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Pursue a management course which provides on-the-job training

Management courses are highly popular among students. A business management course equips with capabilities, skills and knowledge that helps one to create a successful career ahead. If you want to study management, ensure that you choose a business school that also offers on-the-job training because it will help you move up the ladder faster in the corporate world.On-the-training will provide you the relevant experience while you are still studying the course. It will help you gain the required knowledge and develop abilities to deliver results at the workplace even before you graduate. With such advantages, you will be highly considered by employers from top organizations. With such training you can also expect higher salaries as compared to non-trained graduates.

WLC College (WLCI) is a unique college that offers on-the-job training to students with its business management course. The training is imparted under its highly acclaimed training program known as the ‘Traineeship Advantage’ program. Students work part-time along with the course in top organization and gain valuable work experience.

Influence of Foreign Universities in India

In last one decade, Indian management education has seen two major changes taking place, which are growth of private colleges and institutions and increasing demand for professional education and professionals in Indian business market. These trends has become stronger with the introduction of more foreign universities establishing their campuses in India.

Global higher education system is diverse and dynamic and there are many colleges, universities and institutions operating within this system. Foreign universities are eager to engage with Indian higher education system and aspiring students despite the challenges of current situation of Indian education sector. In the immediate term, UK universities in India will be cautious and partner with private institutions, offer popular professional programmes and situate themselves in major cities. This means that it will take a long time before its impact is felt by the masses and the larger landscape of Indian higher education. However, foreign universities will certainly create new expectations of quality and professionalism, which will bode well for the sector and students.