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Effective HR policies are important for proper functioning of an organization!

Courses in human resource management is gaining immense popularity with most big organizations requiring responsible HR personnel for managerial policies. The need for a human resource department has gained all the more importance with more and more professionals requiring a proper management system in their workplace who can look after their grievances and put forth their queries and request to the seniors. Companies also need a properHR department who can help in recruiting the best staff and also manage the day to day office policies.

Various top B schools India offer specialization in HR management education in their MBA programs. MBA in India is quite popular and is a much coveted profession among the youths of today. And amongst the various specializations offered; courses in human resource management is considered a viable option by most individuals. Large companies and MNC’s often have several departments that handle different HR functions such as compensation, benefits, retirement, and employee relations. Without a proper and effective human resource manager it sometimes becomes a tedious task to manage hundreds and thousands of employees, make them follow all company rules, look after their benefits and grievances etc. Human resource managers are also greatly effective in increasing the companies’ productivity and profitability. Good HR management policies can help retain employees for a longer period whereas wrong HR management can actually drive away hard working professionals.

The Key To An Organization’s Success Lies In Proper HR Management Strategies!

Manpower is considered one of the most vital requirements of any business to run successfully. And the need to recruit appropriate manpower for any particular field is very necessary. Therefore courses in human resource are in great demand with ever increasing popularity. Professionals who complete courses in human resource management usually join the HR or Human Resource department of a big organization to help recruit eligible staff for a particular field.

Moreover in order to run a business successfully, companies usually form an HR department who take part in the daily progress as well as well being of the company. The responsibility lies on the HR manager and other team members of this department to see that the policies of the company is implemented and all rules and guidelines are followed by each and every employee. Institutes offering a human resource course also teach individuals the importance of manpower and the basic needs that each employee should receive. Therefore HR personnel not only see to the well being of the company but also to the needs of individual employees. They try to sort out management related problems and offer solution to grievances.

Various management institutes of India offer specialized courses in human resource management combined with valuable industrial training, so that students get an idea of the practical working scenario.

Recognizing talent and offering an appropriate compensation package is one of the key roles of the HR department, which becomes better with time and experience. The human resource course is considered an important field both in terms of career growth and attaining individual status.

How I shortlisted Top b school Institutes of India?

It all started with the shortlisting of 136 b school Institutes that offers best courses in human resource management, course in marketing management etc. in India, identified them from the last five years’ rankings with top magazines. I wrote to each B-School and requesting them to take participation in my review and ranking exercise.

56 institutions including WLC College of India, expressed interest in participating in the survey. Two institutions allowed me to review them, but refused to participate in the rankings. I did rank them on the basis of available data, since I believed the students of b school Institutes must know where they stand.

Me with my team and with an express  intention, visited each institute, to review the campus, the resources, the kind of facilities available, faculty etc and also to check/ verify the available data. I interacted with the head of the institution, staff, faculty and the students out of the 54 institutions I visited, 12 institutions did not provide data, so they were out of the rankings.

I also have attempted to rank the top 12 b school Institutes based on their annual mandatory disclosures, reports and in some cases, publically available data. We also normalised or weeded out unsubstantiated claims made by some institutes by fying them with the data submitted to relevant authorities like AICTE, UGC and the Ministry of HRD. Data found incommensurate with the supporting documents was suitably corrected.

Finally, the data gathered was processed on the basis of the following criteria. Each and every data set has been normalised in relation to either the student body or with the core faculty. The data has been evaluated on the basis of three parameters namely Input, Process and Output, with weights for component parameters as given.

WLC College of India came in the result of analysing 136 B-Schools that I shortlisted from the B-School rankings.

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