7 tips to ace the entrance examinations

‘All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy’, similarly, all inputs and studies without any strategy can let your hard work go to waste. Apart from proper focus and clarity of thought, metal and physical fitness is also important to ace any entrance exam. For entrance examinations such as AICET that provides admission into graphic design courses, fashion designing courses, business management courses and journalism and mass communication courses, the preparation is not as easy as it seems.


Now that AICET is approaching and catering to the fact that it is one of the toughest examinations in India, we bring you some tips that will take you through. Follow these and give yourself the best chance.

1)    Organizing the study space – The study space should be such that keeps all the distractions away. Phone, sleep and computer games shall have no scope of coming in your way.

2)    Take a proper diet – The habit of not eating while studying is quite prevalent amongst students in the current scenario. But the truth is, not only eating but eating the correct things and in correct amount and on right time is the key to maintaining the balance for success. By correct diet, we mean include right amount of proteins, carbs and fats in the diet. Eat lots of vegetables and salad. Never skip your breakfast!

3)    Keep time for revision – Set a date, mark it on your calendar, phone or stick a note to your table. Plan your mind and schedule in such a way that there is enough time left for revision. It is better to have learnt less and remember all of it than to study everything and remember half of it.

4)    Schedule your subjects smartly – Whenever you start schedule of the day, start with the most difficult subject. The mind is fresh and the concentration is at par in the beginning. Do not align one difficult subject after another as it will drain out all the energy at once. Keep the simpler subjects for lazy hours. Always remember, smart work is the key to success.

5)    Prefer short study sessions over long strenuous sessions – The mind has the ability to perform better and efficiently when it is stressed for less amount of time. A study has also confirmed that the brain absorbs information automatically without any efforts while it is on a break. Preferably, while studying specific information such as dates and time, study not more than 20 to 30 minutes.

6)    Neat handwriting and presentation – However, this point is invalid for OMR based examinations but with them too, the habit helps in saving the space for calculations. With subjective examinations, presentation can impress the invigilator and lead to less deduction of marks.

7)    Stay hydrated – A lot of studies have confirmed that dehydration leads to inefficient mind. Keep a water bottle handy, it is one of the most important steps to score well!

If you keep a hold on right strategy and focus while including the above habits in your learning schedule throughout the preparation, success is bound to be with you. Keep on working hard and have confidence!

We wish you all the best for exams!

Graphic Design College Calling

Graphic design, which has taken the world of communication by storm, is best defined as the art of blending visual and textual content to project a set of ideas or emotions. What makes it so popular is that it is one of the most powerful tools of reaching out to a wide range of audience today. This is also why there is a rush among youngsters to land a place in a coveted graphic design college. Be it catchy illustrations on posters, advertisements, packages or any other printed matter – it is all the handiwork of graphic designers who are much in demand. Reading newspapers and magazines would not have been the same without the information visualizations or graphics incorporated to add on to the entire experience. A course at a graphic design college focuses on the intricacies of design, type, form and image that varies depending on the mode of communication – electronic, print and online.

You are trained to be keen observers who make note of little things as you move through the day so that you can make interesting connections with the world around you. Simply noticing and appreciating isn’t enough. You are taught to use your innate skills to create magic as in something unique and eye catching. This curiosity to keep innovating is what drives a good designer to heights of excellence.

A graphic design college where you are sure to be taught with a lot of care is WLCI‬ School of ‎Design that offers design courses in sync with industry demand. For more details, go to http://www.wlcidesign.in/

Importance of Advertising Professional Courses

It’s India calling all the way. The proliferation of MNCs, given India’s booming economy, has led to almost every business using advertising as a tool to get an edge over its peers and to make the most of the lucrative opportunities available. After all you can hardly create any demand for your product unless the market is aware of its existence. Advertising is the best way to ensure that your new product is making all the right noises. With multiple products often catering to the same set of audience, the demand for professionals with sound knowledge of advertising is soaring for they know best how to make your product stand out.
Advertising and graphics course

This is why an advertising course is a popular option today with youngsters bent on a professional edge. This course moulds one to take up the challenges in advertising by teaching the different facets of consumer behaviour and the importance of public relation to made the reach wider. One also learns how to use various media as a mode of advertising for a variety of products as well as audience. A core focus of an advertising course is to help one understand the impulse of a consumer to create a demand. One also becomes well versed in advertising and marketing strategies.

There are ample opportunities for advertising professionals in advertising agencies, client servicing, media planning, direct marketing, digital marketing and promotions in varied mass media and corporate houses. While there are many institutes offering courses in advertising, one of the best is WLCI School of Advertising and Graphic Design.

