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Choosing a Graphics Design Institute

Graphic designers are in huge demand too. Big organizations seek such creative individuals who play a pivotal part in marketing of a product and service. If you are looking for a career in graphic designing, then you need to get trained in this specific field. You got to search a graphic designing institute that will help you to grasp the nuances of this creative field and give you the best training. How about choosing a design institute that will help you clinch the best job offer?

That would be wonderful as after studying the course, you would like to get a good placement. The very purpose of studying a graphic design course will be fulfilled only when you get a good job in this field. WLCI School of Advertising & Graphic Designing assists students in getting the best placement. After studying an updated course curriculum and being trained by experienced professionals you are armed with all the requisite knowledge. This learning is complemented by practical exposure gained in on-the-job training which the students of this graphic designing institute receive as part of their training program called the ‘Traineeship Advantage’.

So, join WLCI and fulfill your dream of succeeding in the highly creative field of graphic designing.

WLCI Placements: Creating a buzz

WLCI –a reputed organization offering courses in Business Management, Fashion Technology and Advertising & Graphic Design is creating a quite a stir with its placements. The College has been providing great placement offers to its students.

WLCI Alumni are grabbing job opportunities with top organizations and are being placed at senior positions. This is indeed a great review for WLCI which has always given the much-needed importance to its students. The College leaves no stone unturned to make sure that its students get the best jobs according to their abilities, skills and knowledge.

Some of the finest placements of the institution are as follows: Brahmaji NVR Gadey, Branch Training Manager, TATA AIG Life Insurance, Guru Rajesh,Centre Head, India Bulls, Hemant Chordia, Assistant Vice President & Standard Chartered Asset, Cherry Kapoor, Designer – Marketing, MINT (Hindustan Times), Monika Sagar, Designer, Ritu Kumar, Reena Bodani, Graphic Designer, Design Quest, Smantha Sehgal, Art Director, Mudra Communication. These are just few examples of the best placements Check out more such stuff at , , . No wonder, review about WLCI has been always positive.

If you have always dreamt passing put of a college which assist its students in providing great placements, then you need to know about WLCI. For more information on the college, feel free to visit

Shoot up your sales with WLCI’s Customer Acquisition & Management program

Customer is the King’- every business venture will vouch for that. The entire business is centered on satisfying the end consumers’ needs. But how do you bring in the customer in the first place? Well, it needs certain skills, abilities and knowledge which a course in customer acquisition can equip you with and which will enable you to boost your sales.

The customer and his satisfaction has always been the centre of all business activities. Every business enterprise offering goods and services have the aim of earning profit. This is possible only when the customer is interested in buying the goods and services offered by them. It would not be wrong to say that customer is a core component which determines the success/profitability of a venture, thus acquiring customer is of great importance.

If you want to gain the relevant knowledge and skills to attract customers, you need to study this aspect of business activity. Not many colleges offer this course. But WLCI realizes the extremely important aspect of business and hence offers a ‘Specialist programme in Customer Acquisition and Management’. WLCI is one of the largest professional institutions in the country offering quality education in 14 learning centers across India. This program is one of the several other specialist courses aimed at fulfilling specific requirements of both the employers and employees. The ‘Specialist Level Certificate in Customer Acquisition offered by WLCI is of 100 hours which is spread over 6 months. For the course, classes are conducted virtually for 4 hours per week.

The Customer Acquisition program focuses on how to acquire customers and mange them. The course content in this program includes Sales-Preparation (Market Analysis) which will help you understand the market component, identify the major players, identify new markets, identify the changing demand pattern etc. You’ll also learn about ‘Sales Preparation’ – Competitor Analysis and Organization & Product Details. Next in the course you’ll learn about ‘Prospecting’ which will teach you to collect data of prospective customers and identify quality prospects and eventually convert them to leads. Later you’ll learn about the various Selling skills from opening the call, relationship building, probing, making a comparative analysis with competitors, objection handling and finally closing the deal.

Thus, selling your product and acquiring a customer is an elaborate process. You need to go step by step to finally grab a deal and sell your product and service leading to profitability. When you have clinched the deal after putting in huge efforts, it’s time for Servicing. The ‘Servicing’ session in this program focuses in managing the customers’ expectations in terms of delivery and after sales service which too is an important part of the sales process and goes a long way in retaining customers. The entire process from the Market Analysis to After-sales should be carried out in the right way to attract customer, retain him and ensure repeat orders from him in the future.

The knowledge, relevant, skills taught in the ‘Customer Acquisition and Management’ program will create/increase your customer base and eventually boost your sales. Increased sales will lead to profitability and smooth running of your business venture.

