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What are the things include in Graphic Design?

One can pursue an MBA in India in the course of his/ her choice as various courses are available now in India like Course in Graphic Design and media course in India.

Graphics are visual presentations on some surface like a wall, computer screen, paper etc. Examples are drawings, photographs, Line Art, diagrams, graphs, typography, symbols, designs, engineering drawings, maps or other images. Graphic design may consist of the deliberate creation, selection, or arrangement of typography, as in a poster, brochure, flier, book or web site without any other element.

Graphics combine text, color and illustration.  An effective communication may be the aim, association with other cultural elements may be sought, or merely, the creation of a distinctive style.


Generally, drawing involves making marks on a surface by applying pressure from a tool or moving a tool across a surface. Common tools are graphite pen and ink, pencils, inked brushes, crayons, wax color pencils, charcoals, markers and pastels.


Woodblock printing, including images is first seen in China after paper was invented in around A.D. 105. In the West the basic techniques have been woodcut, etching and engraving, but there are many others.


An intaglio method of printmaking is Etching, in which the image is incised using an acid, into the surface of a metal plate. The acid absorbs the metal and leave behind roughened areas or, if the surface exposed to the acid is very thin then burn a line into the plate. Etching is also used in the manufacturing of printed semiconductor devices and circuit boards.


It is a visual representation like a painting, drawing, photograph or other work of art that stresses subject more than form. The main aim of an illustration is to decorate a poem, story or piece of textual information, by providing a visual representation of something described in the text.

Line Art

It is a non-specific term used for any image which consists of   curved lines and distinct straight placed against a background, without gradations in shade or color to represent three-dimensional or two-dimensional objects.


It is a structured and simplified visual representation of ideas, concepts, constructions, statistical data, relations, etc. used to clarify and visualize the topic.


A graph is a type of information that represents numeric, tabular data. Charts are used to make it easier to understand the relationships between different parts of the data and large quantities of data.

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