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Fashion courses: Lead you to the fashion industry

Fashion courses have chartered anew path in the conventional education system and gaining huge popularity. Now days, fashion commands equal popularity among other career options. To be a part of the fashion industry, one needs to have a formal training from a fashion designing institute to get a complete overview of the creative and business aspect of fashion.

A course in fashion will help you gain knowledge build abilities and develop skills to become a successful professional in the fashion industry.The industry seeks innovative and trained individuals who can keep pace with the changing the momentum of fashion. A fashion course will train you to become fashion designers, product developers, fashion forecasters, Visual/Retail merchandiser etc. and help you excel in the dynamic world of fashion.

WLCI, one of the best fashion designing institutes in India offers a brilliant course in fashion design. You can pursue a professional program in fashion which will polish your talent and train you in different aspects of fashion. Students are also provided on-the-job training near the end of the program.The placements of this fashion designing institute is great. WLCI is one of the top fashion design colleges whose alumni are working with renowned designers and other reputed fashion houses.

Learn Craft Documentation & Cultural Understanding in Fashion

Fashion has the ability to exhibit different cultures and beliefs. The preference of people changes from one geographical area to another. The culture is different in different places and so fashion too changes accordingly. So, as a fashion designer, one should be acquainted with fashion in various cultures in different geographical locations. You can get training in this aspect in a professional fashion designing course.

In a professional fashion program, you will gain an insight into carrying out research of various customs, traditions and the effect they have on the culture. You’ll get to learn documentation of the cultural influences. A formal education in fashion will let you know about fashion through the cultural lens. You’ll be able to design keeping the cultural factors in mind.

WLCI School of Fashion offers a comprehensive course in fashion studies. In this course, you can gain knowledge in craft documentation and get cultural understanding in fashion.

Web Designing: A popular career choice

Among several career options available today, web designing is one of the most popular career choices of a large number of students.

The web world has perpetuated a number of career opportunities and among them is web designing. In a scenario, where every organization is trying to create its identity on the web, there’s a high demand for trained people in web design. To get the relevant training in web designing, you ought to pursue a professional course in the same.

A specialised program in web designing will enable you to gain knowledge about the Internet, browser Application and tools like Adobe illustrator, drawing tools layer and text. In this program you’ll get an understanding of digital designs and creating web page designs. You’lllearn about software such as Adobe Photoshop and get knowledge about designing concepts for websites. You’ll be equipped with abilities of developing interactive web pages and web designing process.

A professional program in the same will equip you with knowledge of the aforementioned and many more aspects that will make you a competent web designer. WLC College (WLCI) offers a specialised program in web designing.

Fashion Presentation: An important module in a fashion design programme

A good fashion course is highly elaborate and vast. It teaches the nuances of fashion designing and makes you a competent fashion designer. An important module in the fashion course of a good fashion institute is that of Fashion presentation- a fashion show organized by the institute in which the students showcase their collections.

A good fashion college will enable its students to demonstrate their creativity and present their vision, personal style and design through a final collection in a fashion show. It will enable students to display their final collection with expertise gained and rigorous training received in their fashion course. Such fashion shows are also a platform for drawing the attention of top designers and prospective customers. Such shows are a great opportunity to network with the fashion fraternity and the fashion industry. This event is part of the Fashion Realisation and Presentation module in a comprehensive fashion course.

WLCI School of fashion is one of the best fashion design institutes in the country which offers a comprehensive course curriculum in fashion. The advanced module of Fashion Realisation & Presentation is offered towards the end of the programme

Learn CAD in Fashion & Textiles in a Fashion course

CAD is extensively used today in fashion designing. Digital designs give you the freedom to create and analyse designs in the best way, make appropriate changes in them and arrive at the desired design. The program will give you an understanding of specialised computer applications which are used in designing clothes and textiles. It would not be wrong to say that CAD gives a better creative visualization of the designs.

If you want to equip yourself with knowledge and skills in CAD, you can pursue a short term program in the same. In such a professional program, you’ll get an understanding of the principles and processes of computer modelling and image making etc. You’ll get knowledge about specific tools and applications, software to create designs in the digital format.

You can get training in CAD from a reputed fashion school. Short-term/part-time courses are available in CAD for Fashion& Textiles.

