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Pursue a management course which provides on-the-job training

Management courses are highly popular among students. A business management course equips with capabilities, skills and knowledge that helps one to create a successful career ahead. If you want to study management, ensure that you choose a business school that also offers on-the-job training because it will help you move up the ladder faster in the corporate world.On-the-training will provide you the relevant experience while you are still studying the course. It will help you gain the required knowledge and develop abilities to deliver results at the workplace even before you graduate. With such advantages, you will be highly considered by employers from top organizations. With such training you can also expect higher salaries as compared to non-trained graduates.

WLC College (WLCI) is a unique college that offers on-the-job training to students with its business management course. The training is imparted under its highly acclaimed training program known as the ‘Traineeship Advantage’ program. Students work part-time along with the course in top organization and gain valuable work experience.

Significance of on-the-job training

On-the-job training is of immense significance in a professional programme. Whether you want to pursue a business management course or creative courses such as fashion or graphic design, make sure that the professional institute you choose offers on-the-job-training feature. This kind of training should be looked forward to as it is of great importance. It helps you to gain practical knowledge and abilities which are required at the workplace. It trains you to strive for excellence in your chosen field by delivering high quality work output and achieving targets. The training will help you gain real learning as you will know the different process involved in each function. On-the-job training will improve your job prospects during the final placements considerably.

WLC College (WLCI), a premier institute in India imparting high quality professional education for the past 17 years offers on-the-job training alongside the courses. The college which offers business management course, fashion course and graphic design course provides on-the-job training to its students under its flagship training program known as the ‘Traineeship Advantage’. Student work part-time along with the job and get an attractive stipend.

Acquire training in retail with a short-term programme

Retail sector is getting organized with huge influx of foreign companies and opening up of subsidiaries/franchises in India. This has triggered a highly positive change in the Indian retail sector. It is gradually undergoing a sea change and therefore as retail professional you should keep yourself equipped with the new changes/trends in the market. If you want to gain additional knowledge and skills in retail, then you can opt for a short term programme in retail. As a working professional, it is absolutely necessary that you keep yourself abreast of all the changes in the market and keep yourself updated.

A specialized program in retail will help you rise high in the retail and FMCG sector. It will provide you the relevant training and knowledge in retail and cover topics such as retailing in India, Retail trends, forecasting tools & techniques, retail tactics, retail segmentation, visual merchandising, retail promotions etc. You can increase your knowledge and skills with such a programme. It will help you to improve your job prospects considerably.

WLCI College, one of the top management institutes in India which along with a full-time management course offers various short-term programmes in management. It offers a well prepared certificate course in retail.

Relevance of training in a business management programme

Today, training has become an important part of education. It equips students with skills and abilities that help them to work with efficiency at the workplace. On-the-job training is highly relevant for a student of a professional programme such as a business management program. The training helps students to gain competencies in business functions to perform at the workplace. For example, if a person has got the relevant training in sales, he’ll be able to carry out the duties of sales and marketing using his experience at the training and perform efficiently in his job.

On-the-job training helps students to be prepared for the job market. When such students graduate after completing their management course they have 2 years of work experience. Employers prefer them while scouting for fresh graduates from a B School.
WLCI,one of the best business management institutes in India offers on-the-job training program known as the Traineeship Advantage. Under this program, students while studying the business management course work part-time with reputed organizations to gain relevant training.

Get trained in marketing management

If you aspire to be one of the best sales professional, you need to have a sound educational background and relevant training in this field. Marketing is taught in a business management course. Marketing Management is offered for specialisation in the second year of full-time business program.

In marketing management course, you’ll be acquainted with core marketing activities and you’ll be introduced to various sub-professions in this field. A marketing management course will equip you with knowledge and skills in the following areas of marketing:

• Sales
• Retail
• Integrated Marketing Communication
• Digital Marketing
• Research & Analytic

You can get training in marketing from a reputed business school. WLCI is one of the best business management institutes in India which offers an industry endorsed business management course. The placements of this institute are the best in the industry. Moreover, it also offers on-the-job training facility along with its full-time business management program.

