merchandise planning, or
  • Product developer

In India, many institutes and universities offer diplomas and certificates in Retail Designing. WLCI offers it at its centers. To know more about WLCI, check