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How to make a career in financial services

A career in finance, especially in the finance industry requires a thorough training, relevant knowledge and abilities to be part of this industry. The finance industry always looks forward to trained professionals who have gained the requisite skills in financial services. To gain the relevant knowledge and skills, you can pursue a specialised program in financial services.
A program in financial services will help you gainan understandingof retail banking and finance industry. The course imparts knowledge about the process of sales of financial products in retail, banking, invest and other financial sectors. Such a specialised program will equip you with knowledge of the working of capital markets.Trained professionals in this profession can look forward to jobs in banks, Credit card companies, insurance companies, stock brokerages, investment finds and consumer finance companies etc.
WLCI College (WLC) is one of the top business management institutes in Indiawhich along with a full-time business management programme offers specialised program in business to enable students to gain competencies in specific job skills. Individuals who are keen to make a career in the finance industry can opt for a specialised program in financial services offered by this reputed management institute. To gain more information about certification course in financial services, feel free to call @ 1800 102 4456.

Enroll for a Talent Acquisition program

Every organization needs talented manpower who can contribute in the best way in achieving the objectives of an organization. Thus, there’s a high demand for HR personnel who can acquire the best talent for an organization and manage them. The role of HR has gone beyond mere hiring of suitable candidates for a firm. In fact it has graduated from simple hiring to picking up the best talent. HR professionals need to have an eagle eye to spot the most suitable talented professionals for an organization.

If you want to upgrade your knowledge and skills in the HR domain, you ought to do a professional program in Talent Acquisition. WLCI offers a ‘Specialist Level Certificate in Talent Acquisition’. In this module you’ll learn about Manpower planning, vendor management, talent acquisition Evaluation etc. To pursue this program, you can call @ 18001024456 for admissions. For more information on the college, please feel free to log in at .

WLCI-A business school in Lucknow with a difference

Lucknow – a city in rich in culture and traditions has a presence of good number of management colleges.Among various business schools in Lucknow, WLCI is a prominent management college in Lucknow offering a high quality business course. The institute offers a ‘Professional Programme in Business Management’. It is one of the best colleges in Lucknow with a difference.

So, you may ask that among several management colleges, what is different or unique about WLCI and in response we have many differentials about the college to talk about that make this B school in Lucknow stands apart from other business institutes. Starting with the course curriculum, it is designed by seasoned professionals who are part of the ‘Employers Council’-an organization set up by WLCI which comprises of members who have the best knowledge about the industry and its requirements.The next differential is that of the faculty. Unlike other B-Schools, the mentors at WLCI are highly trained and experienced and so students do not face any kind of difficulty while understanding the concepts and principles. The third most important differential of this management institute in Lucknow is the traineeship program known as the WlCI’s ‘Traineeship Advantage’ program. Under this program, students get to work part-time in the best of the organizations. They get practical exposure at a real workplace, which updates their knowledge about the industry trends and also enable them to earn a handsome stipend. This training also helps in grabbing the best job offers as the industry prefers trained individuals. The fourth appreciable factor is that of a dedicated placement cell which assists students in getting the placements.

So, if you want to study in the best management college in Lucknow, WLCI will be an apt choice considering the number of differentials it has which makes it one of the best business schools in Lucknow.

The best B-school in Noida

Noida has become a hub of top management schools offering high quality management education. The city is home to a large number of corporate house and software companies which makes it easy for business students to grab relevant job opportunities. A large number of students, who are in search for a good business management college in Noida, would be delighted to know about WLCI which is one of the best B-schools with a difference. WLCI is one such school of business in Noida, which has been relentlessly providing high quality education in management for the past 17 years. It provides an industry-oriented course curriculum, boasts of a highly experienced faculty and most importantly a highly appreciable traineeship program.

A business management course is the most sought after programs among a large number of students. A business program equips students with relevant knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue a career in the corporate world. If you want to pursue a course in management in Noida, you can grab more information on this B-school in Noida on the website.

WLCI Placements: Creating a buzz

WLCI –a reputed organization offering courses in Business Management, Fashion Technology and Advertising & Graphic Design is creating a quite a stir with its placements. The College has been providing great placement offers to its students.

WLCI Alumni are grabbing job opportunities with top organizations and are being placed at senior positions. This is indeed a great review for WLCI which has always given the much-needed importance to its students. The College leaves no stone unturned to make sure that its students get the best jobs according to their abilities, skills and knowledge.

Some of the finest placements of the institution are as follows: Brahmaji NVR Gadey, Branch Training Manager, TATA AIG Life Insurance, Guru Rajesh,Centre Head, India Bulls, Hemant Chordia, Assistant Vice President & Standard Chartered Asset, Cherry Kapoor, Designer – Marketing, MINT (Hindustan Times), Monika Sagar, Designer, Ritu Kumar, Reena Bodani, Graphic Designer, Design Quest, Smantha Sehgal, Art Director, Mudra Communication. These are just few examples of the best placements Check out more such stuff at , , . No wonder, review about WLCI has been always positive.

