What makes an excellent Graphic designer?


Graphic designers are usually responsible for how a product looks, feels, behaves and is presented to the world. They are responsible even for presenting a company before the audience. In a nutshell, graphic designers are the backbone for any company and they share the secret of success with managers and engineers in any organization.

A great designer is always great because of a reason and the success is no accident at all. Each of them has a new perspective towards things and a new idea pops up in their mind with every new product or service. To be a great designer is not a child’s play anymore. If you are planning a career in graphic designing, here are 7 qualities that you must inculcate to be a great one:

  • Great observation skills – The most primitive and purest form of research is observation. Observing a product or understanding the service, analysing its main USPs and highlighting them, knowing their shortcomings and giving them a backseat is what an impeccable designer should always do!
  • They are good listeners – Great designers always make sure that they listen to each and every word of the customer in order to ensure whatever they create is in alignment with the needs of the customers. They actually listen and create what actually matters instead of assuming and creating something they think is the best.
  • Finding Solutions – The designers who are incredibly good at their work, are also incredibly good at finding solutions. All the hard work went in listening and observing would be wasted if they are not able to find a solution! They keep in mind that the outcome of their thoughts, i.e. their design is the solution to the existing problem.
  • Communication – To bring an idea to life, it is important to keep in touch with people associated with the idea and great communication is what gives an edge to a designer here. To produce great designs, it is imperative to communicate well!
  • Understanding Integration – A great designer will always integrate things, be it integrating technology with the methods or integrating aspects of solution into the design of the product. It is by integration only that great designs are produced and they become a part of the life of customers effortlessly.
  • Freedom of thought – Designing is a field that is governed by creativity. A great designer, instead of asking What and Why, will always ask What if, Why not? The unbound thoughts is what sets a great designer apart from the normal ones!
  •  Knows time management – Any work not finished on time holds not value, a great designer values this thought more than anything. He/ She will work within the boundaries of deadlines to make sure an effective solution is delivered before the time is over!

Great designers have an understanding of world, of clients, of audience around and of their work. They know how to get their ideas on place and how to bring them to life.

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