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Management Institute in India

WLCI College reviews about management courses. WLCI College India is one-of-its kind management institute in India which engages the industry in developing the course content for the students.


WLCI Management Course: The best in the industry

WLCI, a premier business school in the country offers the best management courses in the industry. The course offered by the institute is highly industry oriented and equipsstudents with current knowledge of the business practices. The College has founded a unique organization known as the Employers Council which comprises of over 300 members from the industry. These members are senior managers from the industry. These members also represent companies’ which are the largest recruiters in the industry. So, these members are actually prospective employers who create content and update it for WLCI students to enable them to gain current knowledge of the industry. The students, thus, are able to meet their requirements in terms of knowledge and skills are thus preferred by these and other top employers in the industry.

This course offered by WLCI has a major contribution in getting the best placements for its students. WLCI students have been placed at top companies such as Coca-Cola, HCL, Cap Gemini, Bank of America, Balaji Telefilms, Birla Group, CNBC, CNN IBM, Blue Chip Corporation and at many more top organizations.

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Industry-oriented Business Management course

Management education teaches about managing a business and performing business functions with utmost efficiency. Business management institutes in an effort to provide students an updated knowledge about the corporate world have introduced industry-oriented courses. Such courses giveknowledge of current trade practices.

The business world is dynamic and adapts to changes. An updated curriculum will familiarise you with those changes. During the recruitment process, employers tend to prefer candidates who have knowledge about the current business practices and processes as such professionals can easily deliver better results as compared to students who study an obsolete content.

WLCI, one of the top management schools in India offers an updated course curriculum. It is a unique business management college which offers an industry-oriented management course. Over 300 Industry professionals who are part of an organization known as the ‘Employers Council’ founded by WLCI, are involved in creating the content of the ‘Professional Programme in BusinessManagement’ offered by the college.

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Get training in Talent Acquisition

Do you want to upgrade your skills in the HR domain? Do you want to acquaint yourself with new skills of recruitment? If yes, then, you have a great option for pursuing a specialised program in Talent Acquisition (TA). Choose a business management college of repute which provides such short term courses that impart job specific skills and enhance your job prospects.

WLCI, a premier business management institute in India, offers such specialised programs and it offers a program in Talent Acquisition too.WLCI’s TA program offers learning in the various advanced process of recruitment which includes the induction process and others related functions to it. This program provides knowledge about HR Analytics and CRM Tools. Information about other aspects of HR such as the legal and statutory requirements of the hiring process is provided in this program. Students are also provided knowledge about handling grievances of the employees.

For more information on WLCI’s Talent Acquisition program, feel free to give a call @ 1800 102 4456.

A management college where training leads to placement

WLCI is a unique business management college in India which offers on-the-job training to students alongside the course. The practical training received by the students help them to get the best placements. This training is provided under the flagship training program of the institute known as the ‘Traineeship Advantage’ program.

Every WLCI student is provided an opportunity to get training in a reputed organization simultaneously while pursuing the management program offered by the institute. Both WLCI mentors and the trainer at the workplace assess the student’s performance and encourage him to improve his efficiency.So, when WLCI students graduate, they have 2 years of experience and are not considered fresher. Employers always prefer to hire trained professionals and WLCI students fit the bill perfectly. Thus, on-the-job training leads to the best placements of WLCI students.For more information on the college and its training, feel free to visit and

Make a career in Retail

Retail is one of the fastest growing sectors in India.Retail Marketing basically refers to the activities that involve selling products directly to the consumers. Huge growth is expected in the organized retail sector by the next 2 years and thus you can look forward to a promising career in this field. The retail sector offers job opportunities in abundance and thus by getting the relevant training in retail you can make a bright career for yourself in this field. Starting off with being a sales executive you can become Sales Manager, Store Manager, Department Manager and you can also become a Customer Service Manager andLogistics Manager.

