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Pursue Mass Communication Courses at WLCI

Wigan & Leigh College, India is a premier educational institution that offers mass communication course at undergraduate and graduate levels. The institute is highly regarded among the media fraternity and well respected by other colleges based in this field. The diplomas awarded by the organization to the students upon the successful completion of the programs are affiliated to Wigan & Leigh College, U.K. and widely recognized on an international platform. With the prospects this field holds, pursuing a course in media from this mass communication college is a wise choice.

The mass communication institute of WLCI runs its media course at a state of the art facility that is equipped with the latest technologies and instruments. They help the students understand the application of gadgets in the world of media and communication viz. electronic and print. Equal emphasis is laid on the theoretical portion of mass communication education in order to equip the pupils with the requisite knowhow of this field of work.

For those who learn about the field of media and its functioning at post graduate level, WLCI offers the best faculty and amenities. The mass communication college harnesses the creative potential of the students and develops their innate abilities to assist them in standing apart from the competition. By enrolling in the media course at this mass communication institute, students get a valuable head start in the field and they acquire knowledge that can propel their successful careers in print, radio, internet or television fields.

Make a Booming Career in Mass Communication

Mass communication is a field that is being explored by students and young working professionals alike since it offers immense scope and opportunities to build a strong and successful career. It is a profession that is filled with glamour, awareness, hard work and dedication, massive scope to acquire knowledge and of course it’s a very very interesting subject that will always keep you on your toes. There is no doubt that India is quite ahead as far as academic and professional courses are concerned. Most Mass communication colleges offer quality education with the best curriculum and exceptionally qualified teachers to boast of. Though there is no dearth of Mass communication colleges in India, you have to be very careful while choosing a suitable college that meets your requirements and offers value for money.

There are various media colleges offering media courses in India that meet the expectations of students. And a noteworthy name amongst them is WLCI Media School, a trustworthy and renowned mass communication institute that has been meeting the demands and aspirations of young and enthusiastic students since its inception in 2002. WLCI Media School was established with a view to train and prepare responsible and dedicated media professionals who can face challenges and take on the competitive world with confidence. WLCI offers undergraduate as well as graduate courses in media and mass communication. Media courses include comprehensive study of print, television, radio, video or web media. These courses make the student expert in fields of radio, television or film production or the zeal and confidence to create radio shows, animation films, news and current affairs programs, ads, documentaries etc.

Similarly there are media colleges that offer mass communication graduate courses but WLCI Media School is a class apart. In addition to a terrific course it also offers internship and traineeship programs that will give the students a chance to work with top notch professionals of the industry and get hands on experience. So if you want to learn from the experts and and gain proficiency in media law and ethics, research techniques, political communication, public relations, news writing, anchoring to even television studies, production planning and budgeting etc, WLCI Media School should be your first and last choice.

How You can Advertise in a Program Book for a Fashion Show?

Fashion Colleges in India and some Mass communication Institute also provides various Programme in Fashion but they may not tell you that how to advertise in a program book for a fashion show.


You should consider advertising in a program book for a fashion show if you have a product or service that would be useful for people in the fashion industry.

Program books are seen by models, designers, attendees and even the friends and families of these people as the programs are taken home and are further distributed as well as viewed. Advertising in a program book for a fashion show is a wonderful idea for a makeup professional, hair stylist, fabric wholesaler or even a budding designer.

Here are some instructions which you need to do to:


Step 1 - In your location or area, search for fashion shows. You can search Internet sites like Craigslist. You can do a Google news search for charity fashion shows and fashion shows.

Step 2 – Meet or contact the fashion show coordinator. Fashion show advertising and announcements will have the contact information for the coordinators. These are the people who can refer you to the correct person, about placing an ad in the program book.

Step 3 – Search out what type of ads you can submit. Companies have rules for the kinds of ads that are permitted in their fashion show program book. Some may want family friendly or stick to sponsorships or allow outright advertising. You should know this so you can gear your ad to what fits the format.

Step 4 - See previous program books and a previous fashion show that how ads have come out. This will let you see the quality of printed ads and help you decide how detailed or simplistic your ad should be.

Step 5 - Design your ad and write your ad and add any images to it. Shrink it down to the actual size of the ad you are purchasing and print it on your own printer to make sure that it is clear as well as readable.

Step 6 – Submit your ad and pay for it. By the deadline set, submit your ad by the fashion show coordinator. Submit your payment with the ad. If you are not attending the fashion show then arrange to receive a copy of the program book after the show.

So, I hope these instructions are helpful for you.


Top B schools in India offers several Courses

My brother wants to be an adventure designer, that’s why he is trying to get admission in fashion Courses in top B schools in India this year. Top B schools in India presents various disciplines in which professional courses are offered for ex- Computer Science, Law Courses, Academic Courses, Business Management, Teaching, MBA, Medical & Pharma,Event Management Courses, Accounts & Finance, Engineering, Technical, Media Courses, Fashion Courses etc.

Many management experts and fashion designers foresee an average growth of about 10 to 12 per cent for the fashion industry in Indian in the coming years. Though, the growth rate could be more than 15 per cent, if infrastructural and other logistical drawbacks and bottlenecks are over come.
My brother told me yesterday about the figure of fashion industry in India.

• Designer wear calculates to less than 1 per cent of the apparel market
• The organized market for designer apparel is about Rs 250 crore
• The global market for designer wear is 5 per cent of total apparel market
• The global market for designer wear industry is largely dependent on
the small-scale sector
• Designer wear industry is projected to increase to Rs 1,000 crore by 2015.
• Consumers for designer wear have a yearly household income of Rs 10 lakh-plus.
There are 3 lakh such households developing at 40-45 per cent
• More than 81 per cent of the population below 45 years of the age is fashion conscious

My brother also told me about the scope of Media courses for which his friend is going to join in good B schools. Top B schools offer you new management program with excellent exposure in exchange ideas with overseas faculties and students. Its aim is offer latest management degree courses that make student a ideal to compete with business world.

So, my brother! Have a great future ahead.

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