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Utilize Your Convincing Power to Make a Career in Marketing

If you are good at convincing people and selling them your ideas, then a marketing job is for you. Nowadays, there are several marketing courses being conducted throughout the world which impart the requisite knowledge to make a fruitful career in this field. Almost all MBA colleges provide a course in marketing management, which is one of the most sought after one among the students. But, you should enroll in courses in marketing management that are recognized by the government agencies and well accepted in the corporate world.

Through a course in marketing management, you can understand the true potential of your convincing capabilities and learn to harness them in the best way possible. Comprehensive knowledge regarding marketing conditions, highly successful marketing techniques of the past and coming trends of this line of work are taught by colleges to students who are pursuing courses in marketing management. You also learn the intricacies of sales as well as research & analytics which are integral to marketing courses.

Sales Presentation Marketing Planning

Various courses in marketing management are available in b school in India. But only top business school in India provides the complete and relevant process of Sales and Marketing. The scope of Sales and Marketing are really high in not only in India but also in every parts of the World.

Sales Presentation


The process of selling involves a series of steps which may appear to be a straight-line process, but there is much movement back and forth between its different steps that will lead to closing the deal ultimately. The sales person must master the steps of the sales process because these steps focus on the objective of getting new clients and getting orders from them.

This course will transmit know how related to effective sales presentation skills. The goal of this course is to explain the approaches used to create an effective sales presentation and describe the several ways of closing a presentation. This course is very interactive and informative with many practice questions.

Duration of the Course: Approximately 90 minutes.

Learning Outcomes: After pursuing this course, you will be able to

  • Define a sales presentation
  • Identify the steps in selling process
  • Create an effective sales presentation
  • Deliver high quality sales presentations



You do not require previous knowledge about the concept.

Marketing Planning


Along with all the resources of a company, the management process combined with effective managerial practices together work towards achieving organizational objectives and goals.

The aims of this course are to explain the Marketing Planning concept and its process. It also explains the concept of Planning and Marketing Planning as well as the resources required in the firm. And, highlight the several steps involved in the Planning process. The course is highly interactive and informative with many practice questions.

Duration of the Course: Approximately 90 minutes.

Learning Outcomes: After pursuing this course, you will be able to

  • Highlight the importance and benefits of Planning
  • Trace the relationship between Corporate and Marketing Planning
  • Explain the key 5M resources needed in an organization



No previous knowledge about the concept is required.

So, just do this course of Sales and Marketing before joining any organization.


Are you interested in Correspondence PG Diploma Course in Advertising?

Advertising is an integral part of marketing, which plays an important role in the growth of a company. With good skills, professionals in advertising can look forward to a very lucrative career. The world of advertising is not only about glamour and adventure but also hard work and expertise. Various institutes offer various marketing courses including course in Advertising at graduate and postgraduate level.

You will find suitable options in India if you want to study postgraduate diploma course in Advertising. The postgraduate Programme in Advertising are available through distance education which makes things simpler for students who cannot attend regular classes. Thus, a number of working professionals opt for Correspondence PG Diploma Courses in Advertising. If you are interested to know more about PG Diploma Courses in Advertising offered through correspondence, you can scroll down this page.

Benefits of Correspondence PG Diploma Course in Advertising

You will learn about the principles of Advertising, media planning, copy writing and campaign strategies while studying PG Diploma Courses in Advertising.

Even graduate students with academic backgrounds in diverse subjects can go for PG Diploma Courses in Advertising through correspondence to gain expertise in key functional areas of advertising.

You may pursue Correspondence PG Diploma Courses in Advertising while working simultaneously to gather experience.

You can get good jobs in reputed Advertising companies after completing this course and gaining knowledge of various core areas of Advertising.

Eligibility for this Diploma Course in Advertising

With a graduate degree in any subject, candidates can apply for Correspondence PG Diploma Courses in Advertising. Since the mode of selection and admission procedure of the institutes offering this course may vary, you can contact them for more information.

So, opt for Correspondence PG Diploma Courses in Advertising and gain experience and benefits.

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Business Schools in India are growing up

B Schools in India are diversifying their programs to attract the world market by providing the courses in marketing management etc. and therefore, contributing to this transformation process because they are run in a businesslike fashion. There are above 950 B-schools in India approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (A.I.C.T.E.) in many categories.

The sudden spurt in B schools has also raised concerns about the quality and the need for regulatory mechanisms among industry and academia captains. In India, ranking surveys come out with different sets of rankings for B schools.

Some salient features

A perusal of the course structure of B-schools shows a well-knitted component in core and also elective courses from different areas of concentrations. These schools are also assisted by their international affiliates in the design and update of the curriculum.

They offer number of courses, among them, course inhuman resource management throughout the supply-chain is vital for success. It is clear that regional growth being paradoxical; with the many factors that converge to create business barriers and inertia to career satisfaction, that there is an increasing requirement for human resource management throughout the supply chain.

The region has been attempting to shake off the manacles of a tradition of hiring on the cheap. It has translated to loss of opportunity and business inefficiency. Organizations that treat the human side of business as nothing more than a commodity are committing a business sin, for they are creating weakness within the very fabric of the company.

Weakness in times of increasing business opportunity and competitive threat is unhealthy. Businesses fail and career paths are cut-short.

Really! Business schools are growing in India to overcome all the weaknesses.

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How I shortlisted Top b school Institutes of India?

It all started with the shortlisting of 136 b school Institutes that offers best courses in human resource management, course in marketing management etc. in India, identified them from the last five years’ rankings with top magazines. I wrote to each B-School and requesting them to take participation in my review and ranking exercise.

56 institutions including WLC College of India, expressed interest in participating in the survey. Two institutions allowed me to review them, but refused to participate in the rankings. I did rank them on the basis of available data, since I believed the students of b school Institutes must know where they stand.

Me with my team and with an express  intention, visited each institute, to review the campus, the resources, the kind of facilities available, faculty etc and also to check/ verify the available data. I interacted with the head of the institution, staff, faculty and the students out of the 54 institutions I visited, 12 institutions did not provide data, so they were out of the rankings.

I also have attempted to rank the top 12 b school Institutes based on their annual mandatory disclosures, reports and in some cases, publically available data. We also normalised or weeded out unsubstantiated claims made by some institutes by fying them with the data submitted to relevant authorities like AICTE, UGC and the Ministry of HRD. Data found incommensurate with the supporting documents was suitably corrected.

Finally, the data gathered was processed on the basis of the following criteria. Each and every data set has been normalised in relation to either the student body or with the core faculty. The data has been evaluated on the basis of three parameters namely Input, Process and Output, with weights for component parameters as given.

WLC College of India came in the result of analysing 136 B-Schools that I shortlisted from the B-School rankings.

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