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Fashion courses after 12th

If you have always yearned to be a fashion designer and are about to complete your 12th class, then it’s time to fulfil your long cherished dream. For all you such creative youngsters who want to make a mark for themselves in the fashion industry, you’ll be glad to know that industry-oriented fashion courses are available for undergraduates.

Undergraduate fashion courses are comprehensive programs which train students in numerous aspects of fashion designing. To equip yourself with relevant knowledge and skills, you should opt for the new age fashion course of Fashion Technology. This course imparts rigorous training and thorough knowledge in fashion. It trains you to become a competent designer who is equipped with skills to create his own success story in the highly competitive fashion industry.

WLCI fashion School is one of the top fashion design schools in India. It offers an undergraduate fashion course in Fashion Technology. WLCI students get the best placements after completion of the program. For more details, feel free to give a call@ 1800 102 4456.

On-the-job training: A necessity in professional courses

If you are about to pursue a professional course, be it a business management course , a fashion course or a graphic design course, make sure that the professional institute you choose offers on-the-job training in the course. The training is essential to get hands-on experience in your chosen profession which is often treated as preferable criteria while recruitment by top firms. Some amount of work experience is always preferred by recruiters because students who have received training can contribute towards achieving the objectives of the organization in a short period of time.

WLCI, one of the largest professional training institutes in the country offers business management courses, fashion courses and courses in graphic design. Business management students get training simultaneously while studying the course while WLCI students of graphic design & fashion get on-the-job training in the final year of their courses. For more information on the college and the training program, feel free to visit and

Career opportunities in fashion

It is a popular myth that a career in fashion is all about fashion designing. The fashion industry offers a number of job opportunities apart from designing. You can find numerous job opportunities in the fashion such as that of Concept Designer, Product Developer, Fashion Illustrator, Fashion Forecaster, Fashion Advisor, Quality Controller, Visual/Retail Merchandiser, Production Manager, Retail Store Manager and Sourcing Specialist.

WLCI School of Fashion offers a comprehensive course in fashion technology which educates and trains you in every aspect of fashion. The course is quite different from the quintessential courses available in other designing institutes. WLCI offers a comprehensive course in Fashion Technology which provides knowledge about fashion designing, Marketing & Merchandising etc.Students are trained to pick varied jobs in this creative field. For more information on this institute of fashion designing, feel free to visit

Placements of WLCI School of Fashion

WLCI Fashion School is known in the industry for its creative excellence and high quality fashion education. Thousands of WLCIstudents are working in the industry and are having successful careers. With its industry-oriented fashion course and industry professionals as trainers, the school nurtures the creativity of the students and encourage them to hone their artistic skills. WLCI students have got placements with top designers such as Satya Paul, JJ Vallaya, TarunTahiliani and with top firms such as Shades of India, Lifestyle, Globus Etc. WLCI’s placement cell organizes seminars, student-industry meet and conduct pre-placements talks to ensure that the students get the best placements after completion of the fashion course.

In the final year of the course, WLCI students get an opportunity to intern with top designers and with reputed companies to gain practical experience in fashion designing.The school provides a great platform to students to showcase their final collections in a grand fashion show. Catch a glimpse of WLCI’s fashion show at .

For more information on the college, please feel free to visit . Admissions are currently open for undergraduates and graduates. To know more about the fashion programmes, you can also give a call @ 1800 102 4456.

WLCI’s fashion courses

If you are interested in a career in fashion andare on the lookout for a good fashion design institute, then we would like to suggest you the name of WLCI. This school of fashion is one of the best design institutes in the country which offers an industry-oriented course. The institute offers on-the-job training in the final year of the course which prepares students to take up the challenges of the fashion world. Trainers from the industry mentor WLCI’s students and equip them the requisite skills andabilities to succeed in the fashion industry.

Undergraduate students are offered a B.A in fashion Design and they are provided the option to pursue the third year of the course in a university in UK and get an International bachelor degree in fashion. Along with the degree students also get an Advance Diploma from Wigan & Leigh College, UK and Higher National Diploma from Edexcel, UK. Graduates pursuing WLCI’s fashion course are awarded a ‘Professional Diploma in Fashion Technology by Wigan & Leigh College, UK. Admission at this institute for fashion design is currently open. For more information, feel free to give a call @ call @ 1800 102 4456.