Scoring High With Website Designing

With an increasing number of people preferring internet shopping, online sales play a crucial part in promoting a business or a service. Companies are more than willing to cash in on this. And for them the best way to grab a buyer’s attention is by having a well-designed website. It takes a buyer a few seconds to decide whether they wish to continue on a site.

graphic designingGiven how significant the design of a website is, graphic design training courses, which include website designing, are in demand. So if you have a creative streak, you would do well to look at colleges with graphic design courses to ride on the internet boom.

A few components for a Web designer to remember when designing a website are:

  • Easy navigation: A user should be able to go through the website quickly and easily without any hassles. This is likely to lure a wider range of customers.
  • Visual appeal: The design should be creative and innovative. If there is a logo, it must be made prominent on the website so that customers can recognize the brand and go about their purchases.
  • Format: When designing a website, designers must remember that most people are comfortable reading a website the way they read a book and that one’s eyes usually scroll from top to bottom and left to right.
  • Content: The content is important. The write-ups should be crisp yet warm and inviting so that users feel like continuing browsing.

A degree in graphic design is advisable for those interested in website designing. Among the many colleges with graphic design courses is WLCI with its Advertising & Graphic Design Program.





WLCI Graphic Design Training Institute – Career in Editorial Design

Be it a book, a newspaper, any magazine or an online publication, you would hardly want to go beyond a few pages if the layout is not attractive enough to engage you. The visual aesthetics of these products depend on the layout of the pages – an integral part of editorial design and production.

Editorial designers decide on the look and the layout of pictures and articles to grab attention. This explains why an editorial designer is in demand. The skills required are imparted at a graphic design training institute. The program usually includes a history of typography and advanced typography design, printing press, multimedia and Web authoring, advanced layout software skills among other things that can be learnt at schools that offer graphic design.


WLCI College

A few skills that come in handy are:

  • Knowledge of design techniques: You must be well versed in the techniques needed to compose and produce visually appealing pages – be it in print or online.
  • Dedication and eye for detail: Having an eye for detail is essential so that you do not miss out on anything. Extraordinary aesthetic sense is also a must.
  • Innovative: Schools that offer graphic design train you to think out-of-the-box and develop new ideas to design pages.
  • Ability to take on criticism: It is a stressful job with more than a decent share of criticism which you must know to take effectively to improve your work.
  • Being a team person: You must be ready to work with others. Designing editorial pages also entails patiently listening to editorial people and understanding how they might want their articles to be displayed.

Graphic design training institutes have courses to train you for a career in editorial design. WLCI with campuses across the country is a name to reckon with.


WLCI School of Design Course Review

Times are a changing and in sync with that you need to move over traditional courses. Young boys and girls are giving the conventional careers of a doctor and a teacher a miss to give full expression to their creative sides. The innovation ones are all out to pursue a course in Design. Unless the design is attractive, no matter how well the content may be, it will never catch the attention of clients. Designing is the creation of visual artwork used in advertisements for various products and services. What makes certain ads stay with us is the manner in which they are structured ?

WLCI School of Design - Course ReviewWith the increasing popularity of design courses, institutes across the country offer programmes in various branches of advertising and designing. A bachelor’s certification in graphic design or other areas is advisable for those who wish to be a part of this competitive field. Of the many exciting courses the WLCI Advertising & Graphic Design Programme is one which encourages students to develop their capabilities and hone their professional skills.

The program provides comprehensive knowledge of global design trends, cultural practices and changing market scenarios. WLCI’s curriculum is designed in a manner to enhance imaginative, intellectual and analytical capabilities. There are courses especially tailed for undergraduates, graduates as well as working professionals. The programmes train students in the following:

  • Advertising
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation
  • Corporate Branding, and
  • Web & Multimedia

The advertising and graphic design programmes help develop conceptual thinking, ideation skills and software applications. The faculty encourages personal growth and nurtures individual creativity and talent. On completion of the course, students gain expertise in:

  1. Design;
  2. Creative thinking;
  3. Advertising;
  4. Computers;
  5. Drawing techniques; amongst many others.

WLC College India Reviews role of Designer in Website Development

Developing a Website is a onetime task. If done right the rewards can be eternally satisfying. Importance of a website pertaining to the business of eCommerce is pretty obvious. To establish a retail portal online can take a lot of time and effort. There are various hosting providers who tailor the service according to the requirements of the business. Thus, making it easy to set up your site and trade online.

However, human factor is overlooked and forgotten. There is always a limitation to the template and applications used even in the fanciest of tools and programmes. To make your website appear different from the others, you need to employ the services of a Graphic Designer.