WLCI’s on-the-job training program highly beneficial for students

WLC College (WLCI), one of the best management institutes in the country has pioneered a unique on-the-job training program known as the Traineeship Advantage. The college offers students an excellent opportunity to gain experience in a real corporate environment with this program.

This training has proven to be highly useful for students as they get to work in a real job environment and get real experience as (part-time) employees. This training helps them to acquire practical knowledge of the concepts and principles taught in the class. They also earn a handsome stipend during their training. The trained students are highly considered by employers of top organizations for hiring during the final recruitment process. Students by virtue of being WLCI are eligible to apply for this highly beneficial program of the college.

You can also be a part of the traineeship program by enrolling in a professional program in WLCI College.

Prefer a business school which is in sync with industry requirements

Business management education is the way to a successful career. The number of students pursuing business management education is gone up in the past few years. It’s advisable for any student who wants to pursue a professional program in business management to select a business school that is in sync with the industry requirements as it facilitates the best placements.

Such a business school will boast of several factors which will contribute in getting the best placements. For instance, it will offer an industry-oriented course curriculum which will help you get the best understanding you can get of the business principles and concepts. It will offer you on-the-job training that will help you explore a professional working environment and get to apply the classroom teaching in a real workplace where accountability, responsibility and performing job duties is the norm to be followed. A business school with such features is knowledgeable about what the employers require and therefore it will keep you align with the industry requirements and fetch you the best placements.In all probability, you want to study a business program that will lead you to the best placement and therefore you need to select a school of business which boasts of these features.

WLCI is one such business school which offers on-the-job training and an industry-oriented course and offers placements with top organizations.

Acquire training in Customer Acquisition in a professional programme

The objective of a business venture is to maximize sales and earn profit. Acquiring customers is the most important step in the sales and marketing activity. You can get training in Customer Acquisition in a professional program.

If you are a sales professional, then you should have strong skills in Customer Acquisition which will help you to achieve your sales targets. Attracting prospective customers and converting them to leads is a highly organized process. Prior to getting in touch with prospective customers, a detailed sales preparation plan is required where market analysis, competitor analysis etc. is done to know about the market and how one’s product can be positioned successfully in the market.You can get the relevant training and knowledge in Customer Acquisition in a professional program.

A professional program will train you in Sales Preparation, market analysis, competitor analysis, organization & product details, prospecting, You’ll learn about opening the sales call, relationship building with the customers, probing , handling the objection, closing the sales and after -sales services.

Get training in Integrated Marketing Communication & Branding

Marketing is a diverse field and consist of adiverse number of functions which are worked upon towards achieving the common objectives of maximum sales and profit. Integrated Marketing Communication & Branding is an important function in Marketing Management. If you want to gain additional skills and expertise in this area, you need to pursue a professional level programme in the same.

You can get training in Integrated Marketing & Communication from WLC (WLCI) College. This leading business management institute apart from offering a full time programme in business management offers a specialised program in the aforementioned area of marketing.

This program will provide you an in-depth knowledge about Integrated Marketing Communication & Branding. You’ll get to learn about promotional campaigns, media management, defining media objectives, media planning, scheduling, and buying. This program will help you develop competencies in event planning and management, public relations, sales promotion etc.

Get practical training in a business management program

A large number of students aspire to get a sound education in business to climb the corporate ladder successfully. If you are among such thousands of students who want to pursue management education, then it’s advisable that you choose a business college that provides on-the-job training.

WLCI is a business college which offers on-the-job training facility to its students. The college has pioneered a unique training program known as the ‘Traineeship Advantage’ program which enables students to work part-time along their business program at WLCI business school. Their training proves to be highly useful in the final placements as employers prefer trained graduates.

So, if you want to succeed in the corporate world, make sure you choose a business college that offers on-the-job training with its course.