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Fashion courses: Lead you to the fashion industry

Fashion courses have chartered anew path in the conventional education system and gaining huge popularity. Now days, fashion commands equal popularity among other career options. To be a part of the fashion industry, one needs to have a formal training from a fashion designing institute to get a complete overview of the creative and business aspect of fashion.

A course in fashion will help you gain knowledge build abilities and develop skills to become a successful professional in the fashion industry.The industry seeks innovative and trained individuals who can keep pace with the changing the momentum of fashion. A fashion course will train you to become fashion designers, product developers, fashion forecasters, Visual/Retail merchandiser etc. and help you excel in the dynamic world of fashion.

WLCI, one of the best fashion designing institutes in India offers a brilliant course in fashion design. You can pursue a professional program in fashion which will polish your talent and train you in different aspects of fashion. Students are also provided on-the-job training near the end of the program.The placements of this fashion designing institute is great. WLCI is one of the top fashion design colleges whose alumni are working with renowned designers and other reputed fashion houses.

Learn CAD in Fashion & Textiles in a Fashion course

CAD is extensively used today in fashion designing. Digital designs give you the freedom to create and analyse designs in the best way, make appropriate changes in them and arrive at the desired design. The program will give you an understanding of specialised computer applications which are used in designing clothes and textiles. It would not be wrong to say that CAD gives a better creative visualization of the designs.

If you want to equip yourself with knowledge and skills in CAD, you can pursue a short term program in the same. In such a professional program, you’ll get an understanding of the principles and processes of computer modelling and image making etc. You’ll get knowledge about specific tools and applications, software to create designs in the digital format.

You can get training in CAD from a reputed fashion school. Short-term/part-time courses are available in CAD for Fashion& Textiles.

Fashion designing course in Indian dress design

Do you want to specialize in designing Indian dresses? Does your interest lie solely in designing beautiful traditional Indian dresses? If yes, then you can pursue a fashion designing course that solely caters to Indian dress designing and you will not have to spend a big amount on learning dress designing in general from a fashion designing institute offering only such acourse in the same.

You can opt for WLCI’ specialist programme which is highly accepted in the industry. So after pursuing a specialist level fashion design course, your job prospects are bound to increase and you’ll also be better equipped to start your own venture as you would be equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills to channelize your creativity in the best possible manner.

WLCI College offers a Executive Program in Fashion Design. WLCI creative school which was founded in 1998 has trained thousands of students and helped them to become successful professionals. The course is conducted on weekends over a period of a year. This fashion designing program is conducted at Delhi, Kolkata, Pune and Bangalore campus of WLCI College. Students also have a option of getting an additional Diploma from Wigan & Leigh College, UK. For more information on the college, please feel free to visit and call @ 18001024456 for admissions.