Recycling versus Upcycling

After a long wait of one year, we were glad that Design Mela finally made its way to Delhi. It was held at Dastkar, Chattarpur, from January 19 to January 30, 2017. The aim of the Design Mela was to promote the beautiful blend of craft techniques and contemporary design concepts through the works of craft entrepreneurs and artisan designers, but this time what grabbed everyone’s attention was the Jaggery stall which had fancy bags for both boys and girls. At the Design Mela of 2017, the jaggery stall became the centre of attraction as it had launched a new concept of ‘upcycling’, which is a step ahead from ‘recycling’.

Recycling is breaking down the waste product into its basic constituents and then using it as a raw material for producing new products out of it. In the process of upcycling, the waste product is not broken down into its constituents, the product may be reworked or reconstructed in a number of different ways, but the material stays the same, if not become better in quality than what you started off with. While recycling, the quality of product is lower than the parent material and hence, upcycling has an edge over recycling.


This jaggery stall offered a wide range of products; all of them were made while keeping the health of our planet in mind. Over 75% of the products were made from reclaimed, recycled, repurposed or recycled materials. Specifically, jaggery bags are made with auto seat belts and buckles, army tents, cargo belts, fire hoses, bike tube inners, kids inflatable castles, Army truck tarpaulins, etc.



















Each and every product of jaggery is handcrafted and brought to life after tremendous hard work. Jaggery bags not only beat the normal bags with the quality of raw material it uses in the procedure. but they also beat them in fashion quotient, thus, the customers found it reasonable to pay high prices for them.

John Archer, one of the customers of the jaggery stall said: “I am deeply impressed by the concept on which jaggery products are based on i.e., ‘Upcycling’ and not only did I buy the jaggery products but also have learned the difference between upcycling and recycling”.

Though, this Jaggery stall was one of the best stalls at the Design Fair, other stalls too had the best art at display and despite all odds, they came out with flying colors.

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Will Kindle replace paperbacks?

World Book Fair 2017

In accordance to current trends, it is believed that technology will take over simple things in everyday life such as fridge replacing earthen pots for cold water, the use of paper for books will also be replaced by Kindle. However, here the question is that will the use of paperbacks completely end?


Kindle is a device that allows you to buy, download, and store millions of books at your fingertips. It is available in variety of models and aims at giving reader a book like experience. However, a lot of book readers don’t believe in the advent of this technology. The experience of turning pages of the book still remains a singular pleasure for them. This was proven by the success of the 2017 Book Fair held at Pragati Maidan from 7th to 14TH January. This year, the annual book fair witnessed around 2,500 stalls from around 800 publishers of India and 20 international publishers.


The book fair experienced an audience of around 12 lakh people overall. Not only from India but publishers from neighboring countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan too participated in the World Book Fair under the publishing banner of Manshurat, which operates from Lahore and have branches in India and other Asian countries. Books in English and Urdu languages were available at the stall in a wide variety of genres.

“I am representing  and we have brought over 100 books here. Various genres in culture, art, history and ethnography can be found in our collection.  is a vibrant place and there are over 80 book stores in Kathmandu itself. Book culture is huge in Nepal, so probably that’s why e-books and the internet are not affecting this culture as much as it has in the Western world,” writer and publisher from Nepal, Yuyutsu Sharma said.

Although, the fair also held a stall for the sale and customer enquiries of all kindle products, selling them at a discounted rate, but the crowd attracted by paperback stalls had an edge in the count.

This year, there has been a rise in the sale of children books and the youngsters displayed their interest in the books according to the publishers and genres of their choice. The children’s pavilion, although, remained a favorite spot amongst parents as well as kids. This indicates towards the point that even the next generation will enjoy the leisure of paperback books over the E-version.

However, looking at the number of advantages kindle brings with itself, it becomes difficult to say that it cannot take over the paperbacks. With kindle, it becomes easier to carry a library, the reader is able to read without light, it saves a lot of paper and most of the classics come free. It my eliminate the use of paperbacks, but thanks to WLCI, after visiting the Book Fair, we can be sure that the day is long to come!

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Student, Media Production

A rendezvous with Sushant Singh – hosting Savdhaan India


Hi, I am Anchal Sharma. And here I am with my latest blog.

As part of my internship under the WLCI Media course, I am having a gala time interviewing actors and TV stars. Guess whom did I interview this time? He is none other than actor Sushant Singh, the anchor of Savdhaan India.It is no secret that the rate of criminal activities taking place in India is alarming. Do you know that every year there are around 81,000 kidnapping incidents being reported in India? With such increasing number of cases happening around us, almost every individual has had a brush with some or the other kind of crime and felt unsafe in more than one situations.


