Why digital media and advertising go hand in hand

One of the biggest shifts is underway in marketing, as we know it. The emergence of digital media is no less than a revolution for marketers to be and media students alike.

Facebook recently revealed that more than 2 billion people used its services per month on an average, between April and June. That’s more than one-fourth of the world’s population! Combine this humongous reach with new techniques and features to target customers, and you have more efficient advertising to make use of.

Digital advertising, in particular social media advertising, helps a business find new customers on the basis of information provided by users themselves. It helps to proactively target relevant users even before they begin their search. Let’s look at 3 reasons why the future of advertising and digital media is interconnected.


Advanced targeting options

Since digital media gathers such a large amount of data, it easier to target audiences beyond the general demographic and geographic parameters. Advertising targeting can now be done even on the basis of interest, behavioural and connection based methods. This allows a level of personalization which is not available on other platforms.

Here are 2 such targeting options –

  • Interest Specific users can be reached by targeting particular interests, activities they have liked, etc. These interests can be as specific as “cars”.
  • Custom targeting Users can be reached by uploading their phone numbers, email IDs, etc. Different social media platforms call this with different names, but they all help in remarketing.

 Improved conversion tracking

Whether its online marketing or offline, justifying spends and budgets is crucial. Digital media platforms like social media can provide website conversion tracking, which can help judge the performance of the ad.

Social media ads that drive the audience to your website and take some action, like buying a product or registering for an event, can show how effective they were in getting those conversions. With a snippet of code and proper configuration, campaign reports can make conversion tracking easy.

It helps any business be wiser about digital ad spends and strategy. For example, if the ad is getting a lot of clicks but no conversions, a shift in the strategy may be required.

 Smartphone reach

It’s no secret that reaching users on smartphones is the next big step in marketing. It is forecast that about two-thirds of social media advertising spend will go towards mobile ads. Also, more than half of mobile users worldwide will have smartphones by 2018.

Mobile users check platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram multiple times a day, so delivering campaigns on such platforms makes marketing sense. It is a huge growth market in the next few years.

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