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Learn CAD in Fashion & Textiles in a Fashion course

CAD is extensively used today in fashion designing. Digital designs give you the freedom to create and analyse designs in the best way, make appropriate changes in them and arrive at the desired design. The program will give you an understanding of specialised computer applications which are used in designing clothes and textiles. It would not be wrong to say that CAD gives a better creative visualization of the designs.

If you want to equip yourself with knowledge and skills in CAD, you can pursue a short term program in the same. In such a professional program, you’ll get an understanding of the principles and processes of computer modelling and image making etc. You’ll get knowledge about specific tools and applications, software to create designs in the digital format.

You can get training in CAD from a reputed fashion school. Short-term/part-time courses are available in CAD for Fashion& Textiles.