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Harness your Potential Creativity with Advertising Courses

In this competitive business scenario, advertising is one of the most successful and sought after medium to stay ahead of your competitors. Effective advertising is the key to a successful business and therefore various advertising colleges have cropped up, which offer advertising course in India. The WLCI Advertising and Graphic Design School is one of the premier design institutes in India that has always helped students to enhance their creative skills and potentiality.

Advertising course, India is gaining in popularity since they offer the best curriculum that meets the current industry standards. Advertising is one of the most effective means of marketing your brand. It is in fact the only way through which businesses can project the various benefits and uses of their goods and services to consumers. WLCI teaches their students new and innovative approaches to learn the art of advertising to meet market demands effectively. The faculty members at WLCI are experienced and adept in this field who prepare individuals to face the global as well as local market. Courses at the WLCI advertising institute in India includes study of international design trends, complete knowledge of this creative field, hands-on industry experience, and the unique chance to interact with industry professionals.

By passing out with an advertising degree from such a premier institute of India, students can expect to get high profile posts in TV channels, web and news media, popular magazines, advertising agencies, publishing houses, film and television production houses, exhibition and retail designing at the list is endless.

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Course Contents of Advertising Management, Retail Management and more

Online or Correspondence Course in hr management, Corporate Communications, Retail Management, Marketing Communication, Advertising Courses, Business Management Courses in India and more.

HRM Short term Courses

1.  Diploma in Human Resource Development

Course Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Development of Human Resources
  • Acquisition of Human Resources
  • Maintenance of Human Resources
  • Motivation of Human Resources
  • Project Work

2. Diploma in ESI and PF

Course Contents:

  • Basic ESI/PF Norms
  • Legal Forms and Documents for PF
  • Getting Registrations
  • Benefits
  • Filing PF Returns

3. Diploma in Recruitment

Course Contents:

  • Contemporary Recruitment tools and Managing Responses
  • DBMS for recruitment
  • Industry Specific Recruitment
  • Technology and Recruitment
  • Interviewing Techniques & Skills

4. Diploma in Performance Appraisal

Course Contents:

  • Most Popular Methods
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Modern Tools & Industry Examples

5. Diploma in Corporate Communications

Course Contents:

  • · Advertising Basics
  • Basics of Business Communications
  • Procedures in Advertising and communication
  • Public Relations Basics
  • Media Knowledge

6. Advanced Diploma in Retail Management

Course Contents:

  • Retailing Strategies
  • Retailing Environment in Emerging Economies
  • Merchandise and Supply Chain Management
  • Market Selection and Retail Location Analysis
  • Store Management
  • Merchandise Pricing
  • Store Layout and Design
  • Managing a Retailer’s Finances
  • Managing Human Resources
  • Customer Service & Retail Selling
  • Financial implications of strategic retail decisions
  • Problems and issues faced by retailer today
  • Current happenings in the world of retaining
  • Assessment
  • Case Analysis (Indian & International)
  • Project

7. Diploma in Retail Management

Course Contents:

  • Basics of Retailing
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Advertising
  • Merchandise Mix
  • Promotions
  • Supply Chain

8. Diploma in Marketing Communication

Course Contents:

  • Marketing Basics
  • Procedures in Advertising
  • Advertising Basics
  • Media Knowledge
  • Public Relations
  • Below the Line Advertising

9. Diploma in Event Management

Course Contents:

  • Event Basics
  • Presentation
  • Conceptualization
  • Operations
  • Management
  • Negotiations

10. Diploma in Advertising Management

Course Contents:

  • Basics of Marketing
  • Print
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Electronic and Interactive Advertising

So, which course you would like to join?


Scope of Business Management

It has been always good in pursuing MBA in India. MBA offers various courses like Advertising Courses, Business Management Courses etc. Out of which, courses in Business Management are mostly preferred by male students.

Areas of work in business management

Depending of individual skill and specialization, Professional managers, usually operate within one of the five defined functional areas. These vary slightly from company to company.

  • Human Resource Development or Personal Management.
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Production and Operation

Some special areas are also there for work in business management:

  • International Management: deals in all areas of international business and trade.
  • Operational Research: using mathematical analysis for solving production and financial problems.
  • Public System Management: management of non-government organization and cooperatives, public enterprises.
  • Technology Management: specializes in all aspects of technology, including marking and financing.
  • Hospital Management: responsible for the efficient running of health care organizations and hospitals.
  • Management Consultancy: responsible for identifying and correcting problems concerned company procedures, policies and methods.
  • Hotel Management: concentrates on all aspects of hotel administration and hospitality.
  • Forest Management: responsible for handling the marketing and administration of forest-related products and projects for forest development.
  • Rural Management: utilizing management practices for managing agro-based as well as other village industries as also marketing rural products.
  • Leisure and Event Management: management of leisure-related activities, parks, clubs and events.
  • Disaster Management: this comes into action during the times of natural disasters and calamities and is involved with reconstructing and rehabilitating disaster-stricken people and managing relief materials as well as other resources.

So, there is high scope of Business Management Courses in India.


What to see in Management Colleges and Advertising Colleges ?

Business Management Colleges offer creative courses in business economics like Courses in Finance, Advertising courses, Marketing and HR. Choosing the top Business Management college in especially Courses in Finance, advertising courses etc. is not the only tedious part, but the most important task comes, when the student has to give entrance test to occupy his/her seat in the top colleges. All colleges have their own entrance examinations with respect to their standards.

In case of Advertising Colleges, there are four items to consider when choosing between advertising colleges that are admissions requirements, internships, faculty and accreditation. Advertising colleges are part of a larger community or can be an independent school. When comparing colleges, it is so important to choose criteria which can be independently verified.

Avoid making a decision based on marketing materials, statements or testimonials by the institution. They teach students how to increase sales and improve the image of a company; keep this in mind when reviewing marketing material.

Students preparing for some entrance test to grab their seats in top Management Colleges in India, can get benefits from the below tips:

1)      They can increase your reading speed, understanding power and vocabulary by reading newspapers daily

2)      They can increase your answering speed and building up of confidence by taking Mock test papers

3)      They can increase your speed for mental calculations by solving mathematical calculations mentally and without the use of calculator

4)      They should prepare a time table to give equal importance to all the sections and do not overburden themselves

5)      They can join coaching centers for preparation of Management Colleges that helps in maintaining your constant touch with the studies and syllabus

So, I hope you will be benefited from these tips.