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Fashion designing course in Indian dress design

Do you want to specialize in designing Indian dresses? Does your interest lie solely in designing beautiful traditional Indian dresses? If yes, then you can pursue a fashion designing course that solely caters to Indian dress designing and you will not have to spend a big amount on learning dress designing in general from a fashion designing institute offering only such acourse in the same.

You can opt for WLCI’ specialist programme which is highly accepted in the industry. So after pursuing a specialist level fashion design course, your job prospects are bound to increase and you’ll also be better equipped to start your own venture as you would be equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills to channelize your creativity in the best possible manner.

WLCI College offers a Executive Program in Fashion Design. WLCI creative school which was founded in 1998 has trained thousands of students and helped them to become successful professionals. The course is conducted on weekends over a period of a year. This fashion designing program is conducted at Delhi, Kolkata, Pune and Bangalore campus of WLCI College. Students also have a option of getting an additional Diploma from Wigan & Leigh College, UK. For more information on the college, please feel free to visit and call @ 18001024456 for admissions.

Choosing a Graphics Design Institute

Graphic designers are in huge demand too. Big organizations seek such creative individuals who play a pivotal part in marketing of a product and service. If you are looking for a career in graphic designing, then you need to get trained in this specific field. You got to search a graphic designing institute that will help you to grasp the nuances of this creative field and give you the best training. How about choosing a design institute that will help you clinch the best job offer?

That would be wonderful as after studying the course, you would like to get a good placement. The very purpose of studying a graphic design course will be fulfilled only when you get a good job in this field. WLCI School of Advertising & Graphic Designing assists students in getting the best placement. After studying an updated course curriculum and being trained by experienced professionals you are armed with all the requisite knowledge. This learning is complemented by practical exposure gained in on-the-job training which the students of this graphic designing institute receive as part of their training program called the ‘Traineeship Advantage’.

So, join WLCI and fulfill your dream of succeeding in the highly creative field of graphic designing.

WLCI Placements: Creating a buzz

WLCI –a reputed organization offering courses in Business Management, Fashion Technology and Advertising & Graphic Design is creating a quite a stir with its placements. The College has been providing great placement offers to its students.

WLCI Alumni are grabbing job opportunities with top organizations and are being placed at senior positions. This is indeed a great review for WLCI which has always given the much-needed importance to its students. The College leaves no stone unturned to make sure that its students get the best jobs according to their abilities, skills and knowledge.

Some of the finest placements of the institution are as follows: Brahmaji NVR Gadey, Branch Training Manager, TATA AIG Life Insurance, Guru Rajesh,Centre Head, India Bulls, Hemant Chordia, Assistant Vice President & Standard Chartered Asset, Cherry Kapoor, Designer – Marketing, MINT (Hindustan Times), Monika Sagar, Designer, Ritu Kumar, Reena Bodani, Graphic Designer, Design Quest, Smantha Sehgal, Art Director, Mudra Communication. These are just few examples of the best placements Check out more such stuff at , , . No wonder, review about WLCI has been always positive.

If you have always dreamt passing put of a college which assist its students in providing great placements, then you need to know about WLCI. For more information on the college, feel free to visit

WLCI College Delhi, Sainik Farms


US delegate visit to the Sainik Farms Campus.

US delegate Mr. Mark A. Inglis and Mr. Robert Borden visit to the Sainik Farms Campus.

The upsurge of Graphing Designing in recent past

The field of graphic designing is one of the upcoming booming industries, which offers great scope for career growth for those who hold a neck for creativity. If the potential is nurtured well, then the opportunities are unlimited in the communication industry today. There is rapid advancements in the graphic designing field and thus it leaves no room for doubt that the future generation will use it extensively in almost all areas of technical application.

Right from small business houses to big brands, everywhere it is been used in an extensive manner. Taking in consideration, the enormous growth of this field, many schools of graphic design have been opened in different parts of many developed countries. Now, every nation is engaged in nurturing its creative talent and wants to employ that in the right direction.

Skilled interactive development professionals can make a huge difference to your future interactive development projects because of their ability to research, test, and investigate technologies and provide creative and inspirational designs. This field can be taken as a booming career option.

Harness your Potential Creativity with Advertising Courses

In this competitive business scenario, advertising is one of the most successful and sought after medium to stay ahead of your competitors. Effective advertising is the key to a successful business and therefore various advertising colleges have cropped up, which offer advertising course in India. The WLCI Advertising and Graphic Design School is one of the premier design institutes in India that has always helped students to enhance their creative skills and potentiality.

