Experience of a lifetime, Mumbai Trip by WLCI


Road to Runway was a competition organized by WLCI and it was nothing less than a boon for me as the competition gave me a chance to visit Mumbai and be a part of one of the India’s biggest fashion events, Lakme Fashion Week!


As share my experience of the Mumbai trip, I am infused with memories of the time spent at the Lakme Fashion Week, which passed in jiffy learning from the works of some renowned fashion designers.

Although, it was a short trip, yet, I enjoyed and learnt a lot. Moreover, it was a great experience to dream every fashion student has, all because of WLCI! I was delighted to attend the third day of Lakme Fashion Week, and the sight of impeccable works left me awe-inspired. I have recently attended numerous fashion shows in Delhi, but LFW gave me an experience to cherish for lifetime.


The encounter with renowned designers of the Industry and learning about their journey of becoming successful were truly inspiring. The encounter gave me an insight into the environment of practical executions and the inspiring ambience gave me a positive energy which increased my self-confidence. The visit to LFW gave me exposure to the fashion industry, where the designs were amazing with beautiful, different and unique concepts.

The whole vibe and feel of the event was unique and cannot be compared to any other event in India, it is a compact and careful mixture of modern and traditional values. The first show we attended was by Divya Seth, one of the impeccable designers. The Rada collection by Divya Seth had mixed inspiration from traditional and modern art. The collection was an artistic merger of pichwai paintings and Frida Kahlo’s surreal art. Popular Bollywood star Swara Bhaskar ended the grand show in a metallic silver cowled midi with a long lace cover. After the show, we had an interaction with Divya Seth and it was interesting to hear about her journey of becoming successful and known.


After witnessing Divya Seth’s show, we went to Payal Singhal’s Show. Her collection was named as ‘Lady M’ and it was inspired by Agatha Christie’s dark romantic murder mystery ‘Death on the Nile’. The show was brought to an end by the glamorous Bollywood beauty Diana Penty.  She walked down the ramp wearing an ash grey, georgette, fully encrusted kaftan tunic with a net Deco jaal embroidered Lehenga.

In a nutshell, the visit to Mumbai changed my perspective to many things. I thank my college, WLCI, which gave me an opportunity to attend such a big and prestigious event, studying with WLCI has been one of the best decisions of my life. I would also like to attend more shows like this in future to get more exposure and I am sure with WLCI, my wish will be fulfilled just like the dream of witnessing Lakme Fashion Week came to life!

Mamita Ali

RTR, the competition that took me to Lakme Fashion Week (LFW)

One month before RTR was announced; I absolutely had no idea that such big opportunity is coming my way. Road to Runway is the competition that was organised by WLCI, wherein, for the fashion stream, we had to create and present a trend board portraying our style and sense of fashion.

The price of winning the competition was quiet lucrative, the students that will present best board was to get a sponsored trip to Mumbai and an opportunity to attend the Lakme Fashion Week!


It knew that this is the best opportunity that might give me a chance to be a part of Lakme Fashion Week. I immediately filled in the form and participated.  In the journey of RTR, I even discovered my love for writing on Fashion.

After the submission of my trend board, the jury had to decide the winners. My work was appreciated by the Mentors and the Director. The moment of appreciation was one that I will cherish for whole of my life. .

Below is the trend that board that I prepared for the competition:


And here is the content that was curated:

I perceive fashion trends through eyes and I’ve always been fascinated about how eyes contribute to the idea of fashion trends. This might be a narrow interpretation of the concept of fashion, but I happen to believe that trends are truly executed on the face of a person. Using the elements on face makes it easier to reflect upon the uniformity of the fashion world and its divisive nature at the same time. This was an attempt to use my imagination to induce a sense of magic in creating a trend through eyes.

And that’s how it all began, I was chosen as the winner and I attended the third day of the Lakme Fashion Week.

There were some really nice outfits that were showcased on the ramp and were uniquely designed. But the mix of modern and traditional designs is what made LFW interesting, and also, you could find a lot of journalists covering different stories of their favourite looks and designers. I got interviewed by NDTV GOOD TIMES on the day, and it was a great experience, all thanks to WLCI for organising RTR!

I got a chance to attend shows of Divya Seth, Sonam &Paras Modi, Monica &Karishma and Payal Singhal.