Programmes offered by WLCI College have been prepared in partnership with the industry. The institution boasts of an elite organization known as the ‘Employers Council’ which comprises of 300 members who are senior mangers having rich experience and extensive knowledge in their field. The course content has been prepared in association with these members, thus making the course industry oriented. You’ll benefit a lot from WLCI as the main focus of the institution is on imparting knowledge, skill and abilities to enhance and ensure bright career prospects. You’ll be trained by mentors who have the relevant experience in the particular field. The specialist programs are conducted virtually and thus suit the requirements of the working professionals in a perfect manner. These programs are industry oriented qualifications which will definitely enhance your job prospects.

So, if you want to increase your sales, expand your customer base, its time you give a thought to this highly beneficial program of customer acquisition and management offered by WLCI College. For more information on WLCI and its varied industry-oriented programs, feel free to log in to .



The orientation session for Media at WLCI Delhi with the punch line “CAUSE ON THE CANVAS”. The students were introduced to the basic understanding of the course and the entire wok setup of the Media Industry. The students were given the syllabi handouts and were introduced to the Programme Head and the visiting Faculties that would be teaching them.

Post lunch session the Media Students were taken to IFACI (International fine arts center) for a session with a budding painter Ms. Sarvpriya whose paintings depicted the hazards of Global Warming.

The students were made to understand the reason for global warming and what steps could be taken which could help reduce the carbon emission in the atmosphere.


The orientation session for Media at Delhi with the punch line “CAUSE ON THE CANVAS”. The students were introduced to the basic understanding of the course and the entire wok setup of the Media Industry. The students were given the syllabi handouts and were introduced to the Programme Head and the visiting Faculties that would be teaching them.

A course in media can boost your career to unimaginable heights!

Innumerable youths today opt for media course India, or a career in mass communication due to its glamour, immense potential for career enhancement and the chance to make it big in the professional field. A reputed mass communication college usually offers course in media that is industry driven and designed in a way with the help of which you can enter the print, television, radio, video or web media.

Media is the fastest growing industry and the best way to communicate with the world around you. It is also a very lucrative profession with immense scope to showcase your talent. That is the reason why more and more youths are plying to join renowned mass communication institutes India. The high competition amongst various TV channels, news channels, radios, print media etc has increased the need for qualified media professionals who have passed a valid degree or diploma course in media.

This is mainly a creative field and talented individuals get wonderful job opportunities with a very handsome salary package. By passing out from a mass communication college, individuals can take their career to unimaginable heights that will also be accompanied with popularity and status.

Pursue Mass Communication Courses at WLCI

Wigan & Leigh College, India is a premier educational institution that offers mass communication course at undergraduate and graduate levels. The institute is highly regarded among the media fraternity and well respected by other colleges based in this field. The diplomas awarded by the organization to the students upon the successful completion of the programs are affiliated to Wigan & Leigh College, U.K. and widely recognized on an international platform. With the prospects this field holds, pursuing a course in media from this mass communication college is a wise choice.

The mass communication institute of WLCI runs its media course at a state of the art facility that is equipped with the latest technologies and instruments. They help the students understand the application of gadgets in the world of media and communication viz. electronic and print. Equal emphasis is laid on the theoretical portion of mass communication education in order to equip the pupils with the requisite knowhow of this field of work.

For those who learn about the field of media and its functioning at post graduate level, WLCI offers the best faculty and amenities. The mass communication college harnesses the creative potential of the students and develops their innate abilities to assist them in standing apart from the competition. By enrolling in the media course at this mass communication institute, students get a valuable head start in the field and they acquire knowledge that can propel their successful careers in print, radio, internet or television fields.

Make a Booming Career in Mass Communication

Mass communication is a field that is being explored by students and young working professionals alike since it offers immense scope and opportunities to build a strong and successful career. It is a profession that is filled with glamour, awareness, hard work and dedication, massive scope to acquire knowledge and of course it’s a very very interesting subject that will always keep you on your toes. There is no doubt that India is quite ahead as far as academic and professional courses are concerned. Most Mass communication colleges offer quality education with the best curriculum and exceptionally qualified teachers to boast of. Though there is no dearth of Mass communication colleges in India, you have to be very careful while choosing a suitable college that meets your requirements and offers value for money.

There are various media colleges offering media courses in India that meet the expectations of students. And a noteworthy name amongst them is WLCI Media School, a trustworthy and renowned mass communication institute that has been meeting the demands and aspirations of young and enthusiastic students since its inception in 2002. WLCI Media School was established with a view to train and prepare responsible and dedicated media professionals who can face challenges and take on the competitive world with confidence. WLCI offers undergraduate as well as graduate courses in media and mass communication. Media courses include comprehensive study of print, television, radio, video or web media. These courses make the student expert in fields of radio, television or film production or the zeal and confidence to create radio shows, animation films, news and current affairs programs, ads, documentaries etc.