Advertising course, India is gaining in popularity since they offer the best curriculum that meets the current industry standards. Advertising is one of the most effective means of marketing your brand. It is in fact the only way through which businesses can project the various benefits and uses of their goods and services to consumers. WLCI teaches their students new and innovative approaches to learn the art of advertising to meet market demands effectively. The faculty members at WLCI are experienced and adept in this field who prepare individuals to face the global as well as local market. Courses at the WLCI advertising institute in India includes study of international design trends, complete knowledge of this creative field, hands-on industry experience, and the unique chance to interact with industry professionals.

By passing out with an advertising degree from such a premier institute of India, students can expect to get high profile posts in TV channels, web and news media, popular magazines, advertising agencies, publishing houses, film and television production houses, exhibition and retail designing at the list is endless.

For more information about Advertising Courses and Courses in Graphic Design visit the site

Online Graphic Design Degrees Courses and Careers

Today, various online Programme in Graphic Design are in vogue because the inability of working professionals to visit the campus among which online Graphic Design Degrees is in highly in demand.

Many students are taking interest in subjects that are a little off beat but have a great career prospect. Graphic design courses come under that category. Online Graphic Design Degree is fully accredited and flexible ensuring the students convenient learning facility.

You have to decide which medium you finds most interesting. You are also required to make a choice of the applications which are highly wanted in that particular media.


Eligibility Criteria for Online Graphic Design Degrees:

There are some skill sets for taking up online Graphic Design Degree programs. A candidate who is already knowledgeable about typography, illustration, visualization and content are already one step ahead towards the learning path of the Programme in Graphic Design.

During the Graphic Design Degrees online, the study modules will be provided will enhance his knowledge on the subject. Again an aspiring graphic designer has to strive constantly  to increase his skills and keep himself updated about the technological advancements.

Graphic Design Degree Courses:


Online graphic design degree courses are designed so that lay foundation on principles of design. Also, students are exposed towards the new technological advancements which are required to perform graphic designing task. You will get adequate training in software like PageMaker, flash, dream weaver etc.

Graphic Design Degree Careers:


After successful completion of the Courses in Graphic Design from a reputed MBA College, you can join a graphic design studio. Also a fresh graduate in graphic design can be placed at many industries ranging from advertisement to information technology. Many media houses and organizations recruit students who have completed graphic designing courses through online programs. After the completion of the course, you can become graphic designer, an animator, web designer etc.

After making right choice about these, online degrees in graphic design will walk you through the course on graphic design successfully.


Job Oriented Courses in Marketing Management, Advertising & Marketing Communications and more

Online or Correspondence Courses in Human Resource Development, Marketing management, Marketing Communication, Product Management, Public Relations and Business Management Courses, human resource course, Advertising course in India.

1. Advanced Diploma in Advertising & Marketing Communications

Course Contents:

  • Advertising in the Current Economic Scenario
  • Functioning of an Advertising Agency
  • History and Theories of Advertising
  • Client Servicing: The changing Agency-Client Equation
  • Out of Home Advertising- Exhibitions, Retail, Interiors, Outdoor
  • Creativity in Advertising
  • New Media Technologies: Interactive advertising and Advertising on the Internet
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of Advertising: Advertising Research
  • Media Planning & Execution of Advertising budgets
  • Market Segmentation & Consumer Behavior
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Branding – Building brands
  • Small Business Marketing & Internet Marketing
  • Corporate Image Management
  • Assessment
  • Case Analysis
  • Project

2. Course Name – Diploma in Interior Design

Course Contents:

  • Interior Styles
  • Survey and Drawings
  • Design fundamentals
  • Project Planning
  • Residential and commercial Projects
  • Material Knowledge
  • Furniture

3. Course Name – Diploma in Product Management

Course Contents:

  • Product Understanding
  • Marketing Basics
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand Management
  • Advertising and Media

4. Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management

Course Contents:

  • Human Resource Development in Emerging Economic Scenario
  • Human Resource Planning: Strategy & Challenges
  • Basic Principles and Behavioral Models
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Recruitments
  • Workplace Ethics and Code of Conduct – Common Issues
  • Internal Communication in Small, Mid and Large Sized Organizations
  • Employee Relations
  • Organizational Dynamics
  • Wage and Salary Administration
  • Managing Change in Organizations
  • Group Dynamism: Social Processes and Behavioral Issues
  • Labour Laws
  • Case Analysis (Indian & International)
  • Assessment