Enrol for a professional programme in Indian Dress Design

Indian fashion and traditional dresses/designs have a huge demand. The rich Indian culture and heritage in the form of beautiful apparels and accessories are making their presence felt on both the Indian and international scene and gaining immense popularity. If you are interested designing Indian dresses and want to display a dash of creativity in Indian dresses, then you can get the requisite training with a professional program in the same. This program-me will help you acquire knowledge and skills in creating Indian dress designs.

WLCI School of Fashion offers a specialized program-me in Indian Dress design which will educate you about Indian dress designing in an elaborate way. You’ll get to learn about Textile science, Fashion Illustration, the basic pattern making, concept of design, and you’ll introduced to concepts such as garment construction etc.

Choose a fashion college that offers the best placement

Do you want to work with top designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Aki Narula, AshishSoni and many more reputed names in the industry? Are you anaspiring fashion designer who wants the opportunity to learn from such excellent designers? If your answer is in affirmative, then you should choose a fashion school that will assist you in grabbing such great job offers and getting outstanding employment opportunities in the industry. You need to study fashion in a college that offers a high quality education in fashion and at the end of the fashion program will help you in getting the best placements.

WLCI School of Fashion is one of the premier institutions in the country which offers a comprehensive fashion course, highly experienced faculty and most importantly the best placements in the industry. Its alumni are working with top designers such as Rohit Bal, JJ Vallaya and in top retail houses such as Pantaloons, Killers Jeans and many more.

So, what are you waiting for? Enrol for a fashion programme in WLCI School of fashion and get to work with the best designers in the industry and top retail outlets and fashion houses. It would not be long before you launch your own label! Wish you luck in your endeavour.

Fashion programmes for under-graduates

Students interested in fashion can pursue a fashion programme right after their 12th standard. If you want a thorough training in fashion and want to begin early to get the requisite education and skills to become a fashion designer, then it’s advisable to pursue a professional programme in fashion right after completing your school.

An under-graduate fashion course will equip with knowledge of Drawing techniques, Basic designs, basic pattern making, basic construction, Fashion marketing, Textile studies and other aspects of fashion designing. You need to pursue such a course from the best fashion college which will provide you extensive knowledge about fashion and assist you in getting placements too.

One such fashion college is WLCI School of Fashion. WLCI offers under-graduate students a B.A in Fashion Design. Students also have the option to pursue the third year of their programme in a University in UK and get an International Bachelor’s Degree. On successful completion of WLCI certification, students are eligible to get an Advance Diploma from Wigan & Leigh College, UK and a Higher National Diploma from Edexcel, UK.

WLCI Students review on Fashion courses

WLCI is one of the top fashion colleges in India. It offers fashion programmes for under-graduates, graduates and working professionals. These programmes have enabled the students to create a successful career for themselves in the fashion industry. You can check out the students review on YouTube. You can catch one such video about WLC College feedback about its fashion courses at the WLCI YouTube

WLCI organizes a fashion show at the end of their course. It is a highly publicised fashion show where industry’s top designers make their presence felt. It is a great platform for students who showcase their collection and are able to attract prospective buyers. Moreover they are able to get placement offers too. Grab more information on such glittering fashion shows at WLCI Youtube.

This is one of the several WLCI College feedbacks. Tune into this space for more such student reviews on WLCI College and its fashion programmes.

Career opportunities in fashion

Fashion is never out of fashion! The fashion industry has a consistent demand for trained professionals who can cater to the huge demand of fashion conscious people. Thus, a career in fashion is highly promising. You can gather several job opportunities in design, production and marketing.

You can become a fashion designer and find ample job opportunities in the Fashion industry. Cinema, Television and theater too require talented fashion designers. You can become merchandisers, Fashion forecasters and find many more jobs in the industry.

It will be wise to study fashion from a reputed fashion school. For this, you can consider, WLCI School of Fashion which is one the best fashion design schools in the country. WLCI College offers courses in fashion for under-graduates, graduates and working professionals. WLCI students get an opportunity to be a part of the industry while they are studying fashion programmes at WLCI. The ‘Traineeship Advantage’ program enables students to work part-time with top designers and top fashion houses. The practical experience helps them the best job offers with ease. For more information on WLCI Fashion College and its courses, feel free to visit