• Retail Environment
• Store management
• Costs management
• Retail marketing
• Procurement, Supply Chain Management & Logistics
• Customers Relationship Management
• International Retailing

WLCI, a premier business management institute in India offers a specialised programme in retail and also provides placement assistance too. For more information, on this college and its course in retail, feel free to visit

WLCI School of Advertising & Graphic Design

Creative courses such as design have become really popular among the students as there are ample job opportunities available in this field. If you want to make a career in designing, then you need to opt for the best graphic designing school for yourself.

Among a large number of graphic design Institutes in the country WLCI School of Advertising& Graphic Design is hailed asone of the best institutes for graphic design in India. It offers a highly comprehensive course in graphic design. This designing institute is considered as one of the top design institutes in India as it offers the best training that helps them to take up the challenges of both the domestic and global design industry. This institute focusses both on theoretical and practical modules in graphic designing. The institute also provides on-the-job training to students which enable them to get hands-on experience in graphic designing. They learn a lot in a real job environment which is a huge factor that contributes in their final placements. In fact, they managed to get the best placements in the industry. For more information, feel free to visit or you can also give a call @ 1800 102 4456.

Fashion Technology course: Your gateway to the fashion industry

If you have creative streak to your personality and interested in making a career in the fashion industry, then you need to study a professional course in fashion. To be more precise, you should pursue a course inFashion Technology offered by a fashion designing institute of repute. The course will train in different aspects of fashion and you’ll be able to pursue a great career in the fashion industry.

WLCI School of Fashion offers a comprehensive course in fashion and trains you to take up promising careers in various capacities ranging from a fashion designer, Fashion Merchandiser, Concept Designers, Fashion Marketer, Fashion Forecaster and many more.

The Fashion Technology course offered by the institute will equip you with various skills such as Visual Communications/Drawing Techniques & Processes, Design Method & Principles, Techniques & Processes, Production Techniques, Garment Manufacture, Design Exploration, Contextual & Cultural Referencing, Fashion Photography etc. It will enable you to gain competencies to take up different jobs in the industry. The course is industry –oriented which is taught by industry professionals.Knowledge gained in such acourse helps students to grab better placements. Placements of this institute are the best in the industry. Indeed, this course is your gateway to the glamorous fashion industry.

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How to enter the world of fashion?

Fashion allures many. There are a large number of youngsters who are interested in working as a fashion designer and want to foray into the industry. Foraying into the highly competitive fashion industry is not easy because you need proper training and education in fashion. A fashion school apart from helping you develop the necessary skills and abilities in fashion will provide you placements after completion of the course. Thus, to enter the glittering world of fashion, you need to enrol yourself in a fashion school.

WLCI School of fashion is a one of the best fashion designing institutes in India. The school imparts current knowledge and training in fashion and also provides on-the-job training to the students. The studentsget to work closely with top designers in the final year of their course during their training. WLCI students have got placements with top designers such as Sabyasachi Mukherjee, India Fashions, Satya Paul, TarunTahiliani, VarunBahl, ShantanuGoenka, , JJ Vallaya, JattinKocchar and many more.

With WLCI, you can fulfil your dream of entering the fashion industry. For more information, feel free to give a call @ 1800 102 4456.

Get training in typographic skills with a graphic design course

There are different aspects of the creative field of graphic designing which you should be acquainted with to be a successful professional in the industry. The basic training starts with concepts such as typographic skills.It forms an important part of the entire course. As a designer, you will experiment with texts and presenting them in different styles to cater to the client’s needs.

A program in Typographic Skills will give u a deep understanding of typography in print, digital and television. You’ll get to know about the traditional and current practices of the usage of typographic skills. The course will acquaint you with the different structuresin print/digital and screen based areas. You’ll learn how to use grids and will be provided knowledge of the selection of font styles that can match tradition or contemporary needs of the clients.

WLCI School of Advertising & Graphic Design offers a comprehensive course in designing which trains you in every aspect of graphic designing. For more information on the college, feel free to visit at