Fashion Technology course: Your gateway to the fashion industry

If you have creative streak to your personality and interested in making a career in the fashion industry, then you need to study a professional course in fashion. To be more precise, you should pursue a course inFashion Technology offered by a fashion designing institute of repute. The course will train in different aspects of fashion and you’ll be able to pursue a great career in the fashion industry.

WLCI School of Fashion offers a comprehensive course in fashion and trains you to take up promising careers in various capacities ranging from a fashion designer, Fashion Merchandiser, Concept Designers, Fashion Marketer, Fashion Forecaster and many more.

The Fashion Technology course offered by the institute will equip you with various skills such as Visual Communications/Drawing Techniques & Processes, Design Method & Principles, Techniques & Processes, Production Techniques, Garment Manufacture, Design Exploration, Contextual & Cultural Referencing, Fashion Photography etc. It will enable you to gain competencies to take up different jobs in the industry. The course is industry –oriented which is taught by industry professionals.Knowledge gained in such acourse helps students to grab better placements. Placements of this institute are the best in the industry. Indeed, this course is your gateway to the glamorous fashion industry.

For more information on the course, feel free to visit

How to enter the world of fashion?

Fashion allures many. There are a large number of youngsters who are interested in working as a fashion designer and want to foray into the industry. Foraying into the highly competitive fashion industry is not easy because you need proper training and education in fashion. A fashion school apart from helping you develop the necessary skills and abilities in fashion will provide you placements after completion of the course. Thus, to enter the glittering world of fashion, you need to enrol yourself in a fashion school.

WLCI School of fashion is a one of the best fashion designing institutes in India. The school imparts current knowledge and training in fashion and also provides on-the-job training to the students. The studentsget to work closely with top designers in the final year of their course during their training. WLCI students have got placements with top designers such as Sabyasachi Mukherjee, India Fashions, Satya Paul, TarunTahiliani, VarunBahl, ShantanuGoenka, , JJ Vallaya, JattinKocchar and many more.

With WLCI, you can fulfil your dream of entering the fashion industry. For more information, feel free to give a call @ 1800 102 4456.

Be a part of the glitzy fashion industry

If you have always dream of becoming a famous designer, then it’s necessary for you to gain formal training in fashion. An institute for fashion design will enable you to gain competencies right from the basic to the advanced aspects of designing. You’ll be provided knowledge and training through well-organized modules that will impart knowledge about Techniques and Processes in Fashion, Garment Manufacturing, Pattern drafting, Pattern Construction, Craft Documentation etc. It will also provide you information and skills in accessorizing and body adornment.

A good fashion designing institute will also enable you to intern with the best designers and provide you a platform to hone your skills. Further, it will assist you getting the best placements either with an experienced designer or a reputed fashion or an export house. So, pursue a course in fashion and get an opportunity to be part of the glitzy fashion industry.

WLCI School of Fashion is one of the top institutes of fashion design in the country which offers an industry-oriented course curriculum, on-the-job training in the final year and further the best final placements.

Study Indian dress designing in a professional course

Indian dresses have retained their charm over the years. The traditional Indian dresses have made a comfortable place for themselves on the shelves along with the popular western dresses. In fact designers keep bringing the traditional dresses back on the fashion scene either by popularizing their old avatars or with a mix ‘n’ match with western dresses creating beautiful Indo-western dresses.

If you are interested in Indian dress designing, then you can pursue a specialized program in the same from a fashion college. WLCI School of Fashion has just the right course for all you such fashion enthusiastic who are keen to study designing of Indian dresses. This course will train you in Textile Science, Fashion Illustration, Concepts of Design, Basic pattern Making. You’ll be also introduced to garment construction in the programme. The college also offers placement assistance after the completion of this specialized course.

Call @ 1800 102 4456 to know more about this specialized program in Indian Dress Design offered by WLCI.

Get trained in Talent Management in a HR program

Talent Management is absolutely necessary for any organization. It is an important function that needs to be performed by the Human Resource Department to ensure that employees work to the best of their efficiency and they contribute in the best way in achieving the common objectives of the organization.

You can get trained in Talent Management and Organization Development in a part-time Human Resource program. This program will educate about setting performance standards and coaching of the employees.Reviewing the performance standards is very important as it stimulates the growth of the employees. The program educates you about reviewing the performance standards and conducting appraisals. HR personnel are required to perform these duties. You can gain knowledge in this program by pursuing a specialized part-time program in Talent Management and Organization Development.

WLCI offers a specialized program in the same. For more information, you can give a call at 1800 102 4456.