Similarly there are media colleges that offer mass communication graduate courses but WLCI Media School is a class apart. In addition to a terrific course it also offers internship and traineeship programs that will give the students a chance to work with top notch professionals of the industry and get hands on experience. So if you want to learn from the experts and and gain proficiency in media law and ethics, research techniques, political communication, public relations, news writing, anchoring to even television studies, production planning and budgeting etc, WLCI Media School should be your first and last choice.

Media Studies: An Academic Discipline

Programme in Media also comes in the Management Courses in India that deals with the history, content and effects of several media; the ‘mass media’ in particular. This subject varies in methodological and theoretical focus, but may be divided into three interrelated areas – the critique of artistic styles and aesthetic forms (narrative, genre and many more), the study of the production process and sociological analysis.

Programme in Media draw on traditions from both the humanities and the social sciences and overlap in interests with related disciplines such as Mass communication Course, communication, communication sciences and communication studies. Researchers develop and employ methods and theories from disciplines including rhetoric, cultural studies, philosophy, psychology, literary theory, political science, economics, social theory, political economy, sociology, anthropology, art history and criticism, film theory and information theory.

Media courses encompass:


  • Mass communication
  • Journalism
  • Media influence
  • Political economy
  • Creative industries
  • Cultural studies
  • Media psychology
  • Media production

Most journalism and production courses incorporate media courses content, but academic institutions establish separate departments. Students of media course may see themselves as observers of media, not practitioners or creators. These distinctions vary across national boundaries. The essential definition of media studies involves the study of media effects.

Within media studies, separate strands exist like television studies. Film studies is considered a separate discipline, though video and  television games studies grew out of it, as made evident by the application of basic critical theories like feminism, psychoanalysis and Marxism.

Media theory looks at how the corporate ownership of media distribution and production affects society and provides a common ground to social conservatives and liberals and socialists. The study of the techniques and effects of advertising forms a cornerstone of media studies.


What is the scope of Mass Communication in India?

Management Colleges in India is providing various professional courses but Media is the specialized course popularly growing in India. The canvas of the mass communication course in India is larger enough to accommodate yours imagination into it.

Media is the most growing sector which is expected to reach USD 1.8 trillion by 2015 globally and Asian countries are expected to contribute greatly into it. Indian media and entertainment industry’s size in 2006 was recorded approx Rs 43,700 crore. Recent report given by FICCI shows that the industry is projected to boom at an annual rate of 19 per cent and cross the estimated size of Rs 83, 740 crore of industry by 2010. The rapid growth as well as higher scope in the industry is the reason behind growing popularity of Programme in Mass Communication in India. Students those who want to make career in entertainment or media industry should join mass communication courses.

Mass communication is an area of study that is institutionalized in many names such as communication science, communication studies, communication arts, speech communication, media studies, media ecology or mass communication at several universities of many countries including India. It deals with the process of communication that encompasses a wide range of contexts ranging from journals, newspapers, magazines, radio or television broadcasting to face to face conversation.

There is much scope for a mass comm. student who can make a bright career in any of these sectors: films, advertising, magazines, newspapers, websites, radio, TV channels, press information bureau, corporate communications, central information service or any other.

So, which sector you would like to join?


Scope of Audio Visual Media Course in India

B school Institutes in India offer various programme in Media. Audio Visual Media course in India includes among others, journalism, film making, media promotion, brand promotion and planning, media studies and even photography. Audio Visual Media Course is your domain if you have a burning zeal to showcase your creative prowess with your communication skills through a lens based media. 

Qualifications Required

In Audio Visual Media studies, for doing an undergraduate course, you need to pass the Higher Secondary Examinations (10+2) in any discipline. But, for the post graduate course you need to have a graduation in either Audio Visual Media studies or other related fields of study.

Benefits of Audio Visual Media course


By doing a course in Audio Visual Media studies you can get a high degree of competency in screenplay writing, filmmaking, editing, documentary film making, journalism and many other interesting as well as potentially challenging fields of study.

The era of consumerism and globalization is creating a huge demand for professionals in the audio visual media. So, the course prepares you on both the theoretical and practical aspects of this field of study and enables you to make a career out of it.

Scope in India


By gaining a degree or a diploma in audio visual media studies you can join the bandwagon of main stream documentary film makers, filmmakers, television film makers, screenplay writers as well as other creative fields of activity concerning the media.

You can also become a part of the crew of a television channel, production company, media house, animation studio, advertisement agency and learn the nuances of this industry. Modern day India boasts of prestigious news channels advertisement firms, film production companies and animation studios. The Hindi film industry in Mumbai known as Bollywood, provides variety of job opportunities for deserving aspirants. Too much diligence and tenacity is needed to come out in the field of audio visual media studies.

So, there is really a good scope of Audio Visual Media studies in India.

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