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WLCI’s on-the-job training program highly beneficial for students

WLC College (WLCI), one of the best management institutes in the country has pioneered a unique on-the-job training program known as the Traineeship Advantage. The college offers students an excellent opportunity to gain experience in a real corporate environment with this program.

This training has proven to be highly useful for students as they get to work in a real job environment and get real experience as (part-time) employees. This training helps them to acquire practical knowledge of the concepts and principles taught in the class. They also earn a handsome stipend during their training. The trained students are highly considered by employers of top organizations for hiring during the final recruitment process. Students by virtue of being WLCI are eligible to apply for this highly beneficial program of the college.

You can also be a part of the traineeship program by enrolling in a professional program in WLCI College.

Web Designing: A popular career choice

Among several career options available today, web designing is one of the most popular career choices of a large number of students.

The web world has perpetuated a number of career opportunities and among them is web designing. In a scenario, where every organization is trying to create its identity on the web, there’s a high demand for trained people in web design. To get the relevant training in web designing, you ought to pursue a professional course in the same.

A specialised program in web designing will enable you to gain knowledge about the Internet, browser Application and tools like Adobe illustrator, drawing tools layer and text. In this program you’ll get an understanding of digital designs and creating web page designs. You’lllearn about software such as Adobe Photoshop and get knowledge about designing concepts for websites. You’ll be equipped with abilities of developing interactive web pages and web designing process.

A professional program in the same will equip you with knowledge of the aforementioned and many more aspects that will make you a competent web designer. WLC College (WLCI) offers a specialised program in web designing.

Gain additional qualification and skills in HRM with a professional program

If you are a Human Resource professional and want to gain additional skills, then you can pursue professional programs offering knowledge and skills in different aspects of this field.

Human Resource Management involves a large number of functions. Talent Management and organizational development is one of the diverse functions which a HR department performs in an organization. Managing the talent (employees) of the organization is an important task which includes setting performance standards and reviewing performance standards. It also includes coaching of employees and conducting the process of appraisals.

You can get the requisite training in Talent Management through a professional course. This programme is aimed at developing job specific abilities and imparting knowledge in HR field. A part-time course in same will help you develop the aforementioned important skill s in HR field and enable you to gain an additional qualification in your chosen profession.

You can pursue a specialised program in Talent Management & organization development from WLC College (WLCI) and get training in this important aspect of Human Resource Management field.