We ignore the early signs of a crime, such as eve-teasing and bullying. Should we learn a lesson by recognizing cruelty and taking early action?

My recent interview with actor Sushant Singh of ‘Savdhaan India’ fame puts some light on this aspect. Sushant hosts the TV series broadcasted on Life Ok channel. In this candid conversation, he talks about the positive impact of the series over the viewers. He said that out of the numerous stories shown in the TV series; even if one individual gets the message then the purpose of the show will be met. He is happy and excited about the show as its 5th season is rolling down in a brand new avatar and a fresh tagline to go along.

I was curious to know more about the new season and the actor gladly elaborated the same to me. Sushant said that the show has been successfully running for last four years. it’s main aim is to alert the citizens against crimes and boost their confidence to fight back. The new tagline of Savdhaan India is ‘Darr ke nahi, Datt kar’.

Ignorance is our greatest weakness and we should stay alert round the clock. Sushant voices his reasons for taking up the show, adding “I took up the show (Savdhaan India) as any other work and my only condition was that I can’t do something like India’s Most Wanted, where there is lot of shouting and the show is sensationalized beyond demand.”

He further elaborates on the impact the show has on the society, saying: “People have come up to me and said ‘we’ve learnt a lot from the show’. Our aim is to spread awareness. We always show that the criminal is caught and people win when they fight back.”

Honestly, it was a memorable experience talking with Sushant Singh. Shows such as this actually open up the opportunity to spread awareness against different aspects of crimes, whether they are out in the open or happen behind closed doors. And with this, I urge everyone to be safe and alert.

Thank you WLCI for offering me such a wonderful chance to get in touch with TV personalities. I am really happy to meet them in person and see my name get published in national dailies.

Internship with a national daily – Ticket to my dream job


My name is Anchal Sharma. I am a student of Media Production at WLCI College, Delhi. I would like to tell you about my first ever internship experience. Being a part of such a prestigious institute, I got an opportunity of an internship with The Pioneer, a leading English daily, while I was still pursuing the course. There I was working in the Sunday Pioneer department.

I must tell you, it was a thrilling experience, working with such a historical newspaper, and the practical experience I gained would help me in the future. Initially I was excited, curious and confused about my job role and responsibilities. However, gradually I began understanding the intricacies of the industry with each passing day. Since then, it became enjoyable and I loved the time spent at the newspaper office, learning new things each day, fully engrossed in work.

In the beginning, it was not a cakewalk but with the support of my seniors and co-workers at The Pioneer, I had started enjoying every bit of it. My reporting manager would guide me from time-to-time and explain how the editorial department of Print Media runs which helped me grow at a professional as well as a personal level.

This internship taught me a great deal about how to conduct an interview, the kind of questions to frame, how to manage cross questions by the interviewee and much more. Honestly, the experience has shaped me up and ingrained the values a media professional should possess.

As time passed by, I learnt how to create point source contacts and build a relationship with public relation agencies. These PR agencies are a key point of contact when we need to cover news stories.

The training period at Sunday Pioneer will help me build a strong base for my upcoming career. As I was trained in the professional skillsets required for an organization, the transformation from a college student to a responsible intern was a smooth journey.

Every day started with a new challenge and I thrived to find my sunshine because I kept on learning new things all the time.

The most wonderful experience was when I had a chance to interview the lead child artist Ashween Naamdaar of Naamkaran fame. Naamkaran is a new primetime daily soap, aired on Star Plus. It was an ecstatic moment when I met the protagonist of the show, Avni, a character played by actress Ashween.

At first I was nervous but after meeting and talking with this cute little girl, I felt more confident. I asked her about her role, what she loves to do, how does she manage between her studies and shoots, rapport with co-actors, inspiration behind joining television at such an early age, how much does she relate to her on-screen character, and so on. And she patiently replied to all my questions.

I must say, she is a bundle of fireworks, quick and apt at answering all the questions I asked her. I was seriously impressed by her voracious communication skills. You know what? I scripted it too!

One of the biggest moments of happiness was when this interview got published on September 11, 2016edition of the Sunday Pioneer, with my byline. I was on cloud nine, as this is my first and most special achievement in the Print industry. I will always be thankful to my college, WLCI, Delhi, teachers and mentors. They gave me the exposure that I have always wanted.

I wish to have more of such enriching events during my media production course at WLCI. I am confident that, by the time I leave college, I would have grown into a true professional who is ready to take on the world.