We also saw some of the Celebrities and some renowned bloggers at the event. We got a chance to meet Divya Seth and heard her inspiring journey to the Lakme Fashion Week.

The perfect word to describe my experience at the Lakme fashion Week would be ‘incredible’. I say so because I got a chance to meet some of the most amazing people from the industry and some renowned personalities that I find extremely inspiring. It also made me value the talent Indian designers have and their success stories were equally inspiring.


All of the fun and learning experience wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing faculty who came up with the idea of competition and gave me this opportunity which I never would have imagined to experience. I thank WLCI for this experience.

Anam Khan

Why is internship becoming a mandate


It is a matter of zero debate that the best way to invest in your career is internships. Internship is a period of work experience, provided to the student by any company or college that gives them an insight into the working culture. WLC College India is a professional institution that has a special traineeship program to nurture students and turn them into professionals before they finish the degree and step into the professional world.

Here are 7 reasons to prove why internships are becoming mandatory in today’s scenario.

  • Gives an edge in the Job-world – The professional training offers a hands-on opportunity for the students to work and get experience in their fields. They learn how the curriculum and theoretical knowledge applies to the real world and this makes them stronger candidates for various jobs after the degree is over.
  • Enhances your network – Internships provide with an opportunity to interact and learn from the individuals who are from different institutions and are studying in the same field. By attending meetings and events with the professionals, the students are able to meet stalwarts of the industry and increase their networking. A great network is always helpful in developing references and for exploring opportunities.
  • Teaches Time Management – There is a huge difference between study and working environments, and this is learnt by the student when he/she enters the work field after completing the degree. Internships provide an opportunity to experience the environment beforehand, learn and grow while managing the time efficiently.
  • For trying out a career – Internship is a great way to try out a career if you are looking to change your field. It can be a risk to start pursuing a job in a field which you are not thorough with. It is always a better option to get a sneak peek into how the world works from inside and what better can be a way than professional trainings?
  • Earn while you learn – Most of the organisations that provide the opportunities for internships also pay a handsome stipend which is profitable for students’ resume and for boosting the confidence as well. WLCI has a special programme named just the same which ensures every student gets the deserved value for their time investment.
  • Boosts confidence – Apart from developing skills galore, confidence is another accessory that is essentially required to excel in the work field.  With an experience into the work world, the fear of facing the professional world goes away and you can step in the Job-world with an aura of confidence all around you.
  • Enhances perspective – When you meet new people who come from a different organisation, the angle of thoughts and perspective gets a new dimension. Newer thoughts and ideas enrich the brain and they are nothing less than a boon for creative fields!

The exposure to real world problems and perspectives that are probably not found in the textbooks can cultivate adaptability and creativity in the dynamic world!

WLCI is a professional organisation that provides fashion designing courses, business management courses, graphic designing courses and mass communication courses in India. Enrol in innovative programs of WLCI and be a part of curriculum that offers lucrative internships.

7 tips to ace the entrance examinations

‘All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy’, similarly, all inputs and studies without any strategy can let your hard work go to waste. Apart from proper focus and clarity of thought, metal and physical fitness is also important to ace any entrance exam. For entrance examinations such as AICET that provides admission into graphic design courses, fashion designing courses, business management courses and journalism and mass communication courses, the preparation is not as easy as it seems.


Now that AICET is approaching and catering to the fact that it is one of the toughest examinations in India, we bring you some tips that will take you through. Follow these and give yourself the best chance.

1)    Organizing the study space – The study space should be such that keeps all the distractions away. Phone, sleep and computer games shall have no scope of coming in your way.

2)    Take a proper diet – The habit of not eating while studying is quite prevalent amongst students in the current scenario. But the truth is, not only eating but eating the correct things and in correct amount and on right time is the key to maintaining the balance for success. By correct diet, we mean include right amount of proteins, carbs and fats in the diet. Eat lots of vegetables and salad. Never skip your breakfast!

3)    Keep time for revision – Set a date, mark it on your calendar, phone or stick a note to your table. Plan your mind and schedule in such a way that there is enough time left for revision. It is better to have learnt less and remember all of it than to study everything and remember half of it.

4)    Schedule your subjects smartly – Whenever you start schedule of the day, start with the most difficult subject. The mind is fresh and the concentration is at par in the beginning. Do not align one difficult subject after another as it will drain out all the energy at once. Keep the simpler subjects for lazy hours. Always remember, smart work is the key to success.

5)    Prefer short study sessions over long strenuous sessions – The mind has the ability to perform better and efficiently when it is stressed for less amount of time. A study has also confirmed that the brain absorbs information automatically without any efforts while it is on a break. Preferably, while studying specific information such as dates and time, study not more than 20 to 30 minutes.

6)    Neat handwriting and presentation – However, this point is invalid for OMR based examinations but with them too, the habit helps in saving the space for calculations. With subjective examinations, presentation can impress the invigilator and lead to less deduction of marks.

7)    Stay hydrated – A lot of studies have confirmed that dehydration leads to inefficient mind. Keep a water bottle handy, it is one of the most important steps to score well!

If you keep a hold on right strategy and focus while including the above habits in your learning schedule throughout the preparation, success is bound to be with you. Keep on working hard and have confidence!

We wish you all the best for exams!

Fashion Designing Dreams

One of the latest and very popular trends among Gen Y today is designing their own clothes and accessories to make them stand out from the rest. A few go an extra mile by opting for a fashion design course to make a professional foray in this arena. Nothing sells like fashion these days. This could be the best career option for you indeed if you are imaginative, stylish and have a penchant for looking good.

Fashion Design


With fashion no longer confined to any boundary, it means that if you really make it big then you would be recognized across the world. While good taste and sense of colours are prerequisites for any newbie, knowledge of technical aspects is also must for a successful career in fashion designing. A fashion design course dwells on the elements of design, pattern making, matching colours, draping techniques, constructing garments and illustration. You also learn to use the latest software technology to save on time and effort.

Competition is stiff and it is a tough place to survive but opportunities abound for talented and hard working people. Unlike other courses post which you need to take up a job, the best part of a fashion design course is that you can be self employed. With banks and private financial institutions keen on financing new ventures, with some investment you could start your own line of clothes or accessories.

But yes, for a successful stint in this field you need to have a formal degree from an accredited place. WLCI School of Fashion offers the latest courses in sync with the industry. To know more, check out http://www.wlcifashion.in/

Importance of Advertising Professional Courses

It’s India calling all the way. The proliferation of MNCs, given India’s booming economy, has led to almost every business using advertising as a tool to get an edge over its peers and to make the most of the lucrative opportunities available. After all you can hardly create any demand for your product unless the market is aware of its existence. Advertising is the best way to ensure that your new product is making all the right noises. With multiple products often catering to the same set of audience, the demand for professionals with sound knowledge of advertising is soaring for they know best how to make your product stand out.
Advertising and graphics course

This is why an advertising course is a popular option today with youngsters bent on a professional edge. This course moulds one to take up the challenges in advertising by teaching the different facets of consumer behaviour and the importance of public relation to made the reach wider. One also learns how to use various media as a mode of advertising for a variety of products as well as audience. A core focus of an advertising course is to help one understand the impulse of a consumer to create a demand. One also becomes well versed in advertising and marketing strategies.

There are ample opportunities for advertising professionals in advertising agencies, client servicing, media planning, direct marketing, digital marketing and promotions in varied mass media and corporate houses. While there are many institutes offering courses in advertising, one of the best is WLCI School of Advertising and Graphic Design.

WLCI offering Fashion Designing Courses of Paragon Excellence

India is increasingly becoming fashion savvy nation for national and international media immensely acting upon the people. Budding fashion designers are coming up with exquisite collections which are being considered unrivaled amongst renowned fashion designers both at national as well as international level.

Moreover, fashion designing course will able you to explore the hidden fashion acumen and sharpen your skills. We adopt unique methodology to impart fashion designing training which aims at furthering students’ skill and beef up their confidence level.


WLCI, ranked among the top fashion designing institutes, help students to develop scads of skills required to come through in fashion designing. WLCI specializes in fashion designing and offers industry approved courses which will help you to gain competitive mileage over others. So if you think you are endowed with creativity, our practiced educators can teach you how to create magic with colours, fabric and textiles. We do not bank upon disseminating only conceptual knowledge; instead it must be useful in pragmatic situations.

