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Be a part of the glitzy fashion industry

If you have always dream of becoming a famous designer, then it’s necessary for you to gain formal training in fashion. An institute for fashion design will enable you to gain competencies right from the basic to the advanced aspects of designing. You’ll be provided knowledge and training through well-organized modules that will impart knowledge about Techniques and Processes in Fashion, Garment Manufacturing, Pattern drafting, Pattern Construction, Craft Documentation etc. It will also provide you information and skills in accessorizing and body adornment.

A good fashion designing institute will also enable you to intern with the best designers and provide you a platform to hone your skills. Further, it will assist you getting the best placements either with an experienced designer or a reputed fashion or an export house. So, pursue a course in fashion and get an opportunity to be part of the glitzy fashion industry.

WLCI School of Fashion is one of the top institutes of fashion design in the country which offers an industry-oriented course curriculum, on-the-job training in the final year and further the best final placements.

Fashion courses: Lead you to the fashion industry

Fashion courses have chartered anew path in the conventional education system and gaining huge popularity. Now days, fashion commands equal popularity among other career options. To be a part of the fashion industry, one needs to have a formal training from a fashion designing institute to get a complete overview of the creative and business aspect of fashion.

A course in fashion will help you gain knowledge build abilities and develop skills to become a successful professional in the fashion industry.The industry seeks innovative and trained individuals who can keep pace with the changing the momentum of fashion. A fashion course will train you to become fashion designers, product developers, fashion forecasters, Visual/Retail merchandiser etc. and help you excel in the dynamic world of fashion.

WLCI, one of the best fashion designing institutes in India offers a brilliant course in fashion design. You can pursue a professional program in fashion which will polish your talent and train you in different aspects of fashion. Students are also provided on-the-job training near the end of the program.The placements of this fashion designing institute is great. WLCI is one of the top fashion design colleges whose alumni are working with renowned designers and other reputed fashion houses.

Business Management Colleges in India

Below is the list of business management colleges in India where all business management colleges are divided into their states: 

Business Management Colleges are in Assam, in Andhra Pradesh, in Bihar, in Delhi, in Chandigarh, in Goa, in Haryana, in Gujarat, in Himachal Pradesh, in Jharkhand, in Jammu and Kashmir, in Karnataka, in Madhya Pradesh, in Kerala, in Maharashtra, in Orissa, in Manipur, in Pondichrry, in Rajasthan, in Punjab, in Tamil Nadu, in Uttaranchal, in Uttar Pradesh and in West Bengal

These colleges provide courses in fashion, courses in finance etc. The purpose of finance course is to increase the knowledge and also the competency level of the members of the Institute in each area of Business Finance, in practice and in theory, that are nationally ,  inter nationally and relevant. Crafting a world class Finance professional out of a Chartered Accountant with global outlook and ability to control command and create best practices to the best benefit of stakeholders, the society and the nation is the goal. Career enrichment and empowerment as professional come just the way. The course is intended to position them as leaders in the global Financial Management.

Courses in Fashion

Fashion design is the applied art dedicated to the design of clothing and lifestyle accessories which mirror the social and cultural influences of that time. This includes all designs worn to create a statement about group of individuals or the individual.

That’s why; fashion technology is an interesting career option that the youth can opt for.

So, in which course you are interested?

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