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WLCI Program in Advertising and Graphic Design to Fashion Technology and Media Courses

Ever since the mid 90s MBAs abroad were becoming an increasingly popular option among Indian students. This was due to a lack of quality options in the Business Management courses available to them in India. With an urgent need for courses in finance, structural marketing and HR management, there was also a great shortage of quality and trained manpower in India.

Judging the situation, WLCI emerged as a premier business school over time. It became an institute which is based on a UK-style curriculum and offers internationally recognized certification. It also bridges the educational and industry’s requirements with its unique policy of “earn while you learn”.

The first WLCI opened in the Indian capital, New Delhi and has not looked back since. It has seen a consistent increase in its number of campuses now spread over 30 locations in India.  Over the span of 15 years, it has built an enviable reputation as a Top Business School which offers industry-endorsed programs in Business Management. The courses range from Marketing and Finance, to Human Resources as well as it offers Executive Management courses.

WLCI –The Creative School

WLCI also majorly contributes to the creative industry with its rapidly increasing reputation as a centre of professional manpower who think out-of-the-box, all thanks to its well-rounded program in advertising and graphic design in addition to fashion and media courses.

The creative arm provides:-

1. Programs in Advertising and Graphic Design: It covers topics such as Editorial Design, Historical Contextual Referencing, Idea Generation and Lateral Thinking. The idea is to allow the students to experiment and innovate, thus making it one of the most sought-after institutes in advertising and is home to satisfied and happy students.

2. Programs in Fashion Technology: Students here are trained for careers in varied areas of Fashion such as Fashion Design, Fashion Illustration, Pattern-making and construction, Draping, Surface Embellishment and Accessories design.

WLCI Fashion College has gained a reputation of being considered as one of the top 3 fashion colleges in India.

3. Programs in Media Studies:  It covers a variety of aspects of Mass Communication with courses related to Film-making, TV, Radio and the print mediums. As one of the leading Mass communication colleges in India, we take great pride in our students who leave as professionals. They’re ready to make a mark in the rapidly growing fields of media and to assimilate seamlessly into the same.

Today WLCI Campuses are at the locations mentioned below and offer courses as mentioned.

A Course in Finance Can Help MBA Students With a Rewarding Career!

Managing money or finances is of prime importance in today’s world. There are various strategies, investment plans etc offered by finance institutions and banks, that help individuals to secure their finances for the future. But most people are unaware about the different methodologies that can help them. Therefore a Course in Finance is always an intelligent decision that can help youths to understand the intricacies of the finance industry.

Courses in finance are offered by various renowned MBA collegesIndia with the opportunity to undergo practical training. Top B schools India such as WLCI not only offer a specialization in finance but also provide a thorough understanding of various sub professions in finance. The students are given extensive training so that they become competent enough to handle any kind of financial problems, queries or plans for personal or professional needs.

A course in finance usually includes understanding of the core functions as well as other sub topics such as Financial Accounting and Transaction Processing, MIS and Budgetary Control, Audit, Treasury, personal and corporate finance, etc. Various big and small organization hire MBA professionals with specialization in finance so that business never face the cash crunch and receive timely advice to gain maximum profits. Courses in Finance is one of the most sought after and rewarding careers that can take students to great heights and recognition.

Features of Course in Finance Run by WLCI

Wigan & Leigh College, India is a premier educational institution that conducts graduation and post graduation programs in business, fashion, advertizing and mass communication. The PG program in business run by this institute is ranked among the best in the country and provides the students with option of pursuing specialization in three fields, by taking up course in finance, marketing and HR. The finance courses are most popular among the students who are good in numbers and understand the fiscal market.

This field of specialization is provided to the students when they enroll for the management program at PG level. Courses in finance offered by WLCI are covered in two stages, wherein the students learn two common subjects. They are given three options out of which they have to choose the third subject. This selection of the specialization course in finance is done by the students after careful consideration and conducting an assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.

In the post graduation course in finance, the students study subjects like Accounting & Transaction Processing and Tax & Statutory Compliance in the primary stage. In the secondary stage they are taught Costing, MIS & Budgetary Control and Auditing as per the curriculum. The optional subjects offered by WLCI are Financial Services, Treasury and Project Financing & Contract Management. The knowledge of their basics is imparted in the first stage, while extensive teaching for the same subject in the courses in finance is carried out later on.

Opt for a Course in Finance for a Fruitful Career

Inarguably, finance is the backbone of the economy and no organization can even think about not acknowledging the importance the finance department holds for it. Finance is one of the most rewarding careers and consists of numerous branches dealing with a wide variety of fields. For an individual who is good with numbers, a course in finance is one of the most obvious choices for a career. But, finding an institution which imparts up to date knowledge on the subject is a must, otherwise you will be left in a lurch.

Among the courses available in India today, management education holds a prime position, and even among the MBA students, the specialization course in finance is the most popular one. Certificate courses in finance are also popular among working professionals who are looking to switch to finance. Many institutes offer short term courses in finance, which includes specialization in the one of the branches of this number crunching field. Several colleges award diplomas as well as post graduate diplomas are offered upon the successful completion of the program.

The student can opt for specialization in this field after completing the course in finance. The specializations include working in the share market or as an investment banker or he can even opt for providing consultancy service to the clients. These specializations demand a clear view of the market conditions and an ability to predict any changes which may benefit or endanger the finances of the clients. So, after all is said and done, a course in finance is your gateway to a successful future.

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Business Management Colleges in India

Below is the list of business management colleges in India where all business management colleges are divided into their states: 

Business Management Colleges are in Assam, in Andhra Pradesh, in Bihar, in Delhi, in Chandigarh, in Goa, in Haryana, in Gujarat, in Himachal Pradesh, in Jharkhand, in Jammu and Kashmir, in Karnataka, in Madhya Pradesh, in Kerala, in Maharashtra, in Orissa, in Manipur, in Pondichrry, in Rajasthan, in Punjab, in Tamil Nadu, in Uttaranchal, in Uttar Pradesh and in West Bengal

These colleges provide courses in fashion, courses in finance etc. The purpose of finance course is to increase the knowledge and also the competency level of the members of the Institute in each area of Business Finance, in practice and in theory, that are nationally ,  inter nationally and relevant. Crafting a world class Finance professional out of a Chartered Accountant with global outlook and ability to control command and create best practices to the best benefit of stakeholders, the society and the nation is the goal. Career enrichment and empowerment as professional come just the way. The course is intended to position them as leaders in the global Financial Management.

Courses in Fashion

Fashion design is the applied art dedicated to the design of clothing and lifestyle accessories which mirror the social and cultural influences of that time. This includes all designs worn to create a statement about group of individuals or the individual.

That’s why; fashion technology is an interesting career option that the youth can opt for.

So, in which course you are interested?

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