5. Diploma in ESI and PF

Course Contents:

  • Basic ESI/PF Norms
  • Legal Forms & Documents for PF
  • Getting Registrations
  • Benefits
  • Filing PF Returns

6. Diploma in Recruitment

Course Contents:

  • Contemporary Recruitment tools and Managing Responses
  • Technology & Recruitment
  • DBMS for recruitment
  • Interviewing Techniques & Skills
  • Industry Specific Recruitment

7. Diploma in Performance Appraisal

Course Contents:

  • Performance Appraisal
  • Most Popular Methods
  • Modern Tools & Industry Examples

8. Diploma in Sales Management

Course Contents:

  • Sales Management
  • Incentive Planning
  • Sales Force Planning
  • Marketing in Sales
  • Handling Price Parameters
  • Pricing
  • Negotiations
  • Taxation
  • Grievance handling
  • Sales Promotions

9. Diploma in Marketing Management

Course Contents:

  • Basic Marketing concepts
  • Advertising and Sales Basics
  • 4P’s of Marketing

So, these are the courses contents. Just go in which you are comfortable.


Uses of Graphics

Top MBA College of India provides an excellent course in Graphic Design which are visual presentations on some surface, like a canvas, wall, computer screen, stone to brand or paper, inform, illustrate, or entertain. You can learn the various use of graphic design through the Programme in Graphic Design.



Graphics are actually the visual elements that are used to point viewers and readers to particular information. They are also used to make the concept more clear or interesting to the readers. Famous magazines like Wired, TIME and Newsweek, usually contain graphic material to attract readers. In computing, graphics are used to create a graphical interface for the user and they are one of the five key elements of multimedia technology.



Graphics are commonly used in economics and business to create financial tables and charts. In the late 1970s, the term Business Graphics came into use, when PCs became capable of drawing charts and graphs instead of using a tabular format.




The most profitable uses of graphics is Advertising; artists do advertising work or take advertising potential into account when creating art, to raise the chances of selling the artwork.



Graphics are too much used in textbooks, especially in concerning subjects like science, geography and mathematics, to illustrate concepts and theories, like the human anatomy. Diagrams are also used to label pictures and photographs.



Their use for political purposes are graffiti, cartoons, poster art, flag design, etc is a centuries old practice that thrives today in all part of the world.

Film and animation


Computer graphics are used in the new feature films, especially those with a big budget. Films that use computer graphics too much are The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, Spider-Man, the Harry Potter films and War of the Worlds.

So, join this course in a top college to learn the other uses of graphic design.


Are you interested in Correspondence PG Diploma Course in Advertising?

Advertising is an integral part of marketing, which plays an important role in the growth of a company. With good skills, professionals in advertising can look forward to a very lucrative career. The world of advertising is not only about glamour and adventure but also hard work and expertise. Various institutes offer various marketing courses including course in Advertising at graduate and postgraduate level.

You will find suitable options in India if you want to study postgraduate diploma course in Advertising. The postgraduate Programme in Advertising are available through distance education which makes things simpler for students who cannot attend regular classes. Thus, a number of working professionals opt for Correspondence PG Diploma Courses in Advertising. If you are interested to know more about PG Diploma Courses in Advertising offered through correspondence, you can scroll down this page.

Benefits of Correspondence PG Diploma Course in Advertising

You will learn about the principles of Advertising, media planning, copy writing and campaign strategies while studying PG Diploma Courses in Advertising.

Even graduate students with academic backgrounds in diverse subjects can go for PG Diploma Courses in Advertising through correspondence to gain expertise in key functional areas of advertising.

You may pursue Correspondence PG Diploma Courses in Advertising while working simultaneously to gather experience.

You can get good jobs in reputed Advertising companies after completing this course and gaining knowledge of various core areas of Advertising.

Eligibility for this Diploma Course in Advertising

With a graduate degree in any subject, candidates can apply for Correspondence PG Diploma Courses in Advertising. Since the mode of selection and admission procedure of the institutes offering this course may vary, you can contact them for more information.

So, opt for Correspondence PG Diploma Courses in Advertising and gain experience and benefits.

For more details, visit: