Will Kindle replace paperbacks?

World Book Fair 2017

In accordance to current trends, it is believed that technology will take over simple things in everyday life such as fridge replacing earthen pots for cold water, the use of paper for books will also be replaced by Kindle. However, here the question is that will the use of paperbacks completely end?


Kindle is a device that allows you to buy, download, and store millions of books at your fingertips. It is available in variety of models and aims at giving reader a book like experience. However, a lot of book readers don’t believe in the advent of this technology. The experience of turning pages of the book still remains a singular pleasure for them. This was proven by the success of the 2017 Book Fair held at Pragati Maidan from 7th to 14TH January. This year, the annual book fair witnessed around 2,500 stalls from around 800 publishers of India and 20 international publishers.


The book fair experienced an audience of around 12 lakh people overall. Not only from India but publishers from neighboring countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan too participated in the World Book Fair under the publishing banner of Manshurat, which operates from Lahore and have branches in India and other Asian countries. Books in English and Urdu languages were available at the stall in a wide variety of genres.

“I am representing  and we have brought over 100 books here. Various genres in culture, art, history and ethnography can be found in our collection.  is a vibrant place and there are over 80 book stores in Kathmandu itself. Book culture is huge in Nepal, so probably that’s why e-books and the internet are not affecting this culture as much as it has in the Western world,” writer and publisher from Nepal, Yuyutsu Sharma said.

Although, the fair also held a stall for the sale and customer enquiries of all kindle products, selling them at a discounted rate, but the crowd attracted by paperback stalls had an edge in the count.

This year, there has been a rise in the sale of children books and the youngsters displayed their interest in the books according to the publishers and genres of their choice. The children’s pavilion, although, remained a favorite spot amongst parents as well as kids. This indicates towards the point that even the next generation will enjoy the leisure of paperback books over the E-version.

However, looking at the number of advantages kindle brings with itself, it becomes difficult to say that it cannot take over the paperbacks. With kindle, it becomes easier to carry a library, the reader is able to read without light, it saves a lot of paper and most of the classics come free. It my eliminate the use of paperbacks, but thanks to WLCI, after visiting the Book Fair, we can be sure that the day is long to come!

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