A graphic designer is a skilled professional who works with images, text and/or symbols to communicate ideologies in the most visually appealing ways. The professional world of graphic designing picked up with the rise in online presence of businesses and individuals. It acts as the latest revolution in being the medium for creative expression. WLC College India Reviews

The presence of graphic design is felt just about everywhere ! WLC College lists out what a designer can do for your website :-

  • They can create a unique look for your website. Thus, enabling you to stand above from your competitors. If you appear pleasantly unique, visitors will always prefer you.
  • Add Consistency to your websites. For any eCommerce website, consistency is the block that holds the structure together. A good designer understands this and diverts focus of visitors on the product rather than the design.
  • Fresh Perspective in your Marketing Campaigns. While approaching a new strategy, the design is overlooked. The presence of a qualified designer can curb you from making such mistakes by keeping the aesthetics efficient.


How Wigan and Leigh College teach Garment Designing

Who wouldn’t want to wear a beautiful garment designed aesthetically to suit your body type and personality? Alas, everyone would! But it is not easy to design garments, it requires talent, an eye for detail, precision , skill to understand the nuances of fabric-designing , cuts-trends and last but not the least a keen design sense to take a piece of fabric and change it to an awe-inspiring piece of garment!

How Wigan and Leigh College teach Garment Designing

To know how to design a garment one requires studying fashion designing and understanding the various related subjects that entail with it.

There are certain pre-requisites to becoming a Fashion Designer.  You need to be highly creative and artistic by nature, you need to be original and inventive, sensitive to color shades and tones, have the ability to visualize in 3 dimension, have an eye for detail and grasp a thorough understanding of how the consumer market works and comprehend the overview of trends and customer liking which is always in influx.

A Fashion Design Course would cover the following subjects:

  1. Design process,
  2. Fashion illustration,
  3. Trend forecasting,
  4. Textile and surface ornamentation techniques,
  5. Pattern making,
  6. Garment construction,
  7. Draping and production techniques including computer application in Fashion production among various other things.

WLCI School of Fashion teaches “Garment Designing” to its students. The eligibility criterion to seek admission, is completion of 10 +2 years of education or graduates. There are special courses for working professionals also.

Review of WLCI Design School in Mumbai

Another Feather in WLCI Advertising and Graphic Design School’s Cap!

Recently a social media campaign was initiated by the Mumbai Police in the form of a Poster and Drawing Competition for bringing awareness to the topic of ‘Safety and Security of Women and Children’.

Review of WLCI Design School in Mumbai

It was an inter – college event and was hosted with participants from all leading art colleges and schools. Students from WLCI School of Design also took part in the event. The event was a joint venture project was started by the ‘Padma Binani’ Foundation along with the support of Mumbai Police.

The awareness campaign regarding women and child abuse was titled ‘Mahila Suraksha and Shishu Suraksha’. The two students from WLCI Design School (Mumbai) Himanshi Gala and Ashni Hemmady participated in the competition and won prize and accolades for their innovative thinking and out-of-the-ordinary depiction of the message.

Himanshi Gala won the second prize in the competition and Ashni Hemmady won a consolation prize. The poster they drew was simplistic yet very powerful in its portrayal of the message they set out to represent.

This campaign was a noble endevour led by Mumbai police in order to spread awareness on child abuse and a they found a novel method to spread the word.

How much we would like to deny it but ‘Child Abuse’ is rampant in our society and has layers of guilt and shame attached to it. It’s important to recognize that child abuse and speak-up against it. This endevour was a small step taken by Mumbai Police and ‘Padma Binani’ Foundation to raise the awareness and bring attention to the cause. WLCI whole heartedly supports the cause.


WLCI’s Design School Alumni – Manish Karnatak

WLCI’s Advertising and Graphics Design School Grad – “Manish Karnatak” has had a hectic schedule. Ever since his propagated project “Bollywood Classroom” under the creator name of “Mania” has gone viral on the internet. The cartoon strips are quite funny and have made a space for themselves among the internet audiences.


In a self-confessional tone he has said that this project is a brainless comic strip and is only meant for humor. The audiences are encouraged to watch them to derive humor from everyday life occurrences. All the incidences are taken from our daily lives and a touch of laughter is added to them.

Manish finds many things in life pretty humorous and extracting fun out of normal things comes naturally to me. He believes that humor and fun are hidden in each & every aspect of life and you just need to notice it. He never shies away from a good laugh and likes to take everyday incidences and transform them to an extra-special episode (cartoon strip) by adding real life, dialogues and characters that he has observed and can relate to.

Read more about this sensational talent on : http://www.hindustantimes.com/entertainment/music/bollywood-classroom-youtube-sensation/article1-1154861.aspx