If you have always dreamt passing put of a college which assist its students in providing great placements, then you need to know about WLCI. For more information on the college, feel free to visit

Faculty at WLCI: Nurturing students for a great career

What makes WLCI one of the most sought after colleges? What makes WLCI reviews so good and encouraging? Well, among other factors such as on-the-job training, industry-relevant course, a factor that equally contributes in garnering positive reviews for the institution is its faculty.

The mentors at WLCI nurture students, provide ample guidance, assess their performance and give a true feedback of their capability. Be it business management, fashion technology or Advertising & Graphic design, the College has a beehive of the best mentors with huge experience. Students get a wonderful opportunity to learn from individuals who have been a great success in their field. WLCI trainers are highly involved in their development and respond to their learning needs in an effective way.

Guidance on a daily basis combined with individual mentoring sessions by qualified mentors helps student in grasping the course curriculum and equipping themselves with abilities and skills in the best manner.

If you choose WLCI you’ll get trained by the best mentors. The highly experienced faculty at WLCI will nurture you and help you blossom from a student into a trained professional. For more information on the college and its faculty, feel free to visit and

Come be a part of this reputed institution and get educated and trained by the best in the industry.

Human Resource Management: A challenging field

Human Resource is of crucial importance to an organization. It is this aspect in an organization that makes all the processes work in accordance with a pre-decided plan to achieve the common goals and objectives of an organization.

Human Resource Management can be said to be most difficult aspect to handle. This so because this field involves handling human beings-real people who have their own concerns, strengths, weaknesses, fears and other emotional complexness. This factor of production is needed to be handled with sensitivity, high presence of mind and skills to deal with the complexity of the nature of human beings.

A HR professional needs to be equipped with various skills such as Talent Acquisiti

A Course in Finance Can Help MBA Students With a Rewarding Career!

Managing money or finances is of prime importance in today’s world. There are various strategies, investment plans etc offered by finance institutions and banks, that help individuals to secure their finances for the future. But most people are unaware about the different methodologies that can help them. Therefore a Course in Finance is always an intelligent decision that can help youths to understand the intricacies of the finance industry.

Courses in finance are offered by various renowned MBA collegesIndia with the opportunity to undergo practical training. Top B schools India such as WLCI not only offer a specialization in finance but also provide a thorough understanding of various sub professions in finance. The students are given extensive training so that they become competent enough to handle any kind of financial problems, queries or plans for personal or professional needs.

A course in finance usually includes understanding of the core functions as well as other sub topics such as Financial Accounting and Transaction Processing, MIS and Budgetary Control, Audit, Treasury, personal and corporate finance, etc. Various big and small organization hire MBA professionals with specialization in finance so that business never face the cash crunch and receive timely advice to gain maximum profits. Courses in Finance is one of the most sought after and rewarding careers that can take students to great heights and recognition.

Features of Course in Finance Run by WLCI

Wigan & Leigh College, India is a premier educational institution that conducts graduation and post graduation programs in business, fashion, advertizing and mass communication. The PG program in business run by this institute is ranked among the best in the country and provides the students with option of pursuing specialization in three fields, by taking up course in finance, marketing and HR. The finance courses are most popular among the students who are good in numbers and understand the fiscal market.

This field of specialization is provided to the students when they enroll for the management program at PG level. Courses in finance offered by WLCI are covered in two stages, wherein the students learn two common subjects. They are given three options out of which they have to choose the third subject. This selection of the specialization course in finance is done by the students after careful consideration and conducting an assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.

In the post graduation course in finance, the students study subjects like Accounting & Transaction Processing and Tax & Statutory Compliance in the primary stage. In the secondary stage they are taught Costing, MIS & Budgetary Control and Auditing as per the curriculum. The optional subjects offered by WLCI are Financial Services, Treasury and Project Financing & Contract Management. The knowledge of their basics is imparted in the first stage, while extensive teaching for the same subject in the courses in finance is carried out later on.

Opt for a Course in Finance for a Fruitful Career

Inarguably, finance is the backbone of the economy and no organization can even think about not acknowledging the importance the finance department holds for it. Finance is one of the most rewarding careers and consists of numerous branches dealing with a wide variety of fields. For an individual who is good with numbers, a course in finance is one of the most obvious choices for a career. But, finding an institution which imparts up to date knowledge on the subject is a must, otherwise you will be left in a lurch.

Among the courses available in India today, management education holds a prime position, and even among the MBA students, the specialization course in finance is the most popular one. Certificate courses in finance are also popular among working professionals who are looking to switch to finance. Many institutes offer short term courses in finance, which includes specialization in the one of the branches of this number crunching field. Several colleges award diplomas as well as post graduate diplomas are offered upon the successful completion of the program.

The student can opt for specialization in this field after completing the course in finance. The specializations include working in the share market or as an investment banker or he can even opt for providing consultancy service to the clients. These specializations demand a clear view of the market conditions and an ability to predict any changes which may benefit or endanger the finances of the clients. So, after all is said and done, a course in finance is your gateway to a successful future.

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