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Course Contents of Advertising Management, Retail Management and more

Online or Correspondence Course in hr management, Corporate Communications, Retail Management, Marketing Communication, Advertising Courses, Business Management Courses in India and more.

HRM Short term Courses

1.  Diploma in Human Resource Development

Course Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Development of Human Resources
  • Acquisition of Human Resources
  • Maintenance of Human Resources
  • Motivation of Human Resources
  • Project Work

2. Diploma in ESI and PF

Course Contents:

  • Basic ESI/PF Norms
  • Legal Forms and Documents for PF
  • Getting Registrations
  • Benefits
  • Filing PF Returns

3. Diploma in Recruitment

Course Contents:

  • Contemporary Recruitment tools and Managing Responses
  • DBMS for recruitment
  • Industry Specific Recruitment
  • Technology and Recruitment
  • Interviewing Techniques & Skills

4. Diploma in Performance Appraisal

Course Contents:

  • Most Popular Methods
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Modern Tools & Industry Examples

5. Diploma in Corporate Communications

Course Contents:

  • · Advertising Basics
  • Basics of Business Communications
  • Procedures in Advertising and communication
  • Public Relations Basics
  • Media Knowledge

6. Advanced Diploma in Retail Management

Course Contents:

  • Retailing Strategies
  • Retailing Environment in Emerging Economies
  • Merchandise and Supply Chain Management
  • Market Selection and Retail Location Analysis
  • Store Management
  • Merchandise Pricing
  • Store Layout and Design
  • Managing a Retailer’s Finances
  • Managing Human Resources
  • Customer Service & Retail Selling
  • Financial implications of strategic retail decisions
  • Problems and issues faced by retailer today
  • Current happenings in the world of retaining
  • Assessment
  • Case Analysis (Indian & International)
  • Project

7. Diploma in Retail Management

Course Contents:

  • Basics of Retailing
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Advertising
  • Merchandise Mix
  • Promotions
  • Supply Chain

8. Diploma in Marketing Communication

Course Contents:

  • Marketing Basics
  • Procedures in Advertising
  • Advertising Basics
  • Media Knowledge
  • Public Relations
  • Below the Line Advertising

9. Diploma in Event Management

Course Contents:

  • Event Basics
  • Presentation
  • Conceptualization
  • Operations
  • Management
  • Negotiations

10. Diploma in Advertising Management

Course Contents:

  • Basics of Marketing
  • Print
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Electronic and Interactive Advertising

So, which course you would like to join?


Business Schools in India are growing up

B Schools in India are diversifying their programs to attract the world market by providing the courses in marketing management etc. and therefore, contributing to this transformation process because they are run in a businesslike fashion. There are above 950 B-schools in India approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (A.I.C.T.E.) in many categories.

The sudden spurt in B schools has also raised concerns about the quality and the need for regulatory mechanisms among industry and academia captains. In India, ranking surveys come out with different sets of rankings for B schools.

Some salient features

A perusal of the course structure of B-schools shows a well-knitted component in core and also elective courses from different areas of concentrations. These schools are also assisted by their international affiliates in the design and update of the curriculum.

They offer number of courses, among them, course inhuman resource management throughout the supply-chain is vital for success. It is clear that regional growth being paradoxical; with the many factors that converge to create business barriers and inertia to career satisfaction, that there is an increasing requirement for human resource management throughout the supply chain.

The region has been attempting to shake off the manacles of a tradition of hiring on the cheap. It has translated to loss of opportunity and business inefficiency. Organizations that treat the human side of business as nothing more than a commodity are committing a business sin, for they are creating weakness within the very fabric of the company.

Weakness in times of increasing business opportunity and competitive threat is unhealthy. Businesses fail and career paths are cut-short.

Really! Business schools are growing in India to overcome all the weaknesses.

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