Indian fashion industry is still at its fledgling stage so fashion designers have intense demand in the market. Traditional outfits are no longer luring the buyers and people of all age group, in some way, want to make their own fashion statement.  Endued with unmatchable skills, our students are exploiting the employment opportunities to the hilt and various apparel units, buying agencies, design studios, export-houses, retail outlets, manufacturing units and online Fashion businesses are offering employment to our students. Entrepreneurs equally adorn our fashion designing course as faculties including experienced senior professionals, leading designers and experts from the fashion and apparel Industry help them to create their own brands.

Our students excel in fashion designing, owing to nonpareil training and unbeatable skills acquired at WLCI fashion design school. So if you have burning desire to be a successful fashion designer and make a mark in the industry; WLCI can help you to shape your career in fashion designing. We constantly update our fashion design courses in order to keep you abreast of the latest happenings in the fashion industry.

WLCI fashion school helps you discover your hidden potential and put it to use in a distinguished way and as per industry standards. We closely work in collaboration with industry giants to discern the new developments and latest trends. We better understand the pressing needs of the industry so always keep the employability quotient of our students high.

Make A Mark As A Costume Designer

Are you one of those whose fashion sense is ruled by what your favorite television or movie character is wearing? If so, the credit for all those ravishing clothes should go to the designer. Catering to the looks of characters in television productions, films or stage shows, it is a costume designer who creates clothes based on the story line of the show or serial. Given the popularity of serials in India, a talented designer is much wanted which is why youngsters hone their skills in costume designing at a fashion design training institute to be a part of the glam industry. Be it conceiving a look or sketching creations selecting the right fabrics or accessories to go with the look, all these and more can be learnt at a college that offers fashion design.

Custume Design

Like the actors in a production, a costume designer too must carefully go through the script to get a feel of the overall plot and the director’s vision. You need to understand the personalities, roles and relationships of the characters. Only after this can you start looking for the clothes and designs apt for the plot. A few other skills would be:

  • Must be creative and innovative
  • Have excellent design skills
  • Ready to do research for the look
  • Know about costume history as well as current fashion
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure, and
  • A team person who is also ready to motivate others.

A course at a college that offers fashion design will give you a better understanding of skills needed. WLCI is a great option for those looking at a reputed fashion design training institute.

WLCI Fashion School Reviews Bollywood Theme

The Fashion students at WLCI College India were assigned a project to explore fashion using Bollywood. The theme required them to revisit the good old days of Romantic cinema. Movies like Silsila, Aan Milo Saajan and Khilona set the premise for this project.

What the students came up with was extraordinary ! Witness how they used the poster provided to be used as an inspiration, as the base of the garment. Such a clever approach to depict the Bollywood fashion scene.

WLCI Fashion School ReviewsThe use of modern cuts combined with the use of poster printed on light summer fabrics, gave birth to an intellectual collection. Perfect for the months of summer, spring and autumn. If these were to hit the stores WLCI College is sure they would sell like “Hot Cakes”.

Explore your imagination and intellect with the motivational staff at WLCI School of Fashion. Here we believe that inspiration is Key to unlocking the doors of success. Come and visit the Campus to witness the talented minds at work ! For WLCI College India – Fashion Institute Address, click on:-  http://www.wlcifashion.in/contact-us.html

Best Fashion Institute – Review by WLCI Student

A dreamer and a style diva let us present to you WLCI Fashion School student – Miss Ritu Jhamb !

Best Fashion Institute  ReviewRitu is an optimist and one of the most lively person you world ever come across. When she came to WLCI College – Delhi Campus, we knew straight out that she had the right attitude to make it big in the world. She knew exactly what she wanted and never apprehended on putting the extra effort to get it.

A firm believer of the ideology – “Every moment of your life is an opportunity for fashion”. Ritu knew as a kid that she wants to be a designer. She claimed that when everyone around her dreamt of becoming an engineer, lawyer or doctor, her passion never changed.

A final year student and soon to be an Alumni, batch of 2014, Ritu will truly be missed around campus. Her chirpy and cheery attitude has kept the college bloomed. In her testimonial to the college, she wrote –

“WLCI School of Fashion developed a sense of style, trends, and culture in me. WLC College is also aiming on more practical matters, like fostering great business skills, building a meaningful portfolio, and learning from fashion professionals. One of the most important tasks I am grabbing here is establishing my fashion portfolio!”

We wish her luck in all future endeavors and hope that she keeps smiling